Freakin Trashbags!

If theres one thing sure to catch my eye, its news about alcohol! Shockingly, Australians have switched to drinking cheaper booze in these troubled times. They’re blaming this one on the market crashing, but I’m going to go right ahead and say ‘I told you so’ and ‘Go fuck yourself’ for their lovely alcopop tax. We are always going to buy and drink alcohol in massive proportions, and the price of gear never stopped a junkie from getting a hit. You know what did though? Rehabilitation and community service programs.

Interestingly enough, the article I linked focuses more on the wine side of things, and ignores the fact that since the prices went up, theres a lot more cruisers on the shelf and a lot less bottles of straight vodka. Why were they focusing on drinks for females anyway? Its unfair and its sexist. Even Sixty Minutes had a segment the other night on girls who are ‘trashbags’ and ‘yobettes’, targeting single, white, females who like to party and get drunk and ‘go wild’.

Well, fuck you. I take offense. Nobody blinks an eyelid when a guy moons you, or flops it out at the pub, but when a girl flashes her girls its suddenly a big problem for society? Um, how about the fact that one of the chicks they centred the segment on was a recovering ice addict? That she’s replacing one addiction for another, that she’s clearly traumatised from some past issue that she’s not ready to deal with yet and runs from with substance abuse?

Fair enough, there probably is an increase of female fighting. Or is there? I don’t know, there were no statistics mentioned so I can’t quite be clear on that one. And the fight they showed seemed to be a woman getting in between her spouse and another man’s punch on. Definitely not classy, but pretty courageous considering the thug she was up against.

But what I most loved about the segment was the part they devoted to showing how pathetic the girls felt because they couldn’t find a man. How completely lost and unhappy they were with life, which could all be turned around if only they could make themselves more ladylike and ‘classy’. They want a family one day, they want to do their role, play their part! As Sixty Minutes put it,

“..with addicts like these, Rose seems a long way from fulfilling those dreams. And that is the risk for most ladettes. What starts out as fun becomes a way of life. Their bad behaviour defines them. But in this anything-goes world, it seems ultimately they’re missing out on what they want most.”

“There is a generation of women who see men behaving badly, and believe they have the right to do the same. What message is that sending out?”

What message indeed. What kind of world are we living in when a woman can think she’s entitled to the same rights as a man? Its unheard of. Its disgusting. Its not a world I want any part of! This goddamn anything-goes world! Damn that Lindsay Lohan, this is all her fault. And look where she ended up.. A lesbian, horror of horrors. P-Hiltbagz got a mention too, I mean this was quality reporting. Women can’t just go around, partying, having sex and being independent without thinking of the consequences. They could get famous for it! No, quickly, lets bring it down, lets demonise it! Those filthy sluts.

I didn’t mind what they finished up on though, it was one of the girls with tears in her eyes, lamenting that she just wanted to be accepted by society for who she was. Honey, years of socialisation, corruption of the female form and the injection of a healthy dose of inferiority means that you’re probably never gonna get acceptance for being you. They never wanted you to feel accepted, it works better this way, you’ll see. Viva la Patriarchy!

You just read my 100th post.. Yay!


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15 Responses to “Freakin Trashbags!”

  1. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Where the hell do you get all this pictures of drunk cartoons?

  2. LuLi Says:

    A lady never tells. 😉

  3. Domino Says:

    I’d laugh if there were more male alcohol/drug abusers..that’d shut them up…then we’d have a whole new deadly poisonous to society culture!! oh no! I hate these stories…

    Did 60 Minutes think of using the word trashbag as an insult? No one would call someone a trashbag. It’s like alcopop…no one calls them alcopops!!

  4. WendySkeleton Says:

    Lmao, omg this was so funny to read (in a good way) and I 100% agree with you on this one. Gosh, I hate those shows that have “fair” journalism. Bleugh, they’re all the same and I’m amazed by how many people are taken in by this shit.

