For Now, These Hot Days, Is The Mad Blood Stirring

“The cityscape where I stay is gettin hot now

Unemployment is high and buildings is gettin chopped down

Gold teeth populating the block

Slurring slang they ignite on the lookout for cops

Make the shots ring out like the liberty bell

No escape from the heat that’s getting hotter than hell

Like the oven’s on broil, with blood stains in the soil

Pimped on in the colors of crown royal..”

When the summer heat is sweltering, not in the blissful middle stages where frolicking in backyards through sprinklers is rampant, but the unbearable humid and unrelenting fan forced oven temperatures, I can admit I’m not in the best of moods. While I love the summer and I probably mention it every two posts, I hate the sweaty, unbreathable days where all you can do is lay in the dark under the air conditioner, or if you are even unluckier, under a fan. So is it any wonder that the heat has been linked to violence? Shakespeare was onto it well before The Age was. We are no strangers to the idea, with common sayings such as ‘heat of the moment’, ‘hot under the collar’, ‘hot head’ and so on reinforcing the idea of anger with hot temperatures.

This can only get worse with the current climate change. Cue the Luli pointing to global warming again, attempting to influence some changes in attitude towards the phenomena and perhaps an incentive to get motivated in changing our lifestyles. Things are only going to get worse, until we manage to get our emissions down to reasonable standards. And even that is not enough, we need global cooperation, a massive scale of effort. Surely I don’t need to point to the pictures of Beijing, to get the point across?

I’m still cursing Howard for his bullshit spin on whether or not global warming is real. It has already been proven that we are the cause, yet the amount of people who debate with me about its existence fucking stuns me. The power of denial is incredible. In the face of damning scientific evidence, Howard said ‘No I don’t believe it,’ and we all go along with him no questions asked. Must be such a slap in the face to the experts.

What we are doing is not enough, we have to start converting our houses to solar power or other renewable energies. My mother is a big fan of the most annoying tv ‘news’ shows on the earth, Today Tonight and ACA, but the other day even they made a strong case in favour of solar energy houses. A woman has converted her house and now generates so much electricity with her solar panels that the electricity company borrows from her, and pays her for HER electricity. Her bill reads +$20 or something. Look, if those shitty propaganda machines can agree, surely the evidence is damning?

Say it costs $12,000 to convert, if the government paid everyone $8,000 of that, who wouldn’t be willing to change? We can do it, we have the resources and the money, I mean come on, we’re working with surplus now.. Lets put it into something helpful. Fuck the baby bonus! These quick fix programs are not going to work. There is overwhelming evidence that once the caps melt (roughly 30 years), the world is going back to the Ice Age. I hope you can snowboard.

“It’s sad the map of the world is on you

The moon gravitates around you

The seasons escape you

And I always was, always was one for crying

I always was one for tears

No, I never was, never was one for lying

You lied to me all of these years

The sun’s getting cold, its snowing

Looks like an early winter for us..”


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8 Responses to “For Now, These Hot Days, Is The Mad Blood Stirring”

  1. raydixon Says:

    As I’m not an expert on this and as even the ‘experts’ disagree on global warming, I’m not arguing against you here, LuLi, but I’d just say “don’t worry” (too much) because it has been shown throughout history that man’s (ie mens’ & womens’) ability to adapt and overcome seemingly insurmountable problems is forever consistent.

    I’m a great believer in things happening for a reason and if the current ‘crisis’ is in fact a crisis then we’re already well on the way to resolving it – because we’ve identified it.

    Things will be fine and I DO trust our governments to (eventually) do the right thing on major issues. After all, WE elect them.

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  3. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Honest question but… how would melting the ice caps create an ice age?

  4. LuLi Says:

    Ray – I hope they are fine, but I don’t trust our government at all. Maybe I just grew up in the Howard era and its affected my faith in altruistic governing, but I really can’t believe they know whats best for me.

    TDW – Well, when the northern ice caps melt, the freezing water goes into the global sea currents and significantly affects the flow of warm waters. Last time this happened it led to the Ice Age which gave us the caps in the first place, I think that article covers it better than I can though (the last link in the post).

  5. raydixon Says:

    The problem is LuLi, ultimately we have to put our trust in someone. Things change. I grew up under a God-awful Liberal Govt too and for a while it looked very gloomy. Then along came a few more enlightened people like Gough, Bob and (especially) Paul.

  6. LuLi Says:

    I’d love to be around when someone like Gough was in power. Rudd is a shadow of a Prime Minister compared to him. When I see some better representation, then I might start to trust.

  7. kaboose84 Says:

    It seems as though everyone is talking about this but no one is actually doing anything. This thing has been around for ages, why didn’t we do anything back when we had the upper hand. Now, even if we do manage to control it the temperatures will still rise and shit will still happen because part of the warming is natural, the Earth has been shown to do it throughout history, but we’re just speeding up the process and worsening it this time……

  8. LuLi Says:

    It does seem like we’re at a point where it has gone too far. In the past we have been successful with other eco missions, like fixing the hole in the ozone layer and such, so hopefully if we band together and make a conscious effort we can remedy the mess we have made.

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