Sept 11

Its the seventh anniversary of 9/11 today, marking the day when nearly 3000 lives were lost in New York City. Its obviously quite a horrific and overwhelming tragedy, but sadly instead of spurning a movement towards saving lives or fixing things, the Bush Regime instead invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, with a possible inclusion of Iran.

I’m not going to recount all the various conspiracy theories (which are always interesting, and amusing at the least), I’m not going to outline why the War On Terror is wrong (Allah knows we’ve heard it all a million times) I’m just going to leave you with another figure to think about:

87,312 – 95,259 (Confirmed dead – Suspected dead)

The civillian death toll for the Iraq War as it currently stands on Iraq Body Count. If that doesn’t leave you with a feeling of ‘That shit is fucked up!’ I don’t know what will. I’m not sure why some can overlook an Iraqi death as being worth less than a Westerners, but there are a lot that will look at that statistic and see nothing, and feel nothing. Or worse, they will feel hostility and validation. Its scary to think there are way more ignorant than informed people out there.

Anyway, I’m still angry about the war. I hope you are too.



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13 Responses to “Sept 11”

  1. Domino Says:

    I think everyone is angry about this war. But that’s probably just because no one knows what it’s actually about. Are we there for peace, to kill terrorists, oil, democracy? I don’t even know what they’re precisely doing over there. I just disagree with it because it’s had no solid results and people just seem to keep dying.

    In conspiracy theories, the government knew about it! They soooo knew about it. They let it happen.

  2. gullybogan Says:

    War always makes me angry. Regardless of the circumstances.

    On the other hand, the Taliban makes me angry, too.

    It’s a dilemma.

  3. LuLi Says:

    Domino – I think its about a self serving US government. And I’m pretty sure I’m on the right track with that one.

    Gully – I’m with you on both counts.

  4. WendySkeleton Says:

    Uh, God, I hate how the government always covers up the deaths suffered over in the East there. The deaths of soldiers are hidden too, but I hate how they sometimes do stupid sob stories congratulating “brave” soldiers that died or some shit like that.

  5. Bron Says:

    The war has been planned long before Sept 11 (in fact, in 1997). It was the blueprint to an Iraqi “invasion” (they didn’t use that word, of course). The terrorist attacks were an opportunity for Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld et al to implement their plans to grab Iraq’s oil.

    Google “New American Century”. It’s quite scary.

  6. j... Says:

    Heeey! πŸ™‚


    Β«…with a possible inclusion of Iran.Β»

    Don’t believe that. Not in the next 4 to 6 years, I bet. Unless Iran… tra la la… which I also highly doubt. πŸ™‚

    C’mon! Can you imagine lill’ Barack kicking the hell out the other kids @ kindergarten? Even when bullies stole him the… creeeam! I can’t even imagine him paying even bigger bullies to get the offenders… spanked πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, Sept 11 was a remarkably sad day for me. For many reasons.

    But NY was no longer the good “ole'” magic think “they” did let me know when I was a kid.

    Even if … [oh my god I can’t say it, lol] proliferated ’round the streets way moreee than in the late 80’s / early 90’s, even if Sam Sloan did already kick the bucket for… life, even if the Marshall Chess Club was already… Polgarized, even if the Russian Tea Room no longer was what so much enchanted kid J’s (yet) pure eyes…

    The damn’ thing only made all worse :\

    P.S. – I’m neither a right winger or a decerebrated “leftist who sings”. Homo apoliticus cumque! πŸ˜› LOL Yet, “Leftism” can be a touching album πŸ™‚

    Well, this is looking perhaps too kinky. Shameee! Gonna sleep. Or try to behave. Byebyii..

  7. j... Says:

    2. no longer applies coz’ during 1. I decided to

    go be a good boy.


  8. LuLi Says:

    Wendy – It really angers me too that they have such little value for human life over there, if this is such a clean war, then why is there such a high civillian death toll? Why are bombs landing on villages?

    Bron – Thanks, I will have a look into that. I also suspect this war had been wanted for a long time, but my research found it to be tied to zionist motivations (however I was about 16, so may have been a little naive).

    J – I don’t think they will go up against Iran now either, it will cost them too much money, and Obama certainly wont, however McCain might be tempted. You can make it as kinky as you like over here, I’m a liberated woman! Heh.

  9. Bron Says:

    I don’t know about Zionist motivations. I find that “excuse” (for want of a better word) quite unfounded, or just propaganda with not a whole lot of evidence to back up the claims. The guys who wanted the Iraq invasion are not Zionists, so… ?

  10. LuLi Says:

    Maybe ‘theory’ would be better? There is a bit of evidence to back it up, Richard Perle has in the past been reported in The New Yorker to have taken substantial payments from an Israeli weapons manufacturer. There was a plan to secure the Israeli ‘realm’ written by Douglas Feith, Perle and David Wurmser in 96 which outlined a US-Israeli war on Iraq.
    “Perle today chairs the Defense Policy Board, Feith is an Undersecretary of Defense, and Wurmser is special assistant to the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control, John Bolton..” This came from which also includes a section on Wolfowitz’s zionist connections and goes into a lot more detail. These are important men who advise Bush, but have strong zionist ties. A site I used to write scathing anti-zionist essays in high school, to the rolling eyes of my English teachers was which you could look at if you like.. But I guess I am very critical of Israel so I find these theories a lot easier to swallow than most would.

  11. Bron Says:

    Yes, “theory” is a good word! Much better!

    Will check out those sites, thanks.

  12. Den Relojo Says:

    Who could forget that day?

    I always don’t feel safe in my own country (the Philippines). And with that attack, the feeling was just doubled. It only proves that terrorism is all over the place.

  13. LuLi Says:

    The Bali bombings definitely hit home here in Australia, but seeing as we’ve never really had anything in Aus itself, I kinda feel safe. Also because the country is so large, and far away from the rest of the world, it leaves this feeling that it won’t happen to us. I hope it never does.

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