Minchin VS Carr: Carr KO’d

I was watching Question Time tonight and the ineptitude of Senator Kim Carr, the Minister of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, was almost embarrassing in response to a question from Senator Nick Minchin about the effect the luxury car tax would have on working families, in regards to making it more difficult for those who are not wealthy enough to buy such cars.

My god, after accusing Minchin of having his own interests in heart, (which may or may not be the case, it was still a good question that I would like the answer to) Carr continued to waffle his way through an answer, having said nothing was cut off by the speaker for running out of time.

Lets think about this, to the truly wealthy, what would a luxury car tax really do? Those rich enough to afford them would not even feel a tax like that, it would go unnoticed. For the rest of us, it would push such vehicles even further out of our reach. Not that these are a necessity, or even important, the issue being raised here is the increase of taxes on living to everyone but the rich in Australia.

Increase their taxes, don’t widen the gap. How does this help anything? It is a weak mask for including the wealthy in the attacks on income that the rest of us are feeling. This tax solves no problems.

This government, and the last government are fond of these quick fixes that do nothing in the long run. Take for example, the hike on drink prices to stop young people (mainly girls) from drinking them. All this does is stop the poorer people from purchasing that type of drink. And what does that help? The girls who bought them before, will still buy them now. As my father is fond of saying, beer once went up to 33cents a pot, or something as ridiculously cheap, and all over Australia people vowed not to buy them. But here we are, at $3.50 a pot still going strong.

Fuck it, lets widen the gap. With any luck it might incite enough rage to overthrow the fat cats upstairs.


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2 Responses to “Minchin VS Carr: Carr KO’d”

  1. gullybogan Says:

    I’m wondering what the definition of a luxury car is.

    Like, my last car had front wheel disc brakes (rear wheel drums) and an AM radio listed as ‘luxury features’. I’m a bit concerned that my latest car could be considered a ‘luxury’ vehicle, since it has four wheel discs, a CD player, and not to mention a rear-window demister, and carpets!

    It’s not a problem now, cos i’ve bought it already, but what about when i trade it in? Do i have to buy a HG Kingswood to avoid this tax?

    I may have upgraded my taste in automotive excellence too much, and bracket-crept myself into the realm of James Packer…

  2. LuLi Says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, just who will be affected in this new tax?? I think its safe to say that anything in the car thats done electrically that can be done manually is deemed unnecessary for us proles.. luckily for me, my car is all manual labour, just short of holes in the floor to stick my feet out of, Flintstones style.

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