On The Grind

Is anybody out there on the grind like me?

For everybody working nine to five

For everybody trying to rise with they eyes on the prize

I’m with ‘cha, we all going through it

But yo, deep down inside I know we still gon’ do it

I’m on the grind, still got my money on my mind

And I feel like I’m walkin on the line

When it seems like I’m runnin out of time

Thats why I’m always on the grind..”

I been thinking about it, life seems a little grey for those of us who won’t end up being filthy rich. Life basically is the same for everyone. Not trying to be bleak or anything, but lets think about it step by step. We’re born ugly babies that scream and drive our parents wild. Turn into kids and bumble our way through primary school, where we establish which side of the fence we’ll be sitting on for the rest of our lives.

We either get awesome at schoolwork or we rebel against it. This is the theme for our whole life, and theres only one path that can be successful. Working hard just to stay afloat, with minimal benefits. The perks aren’t what are given to us, they are what we make for ourselves. This includes love, children, spirituality, relaxation. We work hard for enough money to survive and ‘fit in’ and yet the main thing we get from this are things that come for free.

Children cost money to feed and clothe, this I know. What other option do we have? We need a place to live, food to eat, some form of leisure to keep us happy. We’re slaves to people we’ll never even meet. Its the 5 working day week drudgery and it feels pointless at the end of the day. We numb that out with alcohol and drugs, the luckier of us numb it out with love and family. It’s depressing us all and distracting us from life.

“Shorty.. All I got is a dollar and dream

Is you gonna roll wit me?

See I tried the 9 to 5 and it just don’t fit me

I can get us out the hood and have us living good

Do you feel me? But I ain’t leavin here if you ain’t with me

Coz a suit with a smile just dont fit me

Takin a bus for some miles is gon’ kill me..

I’m trying to turn us around, start this thing from the ground

And as long as you’re down I know that

I just gotta make it.”

I’ve been there, and as boring and stressful uni can get, nothing is worse than living the 9 to 5. I couldn’t handle it. I had a brain that was being wasted. My path lead nowhere, it just plateaued. When you think about it, yours does too. They never really let you get too high. Sure, I had money, that was fun. But I spent it all in one day, or a couple of days on clothes, alcohol and anything fun. The spare few hours I had out of work I wanted to make the best of. My weekends were busier than my weeks and eventually I burnt out.

That was a life just supporting myself. Being completely selfish and thinking of no one. But if I had a family to look after, I’d still be there. Killing my creativity, I never even had time to write in my diary. Forget about sketching, that was out the window. The most creative I got was putting my outfits together, and even then I’m pretty conservative. It wasn’t enough. Even if I was in love it wouldn’t be enough. Because I knew it was a waste of a life. ‘Oh that Luli, what happened to her? She had so much potential..’ ‘Yeah I heard she took an editing job at a big corporation, got married and popped out a few.’ ‘Oh.’

Man I can’t do it, but I know I’m probably gonna have to again. The bland life. We need to wake up from this shit. This isn’t all there is. We keep looking in our tiny little worlds, when theres such huge meaningful things happening all around us. I’ve forgotten there was good in the world, its so hard to see in the consumerism box. There’s always that push to buy better clothes, more furniture, blah blah blah. I don’t want that for myself, but I’m not seeing a lot of options. I don’t care, I plan to break away. You should too.

All in the ghetto the weather is better than ever

I hope it never ends I hope it lasts forever

But when it does,

We can all pretend that is better than its ever been

Lie to ourselves like the sky to rebel

And its well and its fine and its fine if it fell

And you can refine the storyline if you survive to retell

We are targets, hello darkness

Hello sunshine, hello not at all

Hello all the time

Hello nowhere, hello oblivion

Hello goodbye..”


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4 Responses to “On The Grind”

  1. gullybogan Says:

    Consumerism is designed to make us feel miserable with our lot so that we’ll buy the next thing they want us to buy, to help support their capitalist system.

    I think it’s important to find not numbness, but joy in the non-material things, and to not mix up non-material with immaterial.

    A snuggle is non-material, and very, very good.

    Snuggling is the single best thing that adult human beings can do. Full stop.

    It even beats having a luxury yacht.

    Of course, snuggling on a luxury yacht is pretty nice, too….

  2. LuLi Says:

    You’re right a snuggle is lovely, if you get the chance to come across one that is.
    I’m so frustrated with consumer culture, and myself for continually buying into it. I just won’t be left behind!
    I’m not yet strong enough to wear pants of hemp and be content with them..

  3. clubwah Says:

    Sadly the key is to make sure you are happy at work, so you’re at least enjoying your time struggling to make enough money to make ends meet.

    It’s amazing how there are so many more ways to part with our money now – or parents never had to pay for mobile phones, internet, pay TV, endless charities, speed cameras etc.

  4. LuLi Says:

    Yeah there are way more expenses now.. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to afford my own home.

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