Capricorn With A Pisces Rising

Capricorn + Pisces Ascendant: You are certainly not the easiest person in the world to understand, mainly because your nature is so deep and your personality so complicated, that others are somewhat intimidated at the prospect of staring into this abyss. All the same your friendly nature is attractive, and there will always be people around who are fascinated by the sheer magnetic quality that is endemic to the zodiac mix.

Sentimental and extremely kind, there is no limit to the extent of your efforts on behalf of a deserving world, though there are some people around who wonder about your commitment and who may ridicule you a little for your staying power, even in the face of some adversity. At work you are very capable, will work long and hard, and can definitely expectย  a greater degree of financial and practical success than Pisces alone. Routines don’t bother you too much, though you do need regular periods of introspection, which help to recharge low batteries and a battered self esteem.

In affairs of the heart you are somewhat given to impulse, which belies the more careful qualities of Capricorn. However, the determination remains intact and you are quite capable of chasing rainbows around, never realising that you can’t get to the end of them. You are immensely lovable and a great favourite to many. (Capricorn – Your personal horoscope 2009, Igloo Books)

When I have things I don’t understand, or when I’m confused with a decision I turn to astrology. More often than not, if the advice can relate to my issue then I will take it, regardless of how stupid I know that may be. But I believe in fate, and if I came across this sentence telling me what to do then it was my destiny to read it, so I don’t regret it.

I do believe there is a plan and life is showing me the way. If I say something, and the person for some reason doesn’t get the message I’ll pretend I said nothing, because maybe it was a secret or a thought I wasn’t supposed to tell. I follow my intuition a lot, it’s a feeling in my gut that I get when I’m on the right track. But even though it starts in your gut, it works its way somehow to your heart and it almost makes you want to cry. Its easy to ignore but you can learn to recognise it.

This may sound wacky but I do think that I’m kind of in tune with something, I know things I shouldn’t know. When I was 5, I knew my grandmother had died without having been told. I didn’t even know she was sick, and my father and brother who were supposed to tell me got really spooked about it.

My feelings are usually on the mark. The day I fought with my old best friend I had a bad gut churning feeling of dread the whole day, without reason why. I was to see her at 7pm and deep down I did not want to go one bit. It turned out that she and some of the others had all betrayed me, and I stormed out of her house without even saying goodbye to her mother. I was so upset that day that I wanted to die.

“Did you know when you go its the perfect ending

To the bad day I was just beginning

When you go all I know is you’re my favourite mistake..

Maybe nothing lasts forever

Even when you stay together

I don’t need forever after, but its your laughter won’t let me go

So I’m holding on this way..”

I predicted through tarot the relationships of my sister, including her current long term relationship with the man she will probably marry. I predicted a conflict between a guy I barely knew and his mates, using playing cards kind of mucking around, but was uncannily correct. The only thing that messes with my head with tarot, is predicting my own life story. I get confused and it doesn’t seem clear. But apparently thats supposed to happen when you read for yourself.

I’ve been a mess lately, the last six months anyway. I can’t concentrate, I’m slipping with uni, I can’t get motivated. All this friendship bullshit kinda just knocked the wind right out of me. I’ve lost my direction, and once where I knew I would succeed in my path, now I just see failure. When people would tell me my ambitions were too unreasonable I would laugh at them underestimating me.

Lately though, their words have stung. I feel like a bad person that doesn’t deserve to succeed. I want to get along with people and be cheerful, but then I think, does that make me fake? Or does it make me insincere? Because I want to be cheery but deep down I’m not. And I hate fakeness, I’ve always tried to keep it as real as possible. But am I all just one big act? I feel like I’ve lost myself. I have these big ideas and all these morals but its like I can’t uphold them or do them justice.

Well I read my cards. They are hopeful. They give me something to think about at least, but I always feel like I muddle up the messages meant for me. With myself, I can’t tell if I’m on the right track. It could be so blatant, and I would be oblivious. If anyone else reads, and can see a deeper or clearer meaning please let me know. Here are my cards, I did a 6 card cross spread.

Past Influence – High Priestess, secret holder, holding all knowledge, can mean the reader (myself) because its about spiritual and intuitive knowledge like a tarot reader holds, seems to be the querent (also myself), knowing things but keeping them hidden. Time of solitude and research, finding your way.

Obstacles in my path – Knight of Pentacles, can mean travel as knights ride horses, pentacles is travel on foot, pentacles mean money and ambition, a knight can refer to a young man, teen or of teen maturity, a hardworking practical man, solid and dependable. So, hmm.. He has dark features, physically.

