Bula Fiji!

“I hear you be the block

But I’m the light that keep the streets on

Notice you the type that like to keep them on a leash though

I’m known to walk alone

But I’m alone for a reason

Sendin’ me a drink ain’t appeasin’

Believe me

Come harder this won’t be easy

Don’t doubt yourself trust me you need me

This ain’t no shoulder with a chip or an ego

But what you think they all mad at me for?”


Ever been somewhere you left your heart at? I have never been to a simpler country than Fiji. The locals don’t exactly encapsulate me, the scenery is beautiful but I’ve never been one for views. Its relatively cheap but there ain’t much to buy. The night life is average. There aren’t any hot boi’s around. I don’t get it.. I’m still obsessed with the place. I was only there for two weeks. Theres just something about it.

Maybe it was the lifestyle. Wake up whenever, walk down to the beach, lay on the warm sand. Take a stroll in the markets and in the shops, where they treat you like a celebrity. Tourists are so easy to make money off. It was quite picturesque. I went to Fiji not long after Beyonce released her album B’day and I took it along with me. The whole vibe of that album was like 1930’s Mississippi marshland tropics kinda thing. It made for the best listening on the trip.


Just look at that. Tell me you can’t see some voodoo bitch walkin around with her black magics and some of those flapper chicks in shiny gold shimmery outfits with feathers on their heads. Everyone has a southern accent and theres a rumor that some kid drowned in that lake.. his soul has haunted the mansion ever since. Every bathtub has claw feet. Kate Hudson shot that scary movie here.. the one where everyone swaps bodies.

It also has that tropical side to it. You could just swim in some aqua blue water and catch the best tan. All the locals love to talk to you. Its like a national gimmick that everywhere you go people say “Bula!” I got a bit suss after the first few days. Do they said it to each other too or just the tourists? For those of you who want to see the resort side of the place..


Thats where the rich people stayed in Fiji. I’ll give you the run down of the places we stayed at, and their locations. We stayed in the most inexpensive hotels around, but each of them were relatively nice.

The picture above was taken at a place on the Coral Coast which was just down the beach from where we stayed, Tubakula Beach Bungalows. I think this resort was like a flagstaff or holiday inn or something swanky. But Tubakula is just as nice. If my memory is correct Tubakula was just before the town of Sigatoka.

The picture above that was taken at the cultural village/ Tsulu Beach Bunkhouse which was in Pacific Harbour. Cheap place, not so nice rooms, great communal village area and plenty to do. Pool hall, shops, shows, so much crap was in that place. I’ll look for another nice pic of there.


A bar in the pool. Does it get any better than that? Fiji just knows.

The last place we stayed was Cathay Hotel in Lautoka. Think 1970’s furniture, ashtrays in every room, a cheesy bar. Man I loved the Cathay Hotel. Lautoka is one hot town. Temperature wise, anyway.

We also went to Nadi, and Suva. Both great for shopping, although a little dusty. And theres an awesome mosque in Nadi! I’ve got a picture, it was so beautiful.


These are Luli original pics from my own camera. These photos still make me dreamy over those fun times. I spose it was good as well, making up what we would do each day. Moving out of our comfort zones and just kicking it and doing whatever we came across.

We picked up an old lady on the side of the road one day, took her to the hospital to see her grandkid who was sick. So she invited us to her village the next Saturday. The whole village came out to meet us, we drank that horrible Kava stuff thats a narcotic drink or whatever. They walked us around their land, we danced to their music. I know it sounds like some made up native villager help the poor and they help you story. I swear its true though. I can show you pics man! I got the proof! Would you believe they made us flower necklaces? Yeop. Every holiday needs at least one corny story.

I swear I love those islands. I sound like a travel agent hard but that place has a part of me honestly. Got such affection for my Bula Fiji. Just do it!


“Baby all I want is to let it go

Ain’t no worries, oh

We can dance all night

Get me bodied

That means come closer to me

While we grind to the beat

And your body’s touching my body..”


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