Wanna Swap Cat Stories?

One thing I love about Facebook are all the groups you can join, but sometimes it weirds me out when strangers try to add me through them. I’m very suspicious, and I think that almost everyone is a spy sent from my enemies, trying to look at my page. Although, I’m very tempted to accept the friend requests of hot guys, I can um and er over those for days before declining.

Today some chick tried to add me because we have the same type of cat and are in a group together. I dunno, I found it weird. I could add her I suppose, but what for? What will we say to each other? She wants to swap cat stories, she said. I don’t have cat stories, I just have a cute cat! He does things every now and then but they’re not stories.

Pooky, Mon Petite` Meow

I’ll feel bad to decline her, I always feel bad declining people I don’t know but I really hate awkwardness and can’t imagine anything beneficial coming out of it. And how silly is that, somebody wants to be my friend and I say fuck off! Am I that antisocial? See how I over think things? She’s still sitting there, 1 friend request, probably will be for days.

The thing is I’m kind of a private person, I hate that on FB everybody knows when I update or add someone. If someone sends me a private message and I cbf replying, I have to not do anything that can be seen in my page that would let the person know I’m online. The thought of some weird cat lady having free access to all my info is worrying to me.

Cattie, The Prince Of Orange

I can’t even let my friends or family read this blog, because I would hate them knowing too much of what I think. Plus I wouldn’t want to censor myself and if I knew they read it I would change it all, rewrite everything, delete posts. It fucks up creativity. But then, what kind of person am I that I have to hide all my thoughts away, like they were evil or harmful? Who has this many secrets from their loved ones?

I think I’ll ignore the friend request.


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12 Responses to “Wanna Swap Cat Stories?”

  1. j... Says:

    «Who has this many secrets from their loved ones?»

    Everyone who (still) cares about what they think. Same happens with me and my – now – innocuous blog.

    But when it was personal – I mean, a diary – a bit like yours… oh oh.

    Thus, nothing strange with you, I think. Only a healthy dose of self criticism.

  2. Andy Says:

    I’m the opposite. I have no problem with friends and family (or anyone) reading my nonsense. I’m a pretty open book, and I’m far too old to give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks of me.

    That said, five or six years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing such a thing. I was (and, in many ways, still am) quite a private person. So I can absolutely understand people who would be more guarded in front of people they know.

    But Facebook blows. Even if I come to be the very last holdout, you’ll never see my profile on that shit. Myspace, too.

  3. rayedish Says:

    I have similar FB issues to you Luli. Occassionally I have people (from a period of my life that I’d rather forget) contacting me with a friend request and I um and ah for days before declining and then I feel bad. My page is private because am I slightly paranoid about the pics of my kids in my albums. I do think that the benefits outweigh the hassles though.
    (You can reset your privacy stuff so that your updates do not appear in your mini feed and in your friends news feeds if you want. I don’t want my friends to realise the extent of my wordtwist addiction, for example, so I have removed the mini and news feeds about that).

  4. Bron Says:

    I look at it this way: I am not obliged to “friend” them. I don’t owe them anything and they owe me nothing. Thus, when I decline a friend request, I can do so with a clear conscience.

    Plus, some guy who recently “friended” me turned out to be an abusive creep and a stalker, so now I have extra reason for not allowing strangers onto my “friends” list.

    Also, there are some girls in high school who never wanted anything to do with me back then, now they’re requesting to be my friend? Get fucked. You didn’t have anything to do with me then, I have nothing to do with you now.

  5. Wah Says:

    You could be friends to be polite and then never say jack shit or reply – they soon look elsewhere.

    Also you can change your settings so not everything you do on FB is revealed to all your friends.

    I don’t understand the point of those messages. What shit me is people can know that someone wrote on my wall or change my relationship status, but it doesn’t tell people whenever I whip Bron’s arse in Scrabulous.

  6. WendySkeleton Says:


    Oh, caption for the first cat: “Ehhhhh, ahhhhh, almost there. Okay, poopy done in your bag now.”

    And why are they in plastic bags in the first place. Did you want to kill them and then blame it on dog lovers or something? As a cat lover, I have to condone such violence.

