Sabra And Chatila

“When we entered Sabra and Chatila on Saturday, September 18, 1982, the final day of the killing, we saw bodies everywhere. We photographed victims that had been mutilated with axes and knives. Only a few of the people we photographed had been machine gunned. Others had their heads smashed, their eyes removed, their throats cut, skin was stripped from their bodies, limbs were severed, some people were eviscerated. The terrorists also found time to plunder Palestinian property as well as books, manuscripts and other cultural material from the Palestinian Research Center in Beirut.”

-An extract from the testimony of two American journalists to the International Commission of Inquiry.

One of the most horrible atrocities in recent history is the genocide (as dubbed by the United Nations) of Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Chatila in 1982. This massacre goes largely ignored by much of western media, even though it compares greatly to their own tragic event of terrorism, 9/11.

Israel had secured an alliance with the Lebanese Phalangists and planned this operation to coerce the exodus of Palestinian refugees from Lebanon. After an attempted assassination of Israeli Ambassador Argov, Israel invaded Lebanon as part of their “Operation Peace For Galilee.” They surrounded PLO camps in west Beirut. A cease-fire was negotiated by US Envoy Phillip Habib, and consequently the PLO were evacuated, leaving behind the elderly, women and children.

“On Thursday evening September 16 at about 5pm, 1200 militants from the Lebanese Phalangists militias moved to Sabra and Chatila, meanwhile the Israeli forces were besieging the refugees and shelling glash bombs to facilitate the militias mission in carrying out the massacre. The Israeli forces also plotted with them in hiding a lot of corpses following commitment of the massacre.”

-Egypt State Information Service website

Israeli reports claim 350 were killed, 90% of them men who died quickly via machine gunning. An actual count reveals 3297 killed in total, 1097 in the Gaza hospital, 400 in the Akka hospital (hospitals inside the camps) and 1800 in the streets of the camps. Numbers of the victims is uncertain between sources as a number were buried in mass graves which cannot be opened as Lebanese authority forbids it, many were buried under ruins of houses and many were taken alive to an unknown destination but never returned.

SIS states that survivors said the murders were first committed with soundless weapons such as axes, knives and other such tools at first. Some were buried alive with bulldozers and women raped and beaten. Doctors, nurses and patients in the hospitals were murdered and Palestinians were lined up and shot without discrimination, whether male, female or child.

Victims of the massacre and survivors were never deemed entitled to formal investigation and although Ariel Sharon, who commanded the attack and is held responsible, was labelled a war criminal for it, he was never tried for those crimes. This genocide, unlike 9/11, went unpunished. There was a protest afterwards of 400,000 Israelis who took to the streets and Sharon subsequently resigned from his position as Minister of Defense and instead remained in cabinet without a title. He later went on to become Prime Minister of Israel.

“If there is a moral to the painful episode of Sabra and Chatila, it has yet to be acknowledged.”

-Israeli Journalists Schiff and Ya’arib


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2 Responses to “Sabra And Chatila”

  1. elie Says:

    they deserve what happened to them those criminals palestinians
    you must know and tell what those bustards did before .
    they supposed to be refugees in lebanon but insted they turned into an armed militia that fought the christians in east beirut to make a palestinian state on our land starting from ain el remmeneh a city in east beirut and they massacred lebanese innocent childrens in damour south beirut cutting their hands and removing their eyes .they kidnapped a priest in hazmieh and killed him after torturing him they allied with the syrian army to kill lebanese and destroy our cities remember to tell this next time you can make your own search and see that the palestinians were the cause of the war in lebanon and they paid for their actions

  2. LuLi Says:

    Elie, don’t come here with comments of hatred and racism. You must know that a militia group is different from civillians and refugees. The PLO were not in the camps the day of the massacre, as I wrote before, the civillians were. This is a post about human rights, not a PLO support post. Its not about what happened between the Phalange and the PLO, or any other political milita, of which I’m quite well aware there was killing on BOTH sides. I feel for your pain of those who you may have seen murdered, but for someone who understands the outrage in massacring innocent Lebanese children should also understand that the same outrage should be felt for Palestinian ones.

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