The End Of Days

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, however I’m alarmed myself. It seems the death of the world is no longer an issue for my children, or grandchildren, but instead will come about in my lifetime. Being that greenhouse gas emissions are no way near zero and will not be for some time, I can safely assure you this is the case.

I’m sure many have seen the startling images of the melting ice shelves in the Antarctic and up where Santa lives, but it is the Greenland Ice Shelf which is causing the most drama at the moment. This is because at the rate it is going, scientists estimate it will be completely melted in 2013. This will raise sea level 5-7 metres.

Once that has occurred it is only a matter of time before both the polar caps melt, which will raise the sea level up to 25 metres. All coastal countries of low altitudes will turn to underwater mermaid cities, some islands have in fact already gone under. It is estimated that there will be something like 3 billion environmental refugees.

This my friends, is not the worst of it. The melting of the caps will turn the ocean acidic and all marine life will die. It will also release deadly methane gases from the permafrost which will surely poison the earth. Last time this kind of thing happened, the only thing that survived was the cockroaches.

We are going to die in a matter of a few decades.

In the future, I’m sure the companies who refused to go green and the leaders who would not force them to will be considered criminals. The sad thing is that help is well within our grasp, but we push it away. Renewable energies such as wind power and solar are cheap and just as effective as the environmentally damaging ones we use today. Countries like Germany, China and Denmark have already begun converting thousands of households to these renewable energy sources. Nuclear power is not an option. For one it is like 50 times more expensive than using solar and wind, and two the plants have a lifespan of only 25 years. Then there is the problem of the toxic waste, which has never been solved.. There is no way to properly contain it and today sits in rusting barrels polluting the earth further.

We can fix this, but we are at the point where if it is not immediate then it will be too late. We’re almost past the point of no return. And no offense to the human race or anything but we’re not usually good with fixing the worlds problems, and without large scale government intervention anything we do is basically going to amount to pissing into the ocean.

Even with all the countries who have ratified Kyoto, the United States greenhouse gas emissions are bigger than the emissions of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th biggest offending countries put together.

Not that I can say much for Australia, who is the biggest offender on average per capita.

I’m pretty scared.


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