    I have to admit that I have a Facebook account. Such shame.

    I’m a private person too. I hate telling people things about myself. Heck, just releasing my first name, my age and which country I currently live in is more than enough for me. I think there are intuitive people who can come to some conclusions about private people like me, and I let them do that; if they want to ask, then I ironically have no problem answering.

    But if you come across a teenager like me, don’t be surprised if they tell you how horny they are.

  7. This Devil's Workday Says:

    It’s not strange at all. I’ve never had Facebook and I deleted my MySpace for the same reasons. I had my page as private but a mate at work had somehow managed to access my photos – ones of me acting like a drunk idiot of course, dancing around in my jocks etc. We had a good laugh but I was surprised since we weren’t myspace friends and they were supposed to be set on private. What the hell is with that?

    No one knows I write a blog either. There’s no way in hell I’d tell anyone, and if they somehow stumbled across it and figured it out or if I got drunk and told someone (a few close calls) I would just delete the whole thing.

    Hell, I feel weird enough that strangers get to read the crap I write. So many times i’ve been tempted to delete everything it’s not funny.

    Just ignore the friend request, unless you plan on meeting up with her for cat dates or something.

  8. LuLi Says:

    J – I try to be honest and very open with my loved ones, but somethings I say can be taken in the wrong way and once said, can’t be unsaid.. I want to just avoid that whole thing.

    Andy – I’m trying to be an open book with my loved ones, but I can’t help but keep some things to myself.. I know they wouldn’t mean to judge me, but they would and some things I write are exactly how I feel and I’m not sure if they could handle reading that kind of emotion from me. Get FB! Its addictive!

    Rayedish – You feel so bad saying no, don’t you? But then, they could be those people that add everyone and wouldn’t even remember requesting your friendship. And then there are bosses and family and workmates who you HAVE to accept, because they will get cut hard if you don’t.

    Bron – I had this chick request me and I’m like, hmm I never liked you, deny. Then a few days later she requested me again! It kinda freaked me out, and I wasn’t sure about double deleting so I just accepted. I got friend bullied!

    Wah – I was thinking of accepting but then I saw her pic was her with her cat and I thought that was kinda full on. And she only has 75 friends so she’d probably notice me around her newsfeed. I’m gonna have to check out my settings.

    Wendy – Thank you! I love them, they’re as close as having kids as I’ve ever gotten. They’re in plastic bags because for some reason they just love them, I don’t get it. If we have shopping and leave them around they always crawl in and get cozy.

    Mr TDW – My sis keeps asking me if I have one coz she always catches me reading other people’s. Its getting awkward and I don’t want to lie, but I really couldn’t imagine showing her unless I told her to never ask me questions about the entries IRL.

  9. kaboose84 Says:

    I keep my blog a secret too..mainly because if I bitch about someone in it I would have hell to pay at school the next day…people know I have a blog, but I’m not about to tell them what the address is..plus I don’t want my parents knowing what goes on in my life, screw that…btw your cats look madas.

  10. clubwah Says:

    I love when women on RSVP have a picture with their dog or cat – it’s good sign not to proceed, like when they use words like soulmate, committment, and “rest of my life with … “.

    And Luli 75 friends doesn’t exactly make her a fucking hermit! Remember Andrew Landeryou has a couple of hundred – how many of them do you think are of substance.

  11. LuLi Says:

    Domino – Thats the other thing, I do a lot of bitching in here.. I remember distinctly writing a post for the sole purpose of bitching about my sisters! It would be awkward explaining that I was just a little frustrated that day. Thanks about my cats!

    Wah – Oh you’re right Wah 75 is a lot, especially seeing as most people’s friends aren’t all on FB, but considering she adds random cat people who else do you think is a real friend? I don’t know, maybe if it was for an anime group or tekken group I woulda been cool with it. Cats just screams weirdo, and this is coming from a hypocrite who is in love with cats!

  12. Bron Says:

    What shit me is people can know that someone wrote on my wall or change my relationship status, but it doesn’t tell people whenever I whip Bron’s arse in Scrabulous.

    What FB doesn’t tell people is how often I snigger at Wah’s missing letters (sometimes whole words!).

    Wah = pwned.

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