Trolling The Dystopia

I trolled a Facebook group the other day, or should I say, I defended the liberal ideology of the group in the face of a conservative troll who first fired up at a black girl, calling her a nigger and so forth. I’m proud to say I embarrassed and ripped him to shreds, and forced him into retreat. The only way to beat a troll is to troll harder.

I don’t know what it is about me lately, I must be overly irritated or just feeling like a smeeki (Arabic for an ‘annoyer’) but I’ve been doing a bit of trolling. I usually try not to feed the trolls on boards with replies and I have this rule in my head where if someone writes something in their blog that I don’t agree with, I don’t leave them a scathing comment about how wrong they are, I just breathe and let it go. I absolutely despise bitchy comments and snide remarks, so in the name of politeness I do not bite.

Plus ignorance is a hard thing to overcome, it definitely won’t be helped by me barging in, scoffing at their ideas, cursing their lack of rational thought and compassion. I think its all centred around Obama actually, and its only his name thats started the whole thing. Maybe its because its just been Ramadan, so I’m feeling a bit of connection and solidarity behind Muslims, after finishing their most peaceful and pious month. Whenever Islam is on the agenda, I jump. I’m like a puppet. Come push my buttons.

I can’t even look at my tag surfer without seeing an anti-Islamic post, and its taking all of my strength not to link you to the disgusting blog of a woman whose avatar is a picture of her tits in a t-shirt that says ‘Infidel’ in English with the Arabic underneath, holding a gun. She’s only written four posts and I was so outraged after only glancing at them, that I had to write this post to prevent myself from commenting. I’ve already fucked up once tonight, spitting a bit of venom at someone who wrote a post pondering on the article in which Palin was said to be hated by women because she was ‘pretty’ and ‘confident’.

I’m offended and frustrated by the bias of the world lately, and I guess leading up to the Presidential election I shouldn’t be surprised, but its like every conservative or right wing just went into hyper drive on their bullshit spreading. And it really kills my life that they put so many lies and misrepresented stories out there. There are people who will not vote for Obama because his name makes them associate him with Islam. There are people who support Palin simply because they think she will fool the women into voting for her, just because she is a woman.

Theres really a lot wrong with the world right now, and I’m not seeing much of the good guys winning. When you think of dystopia, how far away is it from what we have now? The world is dying from pollution. Truth and justice do not prevail. The bad guys go to war against the poor and weak, and we let them, and they win. Rational thought is suppressed and silenced. There is no sense of compassion for humanity. Truckloads of money are given to the rich to keep them rich. Women celebrate the fact that they have regressed back to the status of 1950’s trophy wives, and I think this quote from a chick today at uni says it all perfectly: “I’m like so0o0o against feminism.”

Yes, my sweet, you are.


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11 Responses to “Trolling The Dystopia”

  1. WendySkeleton Says:

    I too am pretty frustrated with the world today. If you asked me to list 100 things wrong with this world, I could give you 500 by the end of it.

    It’s just so… “bleugh”.

    It’s like everybody just woke up and decided to burn their brains. So weird.

  2. LuLi Says:

    And those without brains suddenly got a whole lot louder. Everyones just begging for a fight. Its no good for the chi, I tells ya!

  3. Marty Says:

    Very true, no one cares about the next person. I reckon that simple fact is the base of about 99% of all the problems out there. If people only cared about each other most of the diseases would have been eradicated faster, people wouldn’t be ripping each other off, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about crime, and so on.

    It’d be ironic if this very entry got trolled… it seems anyone just has to write the name Obama or McCain and all sorts of weird things come crawling out of the woodwork.

  4. LuLi Says:

    It’d be karma if I got trolled, for being so annoying and argumentative lately. I’m not afraid of haters though, you’re no one till your hated by someone as they say..
    I do tend to think that we could have fixed world poverty and other such ailments to society, but unfortunately as you say, no one cares if the guy next door is struggling.

  5. This Devil's Workday Says:

    I actually succambed to the pressure and joined Facebook on the weekend. Already I’ve been invited to join a club, a club for people who write their names on steamy glass in the shower.

    I don’t even do that, but I thought it’d be rude to turn down the invitation.

    You should tell us the URL to the stupid woman’s site so I can flame her!

  6. LuLi Says:

    Oh, TDW, I thought you were so0o0o0o against facebook 😛 Can’t believe you don’t write your name, I thought everyone did? It is pretty rude to turn down invites.. But oh well, they can get over it. Its all in fun anyway.

    I can’t tell you the site, but I’ll give you a clue.. She’s on wordpress and she wrote about the propaganda movie fitna sayin it was the ‘truth’ and umm, she’s a bitch.. I saw on her about page that she had 3 kids so I kinda felt bad to troll her.

  7. This Devil's Workday Says:

    I joined away, then asked if it was OK that I don’t write my name with my finger. The chick was like “oh… so you use your foot?” And I said, “No. I use my nose”.

    I tried searching fitna, but there was so much. I guess she’ll get away with it… this time.

  8. LuLi Says:

    Aw, thanks anyway, I know how you like fighting my battles for me! Heh..

  9. Bron Says:

    Yeah, everywhere I go lately (in the blogosphere), there seems to be another dumb, illogical and unthinking moron just accepting what they heard from the guy who was told by that person who was told by somebody else.

    It makes me wonder, “You’re blogging, therefore you’re on the internet. WHY THE FUCK AREN’T YOU READING WIDELY IF YOU’RE ALREADY ON THE INTERNET?!”

    Selecting websites that pander to their bullshit, I guess. Remaining willingly blind is an incredibly stupid thing to do.


  10. Andy Says:

    It’s only going to get worse over the next couple of months. You’ll find that the FR crowd and their ilk are going to be going hardcore in the misguided belief that message boards and blogs have more than a nuisance value when it comes to voting intent.

    Just do what I do: Sit back, laugh, and feel sadness for the future of our species.

  11. LuLi Says:

    Bron – Sweet, its not just me. I thought maybe I’d just gotten really obnoxious or something but I think everyone just must be reacting to everybody else. I also think a lot of good would come from the world of blogs if people properly researched their opinions.. But then it wouldn’t be the internet if you could believe what you read!

    Andy – Yes, my new tactic is to just laugh in faces and look upon them with disdain, but in a passive, you-don’t-affect-me way. They can’t win if I don’t play their childish games of sucking you in to misconstrue your words. Imagine the collapse of the economy made us all have to do a 360 and live in the wilderness, growing crops and reading books, and capitalism actually ended in something beautiful.. Ahh, what a dream.

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