Smite Me, I’m Annoying

I’d never even heard of World Youth Day until a couple of weeks ago when it started to be all over the news. My sister and I both looked at each other after a tv report and simultaneously said, “What the fuck is World Youth Day?” She shook her head and I replied, “I dunno but it sounds stupid.” And I was right.

The funny old Pope, coming to visit Australia, he got off the plane and walked straight past our Prime Minister, ignoring him. The Pope is too important to have to deal with riff raff like that. What a dick.

And what a waste of money. Can you think of any other religion besides Christianity that our government would bother spending a quarter of a billion dollars on? Will they pay for the Ayatollah to come down and chuck a party when Eid rolls around this year? The Muslims would be lucky to get a free jumping castle for their end of Ramadan celebration festivals. I have to say though, the Broady festa is where you will find Melbourne’s best kebabs. Trust me on this one. I am a kebab connoisseur.

But the worst thing to come about from it would be the ‘annoyance laws’, those temporary powers the cops have to infringe against our freedom of speech and right to assemble. Um, what the fuck? Is this not a backwards step for democracy? What of all those promises for an enshrined bill of rights in our constitution? Obviously, those go out the window in the presence of an important person such as the Pope. I guess when Bush comes down to see us I should gladly accept being thrown into jail for citing so much dissent against him in my writing. I mean, its practically terrorism.

Complying to the Pope like this is sending quite a strong message to all of Australia. We condone hatred of homosexuals, we condone limiting your freedom, we condone the controlling of womens bodies (and minds) and by gum we’ll spot the bill for it all too.

Luckily, theres one place that will not condone any of this shit, the Federal Court, who threw out a case of ‘annoyance’ against two activists, saying that it was an infringement on personal freedoms such as the freedom of speech, so on and so forth. Thank fuck somebody around here has a bit of sense.


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22 Responses to “Smite Me, I’m Annoying”

  1. kaboose84 Says:

    Good point about how any other religion gets diddly squat. But still, christians, catholics, etc etc, whatever they call themselves…there are a lot of them. Like it is the biggest religion in the world, so you gotta expect some favoritism…..and complying to the Pope is more like respecting his beliefs…or maybe agreeing to disagree…but one of the things I find funny is his dislike of condoms…I heard about it on the news and was like what?!

  2. rayedish Says:

    I am pretty sure as an ex-student of history that there is some connection between the Australian Labor party and the Catholic Church. This particular deal was done in Bob Carr’s time, agreeing to host the WYD celebrations way back when NSW was still basking in the glory of hosting the Olympics. I don’t think that any other church, little lone any other religion would get the same treatment.
    BTW Love the pic of the Pope, LuLi I have long suspected that he is on the dark side.

  3. rayedish Says:

    When I heard about those ‘annoyance’ laws I had this crazy plan of agreeing to billet some pilgrims and then prevent them from sleeping by talking to them all night about why I left the Catholic Church years ago. I was wondering whether or not that would be annoying enough to earn me a $5500 fine, but fortunately sense prevailed with the judges who overturned those ridiculous laws.

  4. gullybogan Says:

    Rayedish >> I think you’re confusing the ALP with the DLP. The DLP was something to do with the Catholic Church, but i don’t think the ALP ever was.

  5. gullybogan Says:

    Rayedish >> I looked it up in wikipedia. Please excuse the slab of text copied and pasted from the webpage rather than simply linked…

    The DLP was formed as a result of a split in the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in 1954. The split was between the party’s national leadership, under the then party leader Dr H.V. Evatt, and the majority of the Victorian branch, which was dominated by Catholics. The Catholic wing of the ALP was alarmed at what they saw as the growing power of the Communist Party in the trade unions, and had formed units within the unions called Industrial Groups to combat the Communists.

