A Quietly Powerful Man Of Ice

“Anytime I’m needing someone

I think of you for comfort..

Can you feel me?”

I’m watching Top Gun. This is my older brothers favourite movie, it came out the year I was born. Somehow I identify with the lead chick. We both have curly hair, we’re smart, absolutely rubbish when it comes to talking to guys we like, we go for brave men. Oh yeah and we like secret affairs. They add to the excitement.

As I’ve said a few posts ago, I’m starting to sigh over the ‘perfect man’ again. Goddamn life. Injecting hope into the hopeless like that, what a cruel joke. Its all these stupid movies I watch. I mean come on, Top Gun? Hardly a romance for the ages. Its like the guide to getting the most from a woman by saying the smallest amount of words. Why does she chase him so much? In the time it took for me to write those two paragraphs they’ve gone from their first date to sleeping together. And there was no montage in between, people. Outrageous.

I take it back, I’m not like her. She’s a dick head and apparently an easy lay. Plus, I’d never go for Tom Cruise. He’s too much of a mouthy, sure of himself smartass in this movie. My man would be so much more intelligent and ‘quietly powerful’. He’d be the Val Kilmer of Top Gun, the ‘iceman’.

LuLi’s Dream Boat

I read a few interesting posts about the perfect woman the other day, starting with this one by DC Hero. Perfect is a strong word and I wouldn’t want it in a man, flaws give people character.. but let me outline to you the features my ideal guy would possess.

Quietly Powerful.

Think Vito Corleone when he just moved to New York. He was poor, but he was a man of honour and he didn’t fuck around. The people who messed with him paid for it. This is an important example because it shows that power and status are not necessarily the same thing. A politician has a high status, but can be weak minded with limited power. A man of power does not need to talk too much, in fact the less he says, the better. He doesn’t need to convince you, you just agree with him.

Power also has nothing to do with money, instead it is reliant upon the influence you hold amongst others. A poor street thug with a sharp mind can easily hold sway over many men, and have them comply to his will. Again, this does not have to do with who has the biggest stockpile of weaponry but it definately has to do with toughness. Which leads me to the next part.

Tough / Strong.

If it comes down to it, he has to be able to win a fist fight. This is a necessity. I want to feel like he can protect me in the event that someone may attack us. He doesn’t have to be ripped, or huge. Its about determination and skill. David did beat Goliath after all. It doesn’t even have to be a fist fight, there are many different ways to win. I always think of that fight that Maradona had with his team mates against the umpires. The way he flew through the air and landed those kicks.. It was majestic. *Swoon*

I love this clip.. It features the fight around the middle somewhere, but its worth watching to see some of the amazing soccer moments of a legend.

Intelligent / Clever.

As opposed to smart. Smart is good, but its booky, its research, its statistics. Smart can lead to smartass. Just be intelligent enough to have interesting conversations with me about life and all the crazy things in it. Clever enough to rip me in a debate, or to be able to rationalise a point of view you may not even agree with. Intelligent enough to understand something that I don’t and clever enough to teach me about it in a way that leaves me agreeing with you. I don’t want to beat you, I want to learn from you.

He’s Got Morals.

He has honesty, he doesn’t want to win a girl with lies because its much more dignified to win her with the truth, whether the truth be good or bad. Winning someone despite a loathsome truth is a difficult and impressive feat. He is loyal, and would never betray someone’s trust. And if you betrayed his, there is no going back. You get one chance and thats all. A little stubbornness never hurt anybody, if anything it adds to character. It makes you seem firm. He doesn’t really care for taking drugs. He doesn’t care for sluts. He keeps an element of purity. He’s not a snitch, he never talks too much. He takes secrets to the grave. He believes in fairness and justice.

In Terms Of Appearance…

Anything can be sexy. I go for a variety of looks, but typically my type is tallish with dark features. I’m not a huge fan of the pretty boy, I prefer a more striking look. I love broad shoulders and the v kind of shape that some guys have from the waist to the torso. Dark eyes are beautiful.

Of course he’s insanely protective of me and caring in a way thats not possessive. Loving, et cetera, et cetera.. you know the score. And there we have it.

“Exotic.. Is how I describe you

You’re honest, You make me feel like I can trust you

Take advantage, of my space and time

You’re so romantic, You know how to make a girl feel fine

You took me swimming in the ocean

Had me flying cross the coast and

You always keep me focussed

You told me you loved me

And in my heart I know you mean it

And no-one can come between us..”


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