Dirty Old Men

I was driving home from uni today and stopped at a light, when I heard the prolonged and insistent beeping of a horn. I looked around thinking I might see a nice bit of road rage when I noticed it was the old, wrinkled, 5’oclock shadowed man in the car beside me. He was waving to me, so I thought maybe I knew him and kinda did a half wave back. But then, encouraged by my attention, he started making those ‘belissimo’ signs at me, kissing the tips of his fingers like an Italian chef and giving me the ok sign. I was a delicious pizza pie.

I don’t know whether it was his age, or the finger kissing, or the combination of both but I was disgusted and mortified. Well, it was definitely the age in any case. Who the fuck? Why old man, why? I look young, I know I do. I still get asked for ID anytime I want to buy a drink. And I hate people for asking. I give them the dirtiest look, rip my card from my purse and raise an eyebrow in disdain while they analyse it. I really HATE it. As if I look seventeen, give me a break.

Its their way of getting back at you for dragging them away from leaning against the bar where they were staring into nothing and contemplating the drudgery of their lives. And it makes me embarrassed too, like I have to prove I’m not being a deviant. The more they ask me the more antsy I get about asking the next time. So I waver, or look away or do something neurotic. They look into my eyes and see through the act, I was going for a confident ‘gimme that vodka cranberry,’ and they read ‘nervous little girl.’ I had one line to deliver, and I fucked it up. Ahhh, life.

This is all beside the point. I get the ‘younger girl’ thing if you are around a certain age.. maybe approaching thirty and wanting a twenty year old. Along those lines. But sixty year old men must know that it does come across a bit creepy. I try to rationalise it, thinking maybe this guy is just being boisterous, and in actuality he’s as good of a guy as my dad who is of similar age. Or he’s just showing in his outdated way of crude hand signals and loud beeping that he appreciates my looks. Who knows, maybe I even cut him off before and this is an extremely sarcastic form of flipping me the bird.

At that age, is there any point to be wolf whistling and calling out to girls on the street? I know they don’t expect us to turn around, unzip our top and reply, “Hey Daddy..” Or is that behaviour more common than I thought? I gave this man a look that said, “You are a lowie. This is my disgust.” But he persisted. Where is the shame? I thought that being labelled a pervert/pedo would be embarrassing, like being labelled a slut is for a girl. Is there some kind of thrill a man gets from seeing what he can get away with to a young girl?

Its funny, if he was a few decades younger I might have been flattered. Maybe if he had of been clean cut, and not decked out in dirty overalls I would have found it more acceptable. After all, there are many celebs like George Clooney and Harrison Ford who are still attractive despite getting on in years. But all I could think in my head was ‘eww’. Anyone else had similar experiences? Or have you met an older man, like fifty plus who you considered eligible for dating? I’m finding it difficult to be objective here..


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One Response to “Dirty Old Men”

  1. internetdrama Says:

    i hate when old men try to flirt with me! it makes me feel so gross! i think they do it because 1 women out the 1,000 that they hit on will get with them. I guess they’re just searching for that one. But it really needs to stop!


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