It’s All Happening Right Now!

For those of you who are into the urban scene some of my favourite artists have dropped tracks, albums and clips lately and I just had to share. Ne-Yo’s album Year Of The Gentlemen is out and the tracks I’ve heard are hot, in particular Miss Independent, which is an upbeat track you’ll probably be hearing in the clubs. This album has a dance vibe, but still includes some ballads like Stop This World and Fade Into The Background. There’s also a second part to Miss Independent, She Got Her Own, a remix that features Jamie Foxx and Fabolous and I think is even better than the original. Anyway here’s Miss Independent:

That clip features Keri Hilson, one of the best songwriters in R&B at the moment, who is definitely a hit maker herself. Her album In A Perfect World drops December 9th, but I’ve been waiting for it since July last year. She’s very hot right now and features in tracks by Timbaland, Nas, Lloyd Banks, Xzibit, P Diddy and Snoop Dogg, on the Usher clip Love In This Club, the Nelly clip Party People and has written for Britney Spears (Gimme More), Omarion (Ice Box), Timbaland (The Way I Are, Scream) and many more. I love this chick and just about any track she’s on is awesome, so when I saw that her new song with Chris Brown, Superhuman, had been released (I once declared this track to be my wedding song) I had to share:

But the most exciting news for me is that the new Beyonce album is on its way, via an intriguing PR campaign called Who Is Sasha Fierce? Sasha Fierce of course being her stage alter ego who she has spoken about in maybe a million interviews. There has been rumors that this will be a double cd album, one cd for Bee and one for Sasha. Fuelling this rumor is the fact that Bee dropped two songs and their clips simultaneously, and I’m not complainin! Like Ne-Yo, she is taking a more dance inspired direction with her new music and my favourite of these two is the dancier one Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). Once I saw the clip I fell in love even more, only Beyonce could make a black and white clip of her and two chicks dancing for the entire song absolutely enthralling (she coulda got Kelly and Michelle for this one couldn’t she? Just sayin).

Her second single, If I Were A Boy, took me a couple of listens to get into, but once I saw the clip I was hooked and I’ve had it on repeat these last couple of days. The clip makes this song so make sure you watch it, although I predict it will probably be on MTV and Channel V for months until its past the point of draining it (kinda like Irreplaceable). Man, after hearing both of these I can’t wait for her album I Am.. to come out next month, Timbaland has produced most of it and she’s been working on it for a year which is the longest she’s ever spent on an album. Its going to be amazing. Here’s If I Were A Boy:

I’m not an expert on many things, but when it comes to R&B I’m the queen bitch. If you liked any of those songs you might also want to get a hold of these tracks: The Truth – K Young, Algebra – Jason DeRulo, The Greatest – Michelle Williams, Energy – Keri Hilson, Crazy Crazy – Q Parker, She’s Like A Star (Remix) – Taio Cruz, Would’ve Been The One – Solange, Rehab – Rihanna, Your Love – Pure, Ghost – Claude Kelly, Hard To Let You Go – Colby Odonis, Take You Down – Chris Brown and Addiction – Ryan Leslie featuring Cassie.

P.S. Heaps of acts are coming to Melb soon, Chris Brown & Rihanna, Kanye West & Nas (Glow In The Dark Tour, sadly without Lupe Fiasco, but I’m still going!) and Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube.. It’s all happening!


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12 Responses to “It’s All Happening Right Now!”

  1. Domino Says:

    I hate R&B…but not you lol (so I didn’t answer the poll)

  2. LuLi Says:

    Aww, πŸ™‚

  3. Marty Says:

    I’ve been conflicted on Beyonce, on one hand no one does shows/performances better but I don’t reckon she’s really hit it for a long time, nothing’s gone anywhere near, say, Crazy in love or the Dangerously in love days in general. (In my opinion.)

    If the MJ you’re referring to is Michael Jackson, Chris Brown – dance-wise (but not song-wise) – is way more the new MJ than Ne-yo! Ne-yo’s got potential but you can’t just give him an ‘MJ’ just cause he wears a hat! If it’s some other MJ then just cut me out of the convo at this point, but I racked my brain and can’t think of any other. Mary J Blige? Lol.

    Was Kanye West the first one to bring the half-techno-ey sounds to RnB that Ne-yo is using now? Was there anyone before him doing it?

  4. LuLi Says:

    Oh really? I love B’day, I think she sings way better on it than Dangerously In Love, although they’re both awesome. B’day is my fav though, I love almost every track. They are very close though, just on DIL there were a lot of tracks I didn’t care for like Speechless and a few others. Its hard to choose for me, especially now that I’m rethinking about DIL! I’m just excited by everything she does..

    Dance wise Chris is way more MJ, but Ne-Yo definitely is song wise, some of his tracks like Can We Chill are so MJ to me! No one can ever beat MJ of course, but I’m thinking that with his musical and song writing talents he could prove to be a contender.

    I think Missy Elliot brought in the techno sounds, theres a whole style named after her, I forget what its called though.

  5. gullybogan Says:

    Why can’t any of the girls i know dance like that? What am i doing wrong?

  6. LuLi Says:

    You may have to start befriending burlesque girls or go-go dancers, the clubs is where the flava’s at.

  7. This Devil's Workday Says:

    So… that’s your own personal poll? I wish I could join in on the R&B chat but it’s never really grabbed my attention. I like so much music it’s not even funny, but R&B I know nothing about.

    I ticked the bottom box, sorry. I don’t hate you, I just thought it needed some more stats.

  8. LuLi Says:

    Yeah, how mad is that! We can make polls now. Its that red circle button near ‘add a video’ and its heaps easy.. As if we’re not adding polls to every single post from now on!

    Thats cool, I secretly wanted people to click that one, at least for fun. The more stats the better. πŸ˜€

  9. This Devil's Workday Says:

    That settles it, my next post is going to have a poll.

  10. LuLi Says:


  11. Kezza Says:

    Oh no, whats wrong with me, have I turned into such a grumpy old cunt that I can’t even tolerate the music that the kids are into these days. I used to be all hip and into that urban, hip hop, R&B stuff, hell I even have a Soul Kitchen compilation from back in the day, now I think the only name I know from that list is Beyonce.

    Getting old has hairs on it, I’m telling you now!

  12. LuLi Says:

    If its the Soul Kitchen with DMX, Ice Cube and Bone Thugs then I have it too! Me and my sister used to rock out to it before we went out to underage drink. Most of the kids music is crap Kezza, this stuff is slightly less mainstream (from the list of songs anyway) so don’t worry if you have no idea who they are.. You can always get back into it!

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