The Tokyo Slum


Where is he?

Where did he go?

Is he coming back?

I’m not supposed to care but I care too much.. Is he alive? I could send him a message but I don’t want to.. Our last conversations were no good, I felt like he hated me. Does he hate me now? Is that why he’s gone?

The streets are on fire without him.

I feel like I’m walking in the slums of Tokyo, colored graffiti decorates the walls..

It was raining, and the neon lights reflect in the puddles.

Its dark and he is nowhere to be found.

There are no stars to light up the sky, they are hidden behind stormy clouds.






I miss him terribly. I could search for him forever, but somehow I know I will not find him here tonight. Its already 3AM.. He is probably asleep somewhere.

I’m supposed to be forgetting him, yet here I am.

Is he lost, or am I? Will we find each other in the darkness? The city is so big, he could be anywhere. I am doomed to search for him forever; the closer I get, the further he goes.

Were we ever meant to meet? Was I defying fate for too long by being beside him? Has Karma finally gotten her justice by tearing us apart?

He has to leave at some point, one day I will eternally be searching, but is that day today?

I can’t imagine looking at the city lights without him.






The cars are loud, the crowds of people and the sirens drown out my cries. He will never hear me calling to him here. I feel hopelessly mute.

I walk past the familiar neighbourhoods, the places where we would meet and pass the time. I imagine the ghosts of us in the past laughing and playing around, haunting our hang outs. Will we ever do that again? Will we ever sit in the park again and look up to the sky, talking of the deepest things till long after the sun has risen?

I stumble through my tears, people knock me as I walk along the sidewalk. I make my way to the top of the bridge and look out over the water.

He is never coming back.



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2 Responses to “The Tokyo Slum”

  1. tea Says:


    This is a very interesting post. Sounds like from a romantic/drama film..

    who is this person? Also, what happened after this post? Could you find him again? Interested to know..


  2. LuLi Says:

    Hi Tea 🙂

    This person was someone I was in love with who was best friends with me, but I was always not quite a piece of their life because he was a devout muslim and I was not.. We would go from seeing each other everyday to him disappearing for weeks, I wrote this one night after sitting in ‘our’ park wondering where he was.

    I could find him again, but I think we’ve already played out our story.

    Thanks for your comment.

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