Working in my favour – 9 of cups. This one was reversed, I don’t know how significant that can be. Nine of cups is a wish coming true, something you wanted finally granted. Popularity, good relationships, creativity. Cups are love. But reversed can mean vanity, carelessness, over sensitivity, neglecting partners. How can that help me?

Short term future – King of Pentacles, kings are beginnings, ideas and starting the ball rolling. They give the push to everything, without them nothing would happen. Pentacles is work/money so this can mean a new business or career. They can also obviously mean a man, physically dark, who holds responsibility. Practical, leader, shrewd, successful, proud, aloof but charismatic.

Long term future – The World, this was also reversed. The world means completeness, the end of the journey, success and praise for it. Can indicate travel. Reversed it means lack of vision, something holding me back from success, perhaps my own insecurity. Attachment to something I need to let go of to succeed.

Final outcome – King of Cups, kings are the driving force that lead the way, cups mean love so this can be a start to a relationship, a proposal of marriage, a new love, a man wanting to better himself, the king of cups as a person is family orientated, loyal to the death, old fashioned and compassionate. He has a good complexion with clear eyes.

I just can’t see the meaning, it seems like there are 3 men here? There is definitely a very confused querent. If anyone can connect the dots, please do. I’m out.


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47 Responses to “Capricorn With A Pisces Rising”

  1. maddy Says:


    I just kinda got in touch with your blog.. and ever since i am kinda addicted to all that you write.. aint know if i am your first fan .. but im sure im not the last ๐Ÿ˜€

    Regarding this post.. I kinda get a feeling there is a connection between what you are saying and what Paulo coelho has to say in his book “brida” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep those words flowing.. love every bit of it

  2. LuLi Says:

    Hey Maddy,
    Thanks for your lovely comment, it made me smile – I’m wrapt to have a fan!
    I loved The Alchemist by Coelho, but I haven’t read Brida yet.. though I will now you have intrigued me with it.
    Hopefully I keep it interesting for you =]

  3. Kristen Says:

    Hey came across your blog on a search for a capricorn with pisces rising. I’m studying astrology now trying to find my inner self. I have always turned to astrology and have also made decisions based on it. I’ve always been searching for something and I don’t know what it is. Lately, I’ve feel it’s ultimate knowledge of the universe around me.

  4. LuLi Says:

    Unfortunately this post doesn’t talk that much about the Capricorn/Pisces Rising characteristics, but I’m glad to have found a like minded philosopher. There is truth in astrology, however vague, and it always seems to uncannily point me in directions or offer me signs. I hope you find the information you’re looking for.

  5. Him Says:

    O my…….
    You are like me. I am a male 21 pices rising capricorn.
    I am nuts about astrology and psychic shit too! I keep trying to tell myself that I am being unreasonable but I honestly get these feelings. And I am always looking at tarot cards trying to predict my life. But it seems like my life is unpredictable.

    I am also useless at uni… I just dont even go, no motivation.
    Not long ago I was completely certain I would succeed but now all I see is failure too. I am not making this up, your story sounds like my own.

    I hate fakeness but I seem to think that everything is fake that the way I used to act was fake and now I cant even pretend.
    It is really troubling.

    I would really like to talk to you about something. Maybe we can help each other. Or like figure out what career is good for us. What were you studying?

  6. LuLi Says:

    Although this post was a little while ago, I still do sometimes feel lost with my uni/career thing. I’m studying journalism, but I’m willing to take any route to do with politics/writing/humanitarianism.

    I went to see a tarot reader and he told me alot about the capricorn/pisces rising. Your rising sign is pretty much your personality, so even though you have a sun sign of Capricorn, you’re most likely ruled by the watery sign of pisces, very emotional & deep feeling, sympathetic, sensitive, with an energy of healing. When I went in he asked me straight away, ‘are you a water sign?’ and I said no but I have the pisces ascending, and he explained that it was very influential over my state of mind & persona.

    He also told me I would definitely be in the fields I was aiming for, so that was a bit of comfort, but really, who knows..

    You’re welcome to email me on ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. consumer beauty Says:

    Wow! I am a Capricorn and this hit so dead on that it is creepy.

  8. Him Says:

    meh, i dont care, anyways im doing alot better, caps 4 da win

  9. SS Says:

    <– Capricorn sun, Pisces rising

    I used to think that I would feel like a failure if I didnt get some bigshot job like computer programmer, doctor or somethin. That's what my parents and this society tried to drill into my head. I took a bunch of computer classes but dropped them because the constant detail work made my head spin. I ended up just writing poetry in class.

