Uni Drained It

I’m so glad I have one more week left, then I’m on holidays. Today was a shitty day. I had a team presentation on some research project gayness, which I took control of and delegated tasks so that we’d all have equal parts, blah blah, you know how it is. The way it was planned out was that I’d do the intro and then my results, anti-feminist bimbo does her results (how can you be anti-feminist as a woman? Is it even possible? Do you argue for yourself to have less rights? I don’t get it..) and then quiet face does her results and the conclusion. Instead of having an extra talking bit, the bimbo puts it all together on powerpoint, because I hate doing that.

So we’re all happy and its all good, but bimbo sends me the email with no presentation attachment. I think ‘ahh it will be fine’, and just rock up with my notes. I mean she only has to copy and paste, how hard can it be? I put heaps of effort in for once, because I can sometimes get flustered, so I knew at least my part would be awesome. Plus I’m a bit competitive with these things and I wanted to shine compared to bimbo and quiet face.

The bitch barred the fuck out of me! She cut my introduction in half and used my brilliant points for her own speech and mixed the results of all of ours to combine them into one result! She actually said half of my talk for me! What the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.. Like before we started she goes, oh about the limitations, I just used yours for the whole results. And I thought she meant she just said in her speech, my limitations were the same as Luli’s (because its the same assignment whatever), but what she meant was, she took my second half of the intro/results, chopped it up and used what she needed!

So, I’m not a fantastic public speaker in the first place because I get nervous and sidetracked, but when I saw my shit was all fucked up I panicked hard! I was a mess up there, goddamnit.. I needed my second half to tie shit together and make it work, without it I sounded like I was too off track, and she fucking took my arguments and said them herself. And all but completely ignored me and quiet face’s results. Of course, she was cool under pressure and delivered her talk perfectly pausing only to shoot me a glance that said ‘We’re cool right? I’m using your shit here and you don’t mind yeah?’.

I was fucking stunned. I wished I had simplified my points so that she couldn’t understand them, but like an idiot I sent her the whole thing. And I just know she’s gonna use all my stuff for the write up, probably in the exact same words, because she’s a whore. And now I look like the stuttering fool, and she’s all on the ball with her social research and FUCK! I’m so cut I actually have tears of frustration.. I HATE HER! I know now at least I could never be a politician, with their calmness under fire and public speechery and such. Probably for the best, you all know I’m no angel.

Then after that in my writing class this chick that I don’t even really like was sitting next to me and we started workshopping her memoir piece. She wrote about her brother dying but it didn’t become apparent that it was a true story until she started crying halfway through reading it. I didn’t know what to do, she was like sobbing beside me, her tears were mussing up all the ink on her page. So I hugged her. I even rubbed her back a bit to sooth her coz she was all gaspy. What do you do? You can’t just let them cry over their sibling in front of you and just look away because its awkward.

It was weird though, and I’m not quite sure if it was inappropriate, I mean we’re not even cool with each other usually. I’m always rolling my eyes at her because she adds anecdotes to every thing she says in class, and thats my pet hate. Man, thats some rough shit to go through. It made me think of that question, if you were in a room of strangers and got news that someone close to you had died, would you walk out of the room or cry on the spot in front of them?

I’d like to think that I’d walk out, but in reality I’m a blubbering mess that cries at episodes of Buffy & Gilmore Girls. What would you do?


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9 Responses to “Uni Drained It”

  1. This Devil's Workday Says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the name “quiet face”. Honestly though, just smack that bitch out. That’s blatant plagiarism, you should at least have a word with her before the assignment’s are written up and she steals your work.

    I actually really love doing presentations, I just don’t like group ones because someone always lets everyone else down by reading from paper. And as for powerpoints, I hate using it because I reckon it’s just an unnecessary distraction.

    I got bad news during a lecture earlier this semester but I just sat there in silence (you’re meant to be silent anyway right?) and just left at the end. I guess if you can’t hold in tears it’s a bit different, in that case just walk out quietly.

  2. Domino Says:

    what woman in her right mind would be anti-feminist? Does she even know what it means? and that is so stealing! Unless you’ve given it to her you have the right to hit the stupid whore.

    If it was death, I’d walk out and code-red my friend. Then no matter what shes doing or where she is she has to find me. It’s a thing we’ve got going, so far we haven’t had to use it. But if it was just bad news (trust me, I’ve had bad news), I suppress it, because I usually have school the next day, so I have to act normal so no one finds out that somethings wrong.

  3. WendySkeleton Says:

    Group projects are alright… if you like the people you’re going to do this project with. At Tafe, I did a group project and I thankfully got put with some level-headed people. Thank God.

    And we totally rocked the boat too. We were the only ones who had prepared and were ready to go. One guy had two of his mates disappear on him and couldn’t present it, and they were ready and everything. Even though you couldn’t see it on her face, she was pissed that we only got through one presentation – ie. ours.

    Group projects can be nightmares, but if you get stuck with the right people, it’s usually way more fun than just doing it by yourself.

    I couldn’t comfort someone for a million bucks. I just find it really hard to comfort someone I don’t even know. To be honest, I’m fucking glad that a situation like that haven’t happened to me.

  4. LuLi Says:

    TDW – I think ima email her and just give her the heads up that I’ll be using my material for the write up, so she might need to do more research.
    I can’t believe you like presentations, you marketing/business kids and your “pitches”! I usually don’t use ppt either, but the tutor specifically asked for it. What a horrible situation for you in the lecture, I couldn’t have waited till the end..

    Domino – Thats what I thought.. She must not know what it means. To say that you are as a woman is just ridiculous. She is a damn stealer, prob votes Liberal too! That sounds like a good plan you have with your friend, I hope you never have to use it.

    Wendy – My group projects always start off well and end up crazily crap. Me and my sister used to have some classes in uni together and we would always have the silliest presentations, throwing jokes in and being idiots. Luckily our teacher really liked us, and marked us up.
    I don’t like touching people I don’t know, or them touching me, but I guess some kind of maternal instinct took over. She really was quite distressed, she needed a hug.

  5. This Devil's Workday Says:

    I don’t like “pitches” and most other business students freak out for presentations (you know with hand shaking, the profuse sweating and only ever looking at one person in the crowd (usually the tutor (wow three bracketed things))). I just like the rush? FUck i need a life. lol

  6. LuLi Says:

    Triple brackets.. impressive. You woulda got a ten out of ten for grammatical craziness if you had of used [ or { for the inner ones! I wish you got a rush from writing essays so I could utilise your skills for my own benefit.

  7. Rayedish Says:

    I managed to get through my undergrad years with very little group work. Although during social psychology I worked with a girl who, ten years later is one of my closest friends, so that worked out very well.
    Luli, I am not a violent person but geez I’d want to headbutt that girl. What kind of woman is anti-feminist? An ignorant one (or ‘unenlightened’ one if you prefer to be less harsh). A woman privileged enough not realise why feminism is still important.

  8. Marty Says:

    It’s a well known fact that group work always cramps everyone’s personal style!

  9. LuLi Says:

    Rayedish – I also try to avoid it whenever I can.. You can only rely on yourself for these things. You know I think even if she took a class on Sex and Gender she still wouldn’t get why it was important. She seems like the type of girl who writes the words but doesn’t read them.

    Marty – Ohhh, it ruined me! But having a day to get over the initial anger, I’m alright with it now. I mean it is a group assignment after all so we get the same marks, I know my write up will blow hers out of the water anyway.

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