Kinda Annoyed & Bored

A few things I’m outraged by this week:

  • The internet filter is looking good to go in Australia, despite international liberal lobbies outraged at the censorship and companies like ebay and time warner getting behind the cause. Apparently we will have some people volunteer for testing by Dec 24th and it may come into place as soon as early 2009. I’m seriously wishing there was some kind of protest organised where we could all show our combined voices against it. There are only a few things I love in this world and one of them is the internet. I’ll fight to the death for my lover.


  • I got an email from the Your Rights At Work group which initially began as a protest group against WorkChoices. The latest thing is that the federal government is trying to drop all funding for maternity/paternity leave in 2009. This is mighty fucked up on all counts. “Opinion polls, talk back radio and letters to editor clearly show time after time that Australians support government-funded paid maternity leave. The Government’s own experts, the Productivity Commission, has said that government-funded paid maternity leave is good for the economy, good for employers and good for families. And now there’s a perfect opportunity for the Australian Government to deliver on this important right at work.” You can sign the petition against it here if you wish: and if you support unpaid maternity leave, you can get the hell off my site. Cheers.
  • Premier Brumby has decided that the internal government research that has found an increase in problem gambling and that half of all at-risk gamblers were visiting gaming venues at least once a week, up 28% since 2006, is just a load of poppycock and nothing needs to change. Apparently the overwhelming revenue that the government gets from these problem gamblers is just too good to pass up, despite the masses of reports that say something must be done. Oh well.


  • A study has been done on underage drinkers, finding them to contribute $107 million in tax revenue from the drinks to the government. Despite this, they go on to say that an alcopop tax will not help in any way. “But despite the findings, the study did not endorse the Government’s 70% increase in the taxes on alcopops introduced this year, saying that while it was right to focus on teenage consumption patterns, it did not extend to all types of alcohol and many would simply substitute hard spirits.” I’ve been saying this for ages, stop targeting my favourite drinks! I look like a hobo mixing vodka and cranberry at parties!
  • And lastly, I found a redback spider on a chair in the car hole (Garage? Ooh la di da, Mr Frenchman! This is the ghetto!), two massive huntsmans (huntsmen?) on the window of the back door and a family of wolf spiders near the front door step. This is just from my careful spider inspecting eyes, that watch for spider danger at all times. And anyway, just before I felt a little sting, looked down at my stomach and there was a little red mark there. I’m thinking it was the redback. If you don’t hear from me in a while, then you’ll know I was right. I’m secretly glad the sore is too small to be a wolf spider, because those bastards can fuck you up. They are the one spider I’m frightened to death of, and they just have to freaking live in my garden. I’ve also had the pleasure of two of them on my skin, at least 8 of them in my room and getting to kill one special one with numerous babies that fled from its back. Why life, why???


I’m officially on my holidays from uni and after my second day, could not be more bored with life. I even drank on a Monday night and nothing. Today after moping around the house and experimenting with mi goreng noodles, tomatoes and eggs, I sat in the backyard and began reading a huge collection of Orwell books in an attempt to un-bore myself. Since when have I given a shit about doing stuff? I’m the laziest, most sloth-like, un-motivated fiend I know, suddenly I’m bored with nothing? Struggling.

So, thats my story. What’s pissed you off this week?


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17 Responses to “Kinda Annoyed & Bored”

  1. Marty Says:

    How do you know so much about spiders?

  2. LuLi Says:

    Theres this book in my house called Australia’s Deadliest Creatures and its been my bible ever since I was old enough to steal it and look at the pictures. It’s fed my arachnophobia from a very young age, to the neurotic point its at now.

  3. Reuben Says:

    The internet filter is another attempt by the irrefutably retarded Family First party to subjugate democracy. Typical.

    Under-age drinking is a problem…but since Australia has a proud drinking nation, it will be hard to reverse.

  4. LuLi Says:

    I think we’re way past being able to do anything for the underage drinkers because a lot of the time their parents willingly buy it for them, because as you say, its such an integral part of the culture. How are your exams going?

  5. Reuben Says:

    My exams, currently, resemble a deluxe serving of Coogee Hotel gelato.

  6. LuLi Says:

    Lol, aww delicious? I refuse to believe that someone with your smarts will get less than 85 for their enter, sorry Reuben. You must just be stressing it too much, thinking you’re doing bad.

  7. Reuben Says:

    I’m flattered. 🙂 But alas…I pretend to be smart – a disguise to hide my insecurities.

  8. Domino Says:

    Grrr everything about this net filter pisses me off. Someone should make a chain mail or something…

    I hate spiders too. I think I’d die if I lived where you live, if there was a spider on the door I wouldn’t be able to leave the house…could cause problems. We had a HUGE huntsman on the ground last night, I turned the corner and jumped and fucking ran and jumped on top of the bench and was like “DAD KILL THE SPIDER!” …and he let the bloody thing live!!! What the hell?!?!?!

    Underage drinking is unsolvable. The only thing to solve it would have to be police actively seeking them out and charging them…or their parents, because they buy it for them. 3/4 of our grade has drunken before…and we’re all like 15…but meh

    and I’m pissed off at a lot of things…but that’s just because I bottle my anger deep down inside me.

  9. LuLi Says:

    Reuben – Its not hiding them if you blurt out that you’re fronting here! hehe..

    Domino – I’ve got a paddock right behind my house so I think thats where the wolf spiders come from, they’re field hunters. And it seriously kills my life and makes me freak out every time something soft touches my skin. You have to make sure you get someone to kill em and leave the body in the front garden as a warning to the rest!

    And yeah I think there will always be underage drinking, I started at about 15 too and the kids I knew started at like 12..

  10. gullybogan Says:

    We get redbacks here, too. Kinda worrying.

    More worrying is the net filter. I understand that they want to stop child pornography and stuff, and good on them, but maybe attacking the medium that it’s being transmitted on is not the way to stop it? Maybe it’s more complex than that?

  11. LuLi Says:

    It shouldn’t be compulsory, we should get to choose whether we want it or not and the model they’re using is completely shitful!

  12. Domino Says:

    that’s awful!!
    and 12, holy shit that’s insane! that’s not even high school…geez we’re all alcoholics

  13. LuLi Says:

    Yeah, thats pretty much the Australian legacy. Blame your parents for living here. I for one welcome our new alcohol overlords, drinking has become pretty enjoyable after a good few yrs practise..

  14. raydixon Says:

    What’s pissed you off this week?

    This bloke and his stupid goat:

    He’s campaigning all over the place and, around here, there are enough like-minded idiots to get him elected!

  15. LuLi Says:

    Oh my god, he’s not seriously popular? That guy is a mess! I might vote for the goat though..

  16. Insanity540 Says:

    “Garage? Ooh la di da, Mr Frenchman”

    This single quote and its inclusion into your post has resulted in me subscribing to your RSS feed.

    Its good to see another Simpsons addict roaming the webs.

  17. LuLi Says:

    Lol, nice. I was waiting for someone to recognise the quote. I’ll add you to the old blogroll also.

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