Girls Kissing Girls

This is awesome.

CommunityChannel parodies Katy Perry.

This Devils Workday brought up girls kissing girls the other day and while I have no qualms with homosexuality, I do kind of find it annoying when girls kiss girls to turn guys on. Seriously, self respect much? Its kind of obvious you’re doing it for them when they’re in front of you and you’re behaving like this is Act 1 of a threesome porno. Or maybe I’m just from the wrong part of town and this isn’t nearly half as common everywhere else?

But then, perhaps I’m being too harsh. Maybe its just sexual experimentation and I should be cool with it. Its your body and your right to do whatever you like with it. I suppose some chicks do strip teases for their boyfriends (Hayden Panettierre’s one for Milo Ventimiglia on his birthday comes to mind) and thats kind of the same thing isn’t it?

I covet her parasol.

Also, how does the gay community react to this song (the Katy Perry version)? Do they find it to be abhorrent or do they embrace it? I don’t mind Katy Perry, but I roll my eyes at this song. It seems like a cheap shot for a publicity stunt that obviously worked wonders for her. I mean, I didn’t know who she was before this, apart from the girlfriend of the guy from Gym Class Heroes (you know, the one with the braids?).

Are you feeling this song?


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11 Responses to “Girls Kissing Girls”

  1. This Devil's Workday Says:

    OK it took me a while to figure all this business out (Katy Perry and that other video) and I find it kind of confusing.

    First she comes out with ‘Ur So Gay’ which seems to be a bit of a stab at guys who pretend to be gay, particularly people like Pete Wentz who says he likes kissing blokes, but nothing below the belt… what?

    I can understand that, because if you’ve ever been to a nightclub recently, about 50% of the guys could convincingly be mistaken as gay.

    Then she comes out with this song about kissing girls… is this kind of hypocritical or what? Guys can’t kiss, even if they’re not gay, but girls can?

    Back in high school, girls kissing girls in front of groups of guys was rife (so rife I was convinced that EVERY girl was bisexual deep down). But most girls I spoke to said they did it for attention or free drinks. I don’t really have a problem with it either way. It’s kind of sexist though that if guys started doing it in the middle of a club they’re likely to get assaulted – but that’s just my own assumption coz I’ve never seen it happen.

    At the end of the day, personally I couldn’t care less who people experiment with, no matter what their sexual orientation. Normally I would say something about being honest with yourself and the people around you, but these days I’m a little less inclined to say so because.. it’s a free world and you’re allowed to pretend to be whatever the hell you wanna be.

    So I guess to answer your original question (even though I’m not part of the gay community) I would say it’s pretty much just publicity. She’s in pop music after all, isn’t it all about the business pretty much?

  2. LuLi Says:

    You know, I never thought about that.. She IS a hypocrite!

    Doing it for free drinks just seems so close to well, being a stripper. Acting sexually to please the eyes of men and to get a reward from it. Or maybe I’m taking it too far. But it does seem to be cheapening to a girl to act that way.

  3. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Perhaps it is cheapening for a girl to act that way, but doesn’t that run a little contradictory to your blog post where I realised I was being sexist towards girls who like to sleep around as opposed to guys who do it? Or am I just way off the mark?

    Sorry to make a comment that is actually larger than your original post. That wasn’t the intention, lol.

  4. LuLi Says:

    Sorry I turned this into a completely different thing when mentioning drinks.

    When I mentioned it being akin to a stripper I was thinking of behaving sexually to get something in return (ie. goods or services) to be closely related to the act of exotic dancing for money.. Or perhaps I’m drawing too close of a conclusion to something that is purely for fun. Kissing a girl to stimulate a guy for the aim of drinks doesn’t seem like sexual experimentation but more exploitation of sorts. The girl is exploiting herself to get further ahead materialistically.

    But then I feel uneasy about just kissing a girl to turn a guy on, like the intentions aren’t right, because kissing a girl should be about the girl and not the man watching them. Or is it experimenting because she is challenging the sexual feelings of someone else by performing an act of experimentation? I’m kind of confused now.. :S

    I’m showing my conservative side here, but this kissing thing makes me reel because I connect it to wielding power by playing into a male fantasy of sorts which she would otherwise have no interest in. And to me thats kind of like giving in to patriarchy, in a way. Or letting herself be objectified as a means to get ahead, which goes with that role that has been assigned to women as merely sexual objects.

  5. WendySkeleton Says:

    I personally find Katy Perry annoying and wish she would stop writing shitty lyrics.

    Plus your whole comment above mine: you are a feminist in the making. Congratulations.

  6. kaboose84 Says:

    I don’t quite get what the fuss is about. It’s a song, and a pop song at that, there’s no meaning in it, its just there..did she even write it? Does this portray any part of her personality at all? She just sings it so why are we all getting angry at her?

    unless of course she did write this and this does portray her personality…in that case shes just in it for publicity and a profile boost…

  7. This Devil's Workday Says:

    kaboose84 – It’s just fun to talk about it.

  8. LuLi Says:

    Wendy – Cheers, I think I have a lot more to learn before I reach anything close to that title. I’m a hack!

    Domino – I’m not angry at her, I don’t mind her and I think she’s pretty. Its like TDW says, just fun to talk about. I find more about myself and the silly things I let my head think when I take things apart bit by bit.

  9. gullybogan Says:

    The parasol *is* nice, but the belt is hideous.

  10. WendySkeleton Says:

    Like her face?

  11. LuLi Says:

    Gully – Agreed.. I’m over her whole look actually. She needs a new stylist.

    Wendy – lolz.. Love how catty that sounded!

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