The Spring Preview

Melburn peeps.. Make sure to go outside today and catch some of that sunshine! I’ve been sitting outside all day today and its just perfect. Light breeze, warm sunshine, blues skies.. Its going to rain tomorrow, so this may be your last chance until Tuesday, when apparently the sun will come out again to play.

In other news, my beloved blonde model sister went to India last night and so yesterdays daily awkward/embarrassing moment from me was my sister telling me she was going to have to leave for passport control and me bursting out “I’m not ready for that yet!” and erupting into tears, complete with crazy I-can’t-breathe sobbing. In front of the whole airport, no less. I actually saw an Indian family take a few steps away from me with wide eyes. I guess I can be a little dramatic sometimes.

But she is my baby sister, gone all by herself for six months. She’s going to be living in a nunnery in northern India, as a volunteer to teach some Tibetan kidlets how to speak the English. God, not only is she the essence of beauty incarnate, she has to be a humanitarian too. Between her and my social worker sister Min, its going to be hard to live up to the family name.

Be careful, my little curry puff!

“You turn the sky from grey to blue

And its beautiful because of you..”


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4 Responses to “The Spring Preview”

  1. This Devil's Workday Says:

    My little curry puff! I like that. I drove past an Indian restaurant the other day and the sign out the front said “Curry in a Hurry!”. I loved it. It used to be something we’d say when we were kids to be stupid, and now some people are using it as a marketing slogan!

    So one sister is going to teach Tibetan kids English, the other is a social worker, and the third wants to be a foreign correspondent in a war-torn country. Somebody raised you guys right.

    I reckon that sounds pretty cool what your blonde sister is doing. I’d do that if I had the opportunity. OK, you have to make your own opportunity to do that. More like… I have too many other plans. Maybe I could spend some time teaching English on my way home from Germany.

  2. LuLi Says:

    Lol.. we used to say that too. Its an awesome shop name though. I think I was in Williamstown and I went to a noodle bar with my friend called Wok This Way. We couldn’t walk past it, with a name like that. Unfortunately they stuffed up our order though.

    She’s doing it as a gap program thing, they set it up so that when you finish high school, if you want a rest before Uni you can choose out of a heap of countries to teach English in. I’m sure Germany was another option, you should so do it. I could get you the info if you needed it.

    When are you going to Germany?

    p.s. thanks for the parental raising compliment =)

  3. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Sorry, I meant go to a developing country on my way home from Germany. I’m hopefully going to go there next year for a 6-12 month industrial program (work experience). I’ve applied for it and had my interview which went really well, so now it’s out of my hands. There are higher odds of me going than not going, but you never know. If I don’t go for the whole 12 months (depends on the project I work on) then I’ll take a holiday on my way back probably.

    Btw, Wok This Way? That is awesome.

  4. LuLi Says:

    Oh wow, good luck, I hope you get it. That would be a great way to kick start your career. Adding a little charity work to the end of your holiday would be quite rewarding, too.

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