    Now I'm going for massage therapist because I like to make people feel good, and I'm told that I can relax people well with my hands.
    That probably wont be the only profession I take up in my lifetime, but I'm taking it one step at a time for now. Once I get some financial security set up it shouldn't be too hard to go back to school and pick up another yob, as I do like variety.

    Most of my life I've been mainly focused on introspection; structuring my mind to work FOR ME, instead of being a slave to the emotions.
    I'm getting more in touch with my discipline.
    I've had to train myself to fully embrace the feelings that well up inside of me, whether I perceive them as being positive or negative; so that I can extract the knowledge from it, and STOP inhibiting my actions and relationships by having way too much repressed shit hanging over my head.

    You don't have to be fake if you have a good conception of what's going on inside of you. You're not the only one who's confused and in pain. And if a nigga's actin fake, there's probably some ugly stuff going through their mind and world outlook, so try to have compassion.

    Well there's some pieces of advice to you cap/pisces homies out there

  10. LuLi Says:

    I have this thing where I’m always thinking I’m on the brink of failure, it keeps me anxious, its mostly while i study. But when I’m working in an office doing some mind numbing brainless shit, even though I feel slightly more in control because my income is way better than when I’m at uni, inside I’m just shattered to think I gave up on my dreams for some 9-5 nothingness. I think I just need to find a way to balance myself out.

    If you’re a pisces rising then you probably do have a calming, soothing energy. Massage therapy would be a good route to go down. I always take things one step at a time as well, I never look too far into the future beyond a ‘maybe I’ll go overseas next year for a bit’, or ‘maybe I’ll apply for this job after my degree.’ Nothing is concrete.

    I think pisces emotions can sometimes be pretty overpowering and consuming, I’ve had more success in tempering them the older I get. And in resisting others’ influence on them. I want to feel happy because my life is good, not because someone gave me a compliment when they were in a good mood. I’m taking the reins in my emotional state (or trying to).

    Cheers for the comment, and the advice!

  11. Him Says:

    It’s funny what SS says, I also tried studying computers and programming and dropped out. Yeah healing hands are good to have.
    I can’t stand the idea of having 1 job 4 life.

  12. LuLi Says:

    The reader I went to said that pisces rising doesn’t suit office/computer type work because it stifles our creativity and forces us to maintain an intellectual routine that doesn’t work with our personalities. I think pisces rising are definitely better off flowing with their workplaces to whatever suits them at their present emotional state.

  13. SS Says:

    That’s very true for me LuLi.
    channelling creative powers into something concrete, even sell-able, is essential. I like to see material manifestations of my visions and such.
    For example, I take my poetry and arrange it to the songs my bandmates make. I started off kinda hating the songs we made, and I was embarrassed of my performance at our first show. But the more I write, the better my lyrics become. It feels right now because I pushed myself out of my bullshit state of mind; I didn’t take the easy way out. And now I’ve got something that I’m proud of.

    It’s taken plenty of self-therapy and advice from caring friends to convince myself that it’s ok to let go to my natural rhythm and do my best no matter what. I can be so uptight/self-defeating sometimes. Especially in the presence of those with whom I’m not comfortable, which is a lot of people.

    Anyway I’m interested to know if anyone has any insights about love compatibilities for Cap Sun/Pisces Rising, or just experiences with particular partners of a certain zodiac combination. I’ve read that a Virgo-ish type of personality is well suited to a pisces rising, and I know virgo blends well with the capricorn type also.

    Suggested reading for anyone interested in living a more cohesive life:
    Positive Energy by Judith Orloff, M.D.

    I will never let those who don’t understand me get me down.
    They can go blow a goat.
    It’s my life and I’m not gonna waste it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hannah Says:

      I’m the same way. lol. I’m scared to express myself because of what they might think of me.. I brush off compliments and turn rigid when I’m making a first impression.. All the homework or essays or drawings I create I’m very sensitive about.. and my parents question why I won’t show them things. I’m just afraid of failure, and being put down, disliked, or even changed or corrected.

  14. LuLi Says:

    Its the same with me for writing. I hate most of my writing from when I was 16 till about 21, but after keeping at it and trying harder I realise its always going to be a work in progress and in a few years I’ll probably hate all of this too! As long as I keep pushing myself then I can get to a point where I can be proud of everything I do, and creativity needs to grow anyway. It can’t stand still, it has to evolve.

    As for compatibilities, Virgo is definitely a good bet, or either of the signs who can relate to cap or pisces.. Air signs probs aren’t a good direction to head in though, but then again, what do I know? They may have a rising sign that fits perfectly with yours.

    Sounds like you have reached a good place and are confident of who you are, there really is no point to waste time worrying about haters ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. him Says:

    4 me, geminis intrigue me the most, i love thier complex minds. Libra are cool too, so I dunno i like air signs.
    I always like pices but they like taurus as far as ive seen.
    but then.. i still need to do more research i only love one person at a time

  16. LuLi Says:

    Air signs are fun to talk to, I have to admit, mind games and eccentricities.. I think it mainly depends on the person before their sign, any sign can be attractive when you think about it!

  17. Hannah Says:

    I’m a capricorn with a pisces rising also. I’m twelve, going to turn thirteen January 14th. This does sound alot like me.. or at least how I would like others to see myself, since I already see myself this way.. but don’t act like myself always. I’ve only read the first part.. since thats what I was searching.. but when I have the time [I would, but its almost 5 am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet] Thanks for posting, seeing that others might think like me in some sense gives me reassurance that I’m not so alone.

  18. Hannah Says:

    lol sorry for leaving so many comments.. but I keep thinking of things.. it just feels nice to have people here that think sort of like you do ^^. I’m not old enough to have a job; but I have thought about going into something with computer programming and I’m going to dodge that now, heh. What I really want to do is write books.. and illustrate. But I also feel like I’m going to fail, and if I don’t accomplish something big in my life I’d feel like failure.. And I’m not too confident at the moment, although I’ll try my best.

    I just want to hug all of you ^^

    lol but the sad thing is even if I was there with you guys I’d be rigid and distant.. although in the inside imagining hugging you all, hehe.

    Oh, and about air-signs… My best friend is a Gemini, and so is another one of my friends. They think deeply, and one is a bookworm. They are chatterboxes though, lol, but I don’t mind.

    I hate to be all ‘zodiac predjudice’ but I really dislike Aries, even though thats what my moon sign is.. But I still don’t fully get what moon signs mean.

    I also need to perfect staying on topic when I write/type. o_o And flowing better. Yes, I’ve already critisized myself so you guys don’t have to, but feel free to let me in on my flaws that I already overobsess about, heh, I don’t really mind, I’ve become familiar to feeling empty inside.

    Goodnyte/Goodmorning/Goodevening/’Afternoon/..Hello, X

    • SS Says:

      Haha it’s ok.. *air hug*
      Worrying about failure or success is kind of futile. If you’re happy with what you do, you’re a success. Screw what other people define it as.

      I think you’re being a little too harsh on yourself, you communicate very well in writing. Don’t be shy to break out of that shell and speak your mind. unless of course you’re talking to the police. =)

      When you say that you get offtopic when writing, is that your own observation of has someone told you that?

      • SS Says:

        You sound like you know what direction to go in, so keep on aiming for it.
        There’s no reason to be negative towards yourself. I know it’s a pitfall I’ve certainly fallen into too many times for my liking. It just doesn’t make sense to hate on yourself if being healthy is something you enjoy.
        Sometimes a ‘fault’ can turn out to be a blessing in disguise, once you understand yourself better.
        Be patient.

      • Hannah Says:

        Thanks.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        The observation.. well.. once my friend told me that I got of topic on one of my poems. But before then I was writing an essay for school and the third time I was re-writing it, I noticed that I got off topic and sort of started to babble.. I had to turn it in, though, because it was due the next day and it was so late. [Ima nightowl, you?]
        lol it gets to the point where I see so many things I don’t like about myself and then I can add this thing to the list of my flaws: “I overobsess my flaws”
        I try to change myself and make myself better. I don’t understand why because I realize I can’t ever be perfect.. but yet I catch myself trying to be. I guess its because I love most everyone so much and I just want them to love me too.. and I worry so much about them not liking me that I don’t even like myself unless I’m sure that they do.
        So very full of doubt.. I’m glad I can at least be open on the internet, where I don’t have to look you in the eye and tell you this. Hopefully someday I’ll learn how to break away from my shell and be myself. But hope does nothing, action does, and I guess I’ll start by being open here.

        You guys are awesome. Peaceโ™ฅ

  19. Him Says:

    Hannah you sound alot like me when I was younger, I also have moon in aries.
    Yeah, I already tried computer programming, waste of time..
    I also used to draw and was not confident enough to show the animation people.
    I can’t really draw anymore, too many bad things affected me and I can also be artistic when I feel okay.
    Try not to care what people think of you, act naturally, you don’t need to talk much if you don’t feel like it.