  5. WendySkeleton Says:

    Oh, and yes, I’m with TDW. Where the hell do you get all these pictures? Do you have this huge library of anime screenshots stored in your computer or something? It’s kind of freaky.

  6. LuLi Says:

    Domino – I’m not exactly sure of the statistics but someone I know has been going to AA for 22 years and he reckons the ratio is about 70/30, with the dominance being male. He’s said its shifted a bit since he first started when it was like 90%. Thats only for alcohol but if I was to guess I’d say the figures were similar for rehabs, but also moving towards becoming more evenly distributed.

    Wendy – Nice, glad you liked it! I can’t even watch TT or ACA without screaming at the tv, they annoy me so much. It worries me that people like my own dear mother watch them everyday.

    My secret anime sources took me aaaaaages to build up! I’ll give you the link of a really awesome one:
    But the best pics came from taking literally thousands of quizzes @ just to see if the pictures with the results were cute. I love quizzes too so, those were fun times.

    Hmm, I told you the secret but its no less freaky! =/

  7. This Devil's Workday Says:

    The closest thing to anime I’ve ever watched are some movies by Miyazaki. Not because it was anime (I think it’s technically anime?) but because I have a thing for well regarded directors.

    Oh, and astroboy when I was a kid.

    Was 60 minutes always so shit? Or did this only happen when channel nine lost the rights to the american counterpart and they started having to come up with their own stories? Honestly, as dorky as it makes me feel, I rarely find the need to veer from SBS.

  8. LuLi Says:

    Yeah Miyazaki is anime, any Japanese animation is anime. I never watched any of his stuff.. The ones I like are Full Metal Panic (which is what my banner is from), Naruto, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon and a few others here and there.

    I have no idea when 60mins went bad, its always been as far as I can remember. I stick to ABC or SBS too..

  9. Thinker Says:

    Great post. Women are to be blamed for everything, don’t you know. It’s all our fault.

  10. LuLi Says:

    Cheers, Thinker. I know, we’re the cause of all evil.. Its the curse of Eve.

  11. j... Says:

    yes, what a nice post.
    ah, yes… the curse of eve.

    what the hell, the world is so depressed… :\



  12. LuLi Says:

    Thanks J! Goddamn Eve (sacrilicious?)! We were doomed before we even got to try 😦

  13. Kezza Says:

    I’m really not going to sart on this… Oh wait yes I am. 60 minutes, ACA and TT have always been synonymous with shit journalism. I watched ACA last year for the fist time in about 5 years and couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that once they used to present about three stories and actually go into a little bit of depth on each one, now the push through about 8-10 in a night and just fluff over overything. Awful, fucking awful. If I hear you’ve been watching this filth again I’ll be forced to come over there and hit you with a six-pack of UDLs.

  14. Duma Key Says:

    There is this whole thing about alcohol at the moment in the media, as a licensee I see much of this, vast majority of people do not over do the drink on a normal or regular basis, the odd few do whom the media pick up on! Besides given the fast pace of mordern life, the high value of tax and the pressures of living is it any wonder that normal hard working people who are screwed by an unfair and unjust social system take the oppertunity at weekends to unwind and party? In order to combat this so called bindge drinking we need to address the culture, not wham up the tax and screw the working people even more!
    Sad fact about equality we have this kind of social program with undertones, though on the outside we pretend to have equality, on the inside we breed inequality!

  15. LuLi Says:

    Kezza – My mother called me into the room specifically to watch that segment. She was like ‘Look Luli, its about girls who drink too much.. You also drink too much.’ As much as I yell at the tv when she puts them on, she still continues to watch, although I’m slowly turning her over to the ABC and SBS. But watching them makes me burn with anger, although being slapped with UDL’s is intriguing to me, and may be a good motivator. 😉

    Duma Key – Its definitely driven by culture. We’re kept in a state of high buzz, always anxious about our clothes, or job, or terrorism. Its no wonder we see high levels of substance abuse, especially when we lack programs to help to deal with the strains we go through from society. I like your last point about breeding inequality, that rings very true.

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