    The intellectual leader of the Victorian Catholic wing of the ALP (although not actually a party member) was B.A. Santamaria, a Melbourne lawyer and lay Catholic activist who had the patronage of the Archbishop of Melbourne, Daniel Mannix. Santamaria headed an activist group called “The Catholic Social Studies Movement” (often known as “The Movement”), which was modeled on Catholic Action groups in Europe and the Communist Party of Australia [1]. This group later became the National Civic Council (NCC). Evatt denounced the Movement and the Industrial Groups in 1954, alleging that they were trying to take over the ALP and turn it into a European-style Christian Democratic party. At the ALP national conference in Hobart, 1955, Santamaria’s parliamentary supporters in the federal and Victorian parliaments were expelled from the ALP, against that party’s constitutional rules. They then formed a group called the ALP (Anti-Communist), which in 1957 became the DLP.

  6. LuLi Says:

    Kaboose – Yeah its the whole wasting sperm thing, kinda ties in with abortion. Very unrealistic and infringing on womens rights, harmful to their bodies also. Just in relation to the fact that some women are unfit to carry child, and may die from childbirth even. Pretty ridiculous to ban contraception.

    Rayedish – He looks like a dark lord, right? Haha I love that pic too. I’m so down your annoyance scheme, its seems so perfect, preaching atheism to Catholics! I myself prefer a good old fashioned protest march, theres nothing like the chanting of like minded trouble makers to stir the adrenaline 😀

  7. asimplesinner Says:

    If any other religous leader (or event) could gather that many people from around the world, putting a spotlight on Austrailia, filling the hotels, buying up food from merchants, paying taxes on their purchases and getting Austrailia in the news all over the world in such a fashion…

    Well, I bet they would offer protections and help in protecting those who gather peacibly to protect their freedom of religion and assembly…

    So it goes.

  8. LuLi Says:

    You’d think so wouldn’t you? But then you’d recall that when the Dalai Lama came to Australia he was never offered such liberty infringements in return for his mere presence.

    Why is it freedom of assembly for some and not for others? Why do the pilgrims deserve it more than the Australians? They don’t and it is wrong.

  9. asimplesinner Says:

    The Dali Lama attracted visitors from around the world and the same sort of crowds this German-via-the-Vatican is?

    Methinks the comparison is strained. Likely, you disagree.

  10. LuLi Says:

    It doesn’t really seem relevant. We had the crowds of the Olympics and still managed to keep our rights.
    The money from tourist revenue is never going to be a great incentive for me to be okay with losing out on my own freedom, but each to their own I suppose.

  11. Bron Says:

    The pope walked past the PM? Oh. I saw them greeting each other and shaking hands, while Rudd introduce Benny to Iemma and other quivering jellybeans. What did you see?

  12. LuLi Says:

    I saw what I wanted to see.

    Heh, nah it may not have been the airport greeting, it was just a snippet at some kind of formal gathering that was on Ch.10 news two days ago.

  13. Bron Says:

    Ah I see. I assumed you meant at the airport. Me bad.

  14. LuLi Says:

    Its all good, was me who was wrong 🙂

  15. raydixon Says:

    You realise you’re going to hell for this, don’t you LuLi?

    Cheers from (Eggs) Benedict.

  16. LuLi Says:

    Dammit 😦

  17. Bron Says:

    Hell in Norway, Ray?? That’s not so bad.,_Norway

  18. gullybogan Says:

    Hell ain’t a bad place to be.

    (That’s an AC/DC lyric – i use AC/DC for guidance in all my moral/ethical dilemmas, and it works just fine. They’re also cheaper than the Pope)

  19. raydixon Says:

    Hell in Norway looks a bit too (Citta)slow for me, Bron. I prefer this place in Austria, where there’s a bit more, errrr…..action!:,_Austria

  20. WendySkeleton Says:

    I see the similarities between the Pope and Emperor. Oh, the evil Sith they are.

    Did you know that in the trilogy, it was an old woman who played the Emperor. There are more connections that you initially thought, LuLi!

  21. LuLi Says:

    Oh my, I did not know that! Thats awesome..

  22. WendySkeleton Says:

    Oh, you flatter me.

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