  20. Him Says:

    Not many people understand me, maybe you guys will cos you’re kinda like me.
    I havent had much love in my life, but I met a girl whom I thought was the one, she loved me first and all was well.
    Then the second I meet her it all turned around, I was fucked on drugs and I got really heartbroken. I have been rediculessly obsessed with her for like a year now, I can’t see her because she’s so far away. But I don’t stop thinking of her and It’s making me kinda crazy, has anyof you had experiances like this?

    • SS Says:

      I have to keep reminding myself this cause I’m not very skilled at dealing with my emotional side, but I know that everything in life can teach you something about yourself if you relax and open your mind to see the way things really are.
      After my first love I started using a lot too. More than moderation should allow. I didn’t want to take responsibility for the sorry state my life was in so I tried to escape it.

      To learn my lessons I have to abandon comfortable ways of perceiving things. Summon your feelings and feel them. Whatever they may be try not to repress them into hiding, where they can nag at you in slow release. invite anything that bothers you into your mind and let it absorb, so you can get to the root of the problem and recognize what is real and dispel paralyzing delusions.

      train to truely get in touch with and express your inner self and put focus towards things that are healthy and productive. Do something that will make you proud of yourself.

      I sometimes interpret my dreams to figure out/reinforce courses of action .
      For me exercise is really essential; some martial arts/cardio and running, that really gets the good mood chemicals flowing. Sometimes it puts me right into a meditative state.

  21. LuLi Says:

    Hannah – All comments are welcome! I’m glad you can relate, I found that excerpt up the top to be very accurate with my own personality and it seems like everyone else who has commented feels the same. At your age, its hard to pinpoint exactly who you are yet, but it seems like you have gotten pretty far with understanding yourself. Astrology always helps me to understand others.

    Him – I’m sorry to hear about your broken heart, I’ve definitely had some crushing ends to relationships and have had trouble letting go. I think at the end of the day I just had to realise I didn’t want anyone who didn’t want me as much as I wanted them. Love is a two way street, you know what I mean? The best idea is to break away, look for something better, because there is always better out there.

  22. Him Says:

    Thank you SS and Luli, if only i believed there was better.

    It’s just that, astrology even says that we fit, chinese astrology, shes a rat, I’m rabbit. You see the time of birth, I my true one is rat and her’s is rabbit…
    Also Patrick Swayze stayed with his wife until he died and he and she were 4 years apart like me and her.
    Also they say that relationships work with a certain hieght ratio, like the guy shud be a head higher or something… it doesnt usually work if the guys shorter, which is why short guys have problems. We were a good height too.
    I’m obviously over thinking stuff, but the time we broke off was a really bad time, the worst time all these bad things had happened to me all( infections,winter,family feuds,friend feuds,drug fucked) at once and I was destroyed before even seeing her.

    Yeah love is a two way thing but I can’t help thinking that she would love me again if she saw me now, I don’t knoe though, if the feeling that we had never comes back once it is gone then I’m screwed, is it impossible for the feeling to come back?

    Either way, I’ll see her again in 5 months.. I havent seen her in a year but remained with difficulty in contact.
    I won’t contact anymore until I see her now tho, I have to let go. And yeah loving yourself is important

  23. Him Says:

    Yeah that’s really the million dollar question I need to find and answer to.
    When you had the feeling of love and she had the feeling of love, once it’s gone, is it at all possible to bring it back, or is it really gone forever..?

    Has there ever been a case of it returning?

  24. Him Says:

    Sorry for talking about this so much… but right now I feel so dead

  25. Him Says:

    Actually guys im fine again, I just had a realisation..
    The only way to get her back ironically is not to want her anymore.
    Have to go through the fives stages of overcoming loss and then I will get my chance, when I’m genuinely happy to be friends again.

  26. LuLi Says:

    Yeah that sounds like the best way, you just really have to get past it and know that everything happens for a reason. Whatevers meant to be is gonna be. I know how you feel and at that point its like you can’t imagine life without them, but its for the best, one day you will know ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. SS Says:

    Hey Hannah, do you have an instant messenger program, like AIM or something? I’d like to talk to you but I don’t like the slow pace of this message board

    • Hannah Says:

      Heh, alright. I have many. Xfire, Myspace, Facebook, Skype. Or just email, if you want to email back and forth. Why do you want to talk to me…?

