I Lost One

I didn’t want to make you all worried but my kitten went missing the other day. Luckily he came back, but he was covered in some weird sticky shit and his fur was all matted. Some bastard must have tried to glue buttered toast to his back in the name of science or something. Man, I was so scared.. I was imagining all these perverted wackos stealing him, or running him over, or worse, some children taking him home for themselves and giving him a better life than me! ;_;

Plus it was garbage day, if he got hurt they mighta just picked him up and thrown him into the crushing machine (although, Shredder did survive, so Pooky prob woulda lived through it). I don’t know where the hell he went, but when he came back he was all sad and kissy, so I hope he’s learned not to go adventuring any more. I blame Disney movies for giving him unrealistic ideas about the beauty of the world and the kindness of strangers (They certainly fucked up my expectations of love!).

When I woke up and my mother informed me of his status, I ran out the house and down the street without even changing out of my pjs or fixing my mane. I searched for ages but I couldn’t find him anywhere. It made me wonder if I would ever hear his meow again, and curse myself for not appreciating him enough while he was around. But I felt guilty for being so upset, especially when others out there were going through a lot worse than I was.

Best wishes for those still searching for their lost ones, particularly the Lapthorne family and those lost in the Bermuda Triangle.. I feel your pain.


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7 Responses to “I Lost One”

  1. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Reminds me of all the times my dog goes missing. Always turns up though, but it’s a crappy feeling in the meantime.

    Unfortunately the Britt issue is not looking good. I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that ever ends well. Never ends well really.

  2. WendySkeleton Says:

    Oh noes! Your kitteh got lost!

    Don’t tell me your cat watches Disney movies. 😛

  3. LuLi Says:

    TDW – Yeah, it didn’t sound like one of those things that would have a happy ending, unfortunately. How devastating for her poor family & friends.

    Wendy – I force him to sit on my lap while I watch all my dumb movies, but he really likes ones with cats in them like Milo & Otis or discovery chan.. I used to show him vids of kittens on youtube and he would paw at the screen and meow back at them. He also tries to catch the cursor when I move the mouse and sit on the keyboard when I’m typing. I think he’s jealous of the attention my lappy gets.

  4. WendySkeleton Says:

    It really reminds me of this:


  5. LuLi Says:

    Lol! Yeah thats him!

  6. Jeremy Says:

    This is why Polly is an indoor cat. I’d be terrified every time she was out that she’d get lost or hurt.

    Indoor cats have a vastly improved life expectancy over free-roaming cats.

  7. LuLi Says:

    If I lived in the city I’d make him an indoor cat, but my neighbourhood is pretty tame so I let him roam. I feel bad to lock him up because he needs somewhere to play and run free, but at night time he stays inside no matter how much he cries.

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