The RuddKip

I’ve been thinking about you a lot Mr Rudd. I’ve never been the biggest fan of yours, in fact I choose to be with someone else instead. The Greens were always the apple of my eye. And to be completely honest, I never thought much of your looks. Your flat hair and nerdy ways never floated my boat. My first impression was that you were a weakling.

Prior to choosing I had a lot of background on you, and your ideas. Seemed your ‘Education Revolution’ was little more than the same performance pay for teachers tripe that Howard was pushing us towards. How on earth would that improve teaching? More pressure on teachers would lead to more stress, possibly those wanting to cut corners for their own sakes. This kind of thing has lead teachers in America to helping the students with cheating on tests and so forth. And a national curriculum, where children would be taught the history that the government wanted them to learn. A rewritten history, with the blunders and foibles erased. An Anglo-centric version, ignorant of the Aboriginal side, focusing mainly on dates and the voyage of the Endeavour.

Funding for schools based on need, whether private or public. “Labor will increase its investment in every school across the country. Some will need a bigger boost than others – maybe their results are under par or their students come from disadvantaged families – but not one school will lose one dollar of federal funding.” However, by refusing to distinguish between private and public, Rudd ignores that almost 70% of children, who are in public schools, clearly have the greatest need of increased investment.

Health.. Well privatisation is already well under way, isn’t it? Why should we have to pay for the right to be given health care? If I am sick and I cannot afford the treatment, must I suffer?

Truth is, apart from WorkChoices, Aboriginal reconciliation and a better attitude to the environment, your policies all but echo that of the Howard Regime. A plague on both your houses!

What kills me more than anything about you, is that while you had the guts to criticise China about human rights and Tibet, you do not extend that voice to other people who would also benefit from it. You gave a speech on the 60th anniversary of Israel congratulating it as a nation, with not even a hint, NOT ONE WORD about their treatment of the Palestinians, many massacres and infringements on human rights.. You did exactly what the rest of the world does and IGNORED IT.

Damn you Rudd. I’m glad I didn’t vote for you. I am ashamed that you are our international representative. I can’t curse you enough!


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