  28. SS Says:

    Cause I’m always looking to network with interesting people. I’m at any of you can add me if you want

  29. Glori Says:

    Hi All,

    just joining … So happy to find this blog
    I’m a Cap female with Pisces Rising and Pisces Moon
    yeah … life has been a real “trip” … have found that my Cap has “saved me” from long standing heart ache and even danger … and ALSO I am so happy to have the Pisces sensitivity and creativity and compassion … and in my case, a little clairvoyance …
    have more to add … soon!


  30. him Says:

    U there
    Ive decided something I wanna know what u think
    Ive beeen trying my hardest to be friends with this girl eventhough I know I am better for her… I have even been helping them in there relationship bringing them closer together#
    but Im tired of it… if these morons think im destroying there relationship then ive decided im gonna destroy it
    Im gonna play the game without feeling bad for the other person#
    ive got nothing to lose right rekon i shud do it

    • Hannah Says:

      No, don’t do it. Most of the time when you ask for advice, you’re asking a question to something you already have the answer to, but want a different answer so your heart can dwell on that someone else being at fault instead. Do what you know you can be at ease with and feel proud of. I think that you shouldn’t do it because destroying someone’s relationship.. I couldn’t live with that. But maybe your side comes from a different light.

  31. him Says:

    Hey thanks.
    I suppose you are right..
    I was just upset because he gets overly jelous รกnd doesnt understand…
    just when I talk to her…
    Then he gets angry at both of us.
    I dont want to hurt anyone but these triangles are so complicated…
    I think I have to leave but I have nowhere to go and I dont want to lose a really good friend
    maybe its best because I disturb it just by being there i think…
    This is so difficult…

  32. him Says:

    She gets jealous of me too… its almost like she wants both of us…
    and its confusing but maybe im wrong.
    Everything is ok again for now, everyone is happy.
    I love her so much that I sacrafice my own happiness but I am happy with friendship.
    Has anyone had to live in a triangle.. apparently they are very unstable.
    Wish me luck.

  33. Tel Says:

    A capricorn, with a pisces rising. I think that makes you my ideal partner. I’m a cancer with a virgo rising. A good post though.

  34. LuLi Says:

    Thanks Tel, I’m a sucker for people with a strong Virgo influence in their charts ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Victoria Says:

    Hi everybody ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m Cap with Pisces rising like most of you, and I’ve searched for all my life people like me- my soul twins as I could say….. I”m happy that I found you here at last. I will be happy too if all of you who are cap with pisces rising write to me at my mail to exchange our experience-in-common ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. gergie Says:

    I am also a Cap with Pisces rising too.
    Its nice to see others with these placements also. I also got a crazy thing in my chart that I try really hard to embrace, Venus in the 12th house.

    Nice to see you all, maybe I will email some of you. Thanks for making this page.

  37. gergie Says:

    I had just read some comments above. I would like to comment again regarding Cap Sun Pisces Rising people matching up with a Virgo.

    I use to be married to a Virgo sun. That relationship was intense but it didnt work out. I have to say that when I was a lot younger, I did attract a lot of Virgos very easily. Its interesting how they would approach me. Majority of the time, they are fascinated when I am deep thought. This is how I mostly meet the Virgo men that came into my life. When I am dazing off into day dream, somehow….they are right beside me asking me if I am okay. Also I was told that I am somewhat “MAGICAL”. Hahaha. I find it amusing to hear these things from Virgos. This is just by experience.

    I have to say that if one is looking for the perfect partner, it is not by the PISCES RISING attracting the VIRGO SUN. This will eventually happen. But the best way to find the right partner is to look at their VENUS and MARS sign. It must be compatible to yours. That way the disagreements are minimal and its even more intense with a bit of joy and happiness.

  38. Bruna Says:

    Oh, God, I feel like you, every word. You’ll probably guess I’m a capricorn with pisces rising. It is assually complicated because I am so rational and with a kind of amazing memory and can deal with anything in theory. But when it’s about me, making decisions, trusting people, it gets really blue, I think it’s about pisces. Too complicated and very contradictory. I am rational and at the same time I am constantly daydreaming and it doesn’t make any sense, does it? It would be great talking to someone that feels like. Sounds almost impossible that someone like this is real, like me. I am really impressed with things you said. Sorry about my Englsh, it’s not a big deal, not my mother tongue, you see… Well, that’s it.

  39. Fatima Says:

    I am a 19 year old female. I am Capricorn sun , ascending Pisces, and Sagittarius moon.

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