When Melbourne Punches You In The Face

Is it just me, or is it getting a whole lot more violent around here lately? I could just be living on the wrong side of the tracks, but my violent encounters seem to have gone up three fold, resulting in at least one incident every weekend. Thats pretty dangerous. I’ve started going home early to avoid trouble. And I can’t believe I ever used to walk home alone from my local at 3am, what the fuck? When I’m drunk I think I’m invincible or some shit. There’s no way I could do that now.


Last weekend I had a quiet Saturday night. We decided to pretend we were out to everyone who called, and just stay at home and watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 297hrs in, when it was just about to get good on the last one (the beacons had just been lit to call to the aid of Rohan, and Arwen had just found out there was a child in her future) we get a phone call. Hu’s mother had been punched in the face by some rogues, and so Hu’s brother was lighting the beacon and calling for Hu’s aid in the fight.

The whole story turned out that his sister was defending a gay guy, she got bashed and so did he, then her brother came and bashed everyone, then his mum came to pick them up and a guy jumped on the hood of her car, punched through the windscreen and then got off and punched the mum through her open side window. Then he realised she was a mum and ran off, but not before Hu’s brother could kick the shit out of him to the point where he was ‘bleeding from everywhere’.

That sickens me, and makes me think ghetto, ghetto, ghetto! And not in the good way, in the Jerry Springer way. Not only for the disgusting acts of violence against the gay guy, Hu’s sister and his mum, but of how him and his brother ran through it afterwards, bashing and savagely hurting even more people. What exactly does that solve? I understand you know, people are going to be angry, and in the heat of the moment its all about punishing those who hurt you, but if you cared about someone wouldn’t that time be better spent consoling them instead of pursuing their attackers?


Its like we don’t know how to solve conflicts without turning to violence anymore. I went to the pub last night and was planning to have a good one, but once my friend lost his wallet and started punching walls and breaking glasses from anger, I was like ‘fuck you kids, I’m out.’ I’m not gonna stick around while people act aggressively towards others by towering over them and smashing glasses. You might be looking for a fight, but I’m not, and the fact that you’re doing that shit pisses me off because A. you’re putting me in danger and B. the tough ‘I punch walls’ act is an unattractive quality in a friend. Its just too violent and I’m not going to hang around someone who takes out their issues by attacking things. Like what if you were angry at me? Would you punch a wall I was standing near in frustration? Would you grab me and shake me, wishing you could hit me? I can tolerate anger, but theres a difference between anger and being physically and violently intimidating.

It all sounds worse on paper, but how many of us can relate and say they’ve been in a similar situation, just as bloodthirsty? I bet you can all think of at least one or two incidents of fights around you, or brutal violence against someone. Maybe you’ve even been involved. I’ve been punched by a guy before, so has my sister, so has Hu’s sister, Hu’s mum, Hu and most of my mates. Is it just a matter of time before Melbourne punches everybody in the face? What does this kind of behaviour lead to emotionally and socially?

I know in my case and my sisters that it was unprovoked and unchallenged, in times when we were alone for whatever reason and came across the wrong guy without anyone to protect us. And its not so much the physical hit that hurts you, its the feeling of being alone with no-one to save you. Something my sister said after it happened to her really struck me, “There was a point where he had me against the wall and I opened my mouth to scream for help, but I realised there was nobody to scream to.” Its that feeling of helplessness, when you realise you are just a girl and people can hurt you without you being able to do anything about it. It makes you feel so vulnerable and scared, and never want to leave the house again. I wish I could have been there for her, but I wasn’t in the area.


What are we doing to ourselves? I can’t understand how people can be so savage to each other, and want to punch people’s faces in and break their bones. And it all seems to be accepted, like if you go out and punch someone its just another night out, nothing out of the ordinary. The worst part is, men feel like they have to do it, and they have to reciprocate in order to be ‘manly’ or to have worth. You have to protect your flock from the wolves. There are even girl fighters out there now, looking for trouble, daring you to bump into them accidently or say the wrong thing. And these aren’t just the normal fiesty, mouthy club girls like you find all over Melbourne, these are seasoned profesh girl fighters, who have been bashing people all through their teen years and are now well into their twenties and thirties. They have missing teeth and click their jaws like junkies. That scares the shit out of me.

Has Melbourne become more violent?


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13 Responses to “When Melbourne Punches You In The Face”

  1. Domino Says:

    Holy shit you make Melbourne sound like a warzone! Punching through glass WTF?!?!? who does that?!?

    I hate the whole pointless fighting thing. Self defence is fine, but usually all high school fights are about two idiots both trying to gain more popularity and toughness. I on the other hand carry a “No Violence” sign in my school bag at all times 😛

  2. Reuben Says:

    We need more police. Are you listening John Scumby? No…of course not…what was I thinking?

    Domino, Melbourne’s only a warzone if you don’t live where I live.

  3. LuLi Says:

    Domