Rudd Kills My Life

Performance pay for teachers is a notion that I’m sure have left many a staff room in outrage. Kevin Rudd and his ugly cabinet of rats (can you feel the bias?) have been pushing his bullshit ‘Education Revolution’ again, a thinly veiled copy of the Liberal Party’s education agenda. At least they will have a clear passage through the Senate, ey? I’d be quite surprised if they held it up in any way seeing as they basically want the same thing. Anyway, seems the move to the performance plan is underway. That means paying the teachers by how well they do their job, what results the kids get etc.

How do you feel about this as a parent, or future parent? Do you want your teachers to be held accountable through a series of reviews from you the parents, students, principals and other teachers? It sounds like a witch hunt to me, we’re already in demand for teachers, why are we going to put them through this kind of bullshit? Would you like to be assessed that thoroughly at work from your clients, peers, managers and clients mothers?

Of course there has to be some form of review, but Rudd is saying that “where a school failed to lift its performance, education authorities should sack the principal, replace senior staff, reorganise the school or even merge it with a more efficient school.” What the fuck? I love the job security, that will do so much to counter the bitter old teacher syndrome so many suffer after years of shit pay and having to put up with crap from kids.

Here’s a quote I found from an article by Susan Hopgood, the Federal Secretary of the Australian Education Union, that critisised the Coalition’s similar merit based teacher reviewing plans:

In those US states which have experimented with this, schemes have usually been abandoned after two or three years. There have been negative consequences for both teaching staff and teaching itself. Some schools have resorted to direct instruction approaches which stifle children’s capacity to think for themselves; others have eliminated entire subjects because they are not tested and therefore seen to be “unimportant”; other schools and districts have engaged in dishonest behaviour in order to get the “benefits” which flow from such a scheme, including the right to remain open. How is it possible to compare the work of a teacher of students with disabilities with that of students in academically selective schools? Many teachers would actively seek to teach in those schools and those classes where students were likely to do well.”

Rudd’s also planning to provide funding for the schools “based on need”. So by not distinguishing between the public and private schools Labor is ignoring the fact that almost 70% of children are in public schools which obviously need a lot more funding than the private. God, he’s a dick. Somebody punch him in the face for me.

And its lines like that where you can see the training I’ve gotten from my journalism course. I’m going to be awesome.


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12 Responses to “Rudd Kills My Life”

  1. Andy Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. How you can come up with a workable method to remunerate educators based on the results of their students is beyond me. It is almost like trying to pay surgeons based on their patients’ survival rates. There is just no possible way for such a process to work.

    Still, the absence of even the most remote chance of success has never stopped our politicians before. Hell, Brendan Nelson a our alternative PM proves that.

  2. LuLi Says:

    I’m glad Nelson is there just because people won’t vote for him. I don’t think I would have lasted another term with a Liberal in power. It was getting to the point where I was going to do something drastic like set up outside Parliament house and throw tomatoes at Libs all day or move to NZ. They really know how to angry up the blood.

  3. Andy Says:

    Funny you mention the option of moving to the land of long clouds and saucy sheep- the wife and I were giving the option serious thought if Howard managed to squeak out a win. But then the Kiwis started passing laws that stopped parents from whacking their kids, so that was the end of that idea.

    I want fair workplace laws, AND the right to f–k my kids up. Is that too much to ask?

  4. LuLi Says:

    Oh, I hear that. Mmm-hmm. You’re preaching to the converted, buddy.

  5. This Devil's Workday Says:

    I heard on Triple J today that they’re going to give more funding to schools who perform better.

    Is it just me, or shouldn’t the opposite be true?

  6. LuLi Says:

    Tee Dee Dubya – That sounds like something they’d put together. Rudd kills your life too doesn’t he? C’mon admit it! 😛

  7. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Tee Dee Dubya – That was unexpected but I like it, lol.

    I don’t know if he kills my life… he hasn’t really done anything to affect me directly as far as I can tell. The only problems I have with my university are issues the university needs to deal with on their own. As far as my career goes, I can’t really see him fucking that up. The industry is booming.

    I’m kind of confused actually. What do you mean he kills your life?

  8. LuLi Says:

    By that I mean, he exasperates me & frustrates me.. And pisses me off.

  9. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Ohhhh. I thought you used to like him? Honeymoon is over as they say.

  10. LuLi Says:

    I let him be my friend when he said no to nuclear energy, and on the day he said sorry to Aboriginals. Those were special, one day only deals though.

  11. kaboose84 Says:

    It’s absolutely ridiculous!! It’s not JUST the teacher’s fault for the kid failing or getting bad marks etc…it’s a mixture of what happens in the kid’s social life, there could be bullying, struggles at home, etc, etc, ETC!
    Sure there are genuine crap teachers out there, but instead of putting all the teacher’s under the microscope give the principal powers to let them fire teachers if they feel they are teaching like crap. (they must have evidence of course)

    and on his education revolution, where the hell is my laptop?? he said we’d all be getting laptops…he’s a bit douchey on education atm…hopefully he picks up his act

  12. LuLi Says:

    I forgot about the laptops! And wheres our superfast cable internet connections? I want to be able to play starcraft with the Koreans! He better pull his socks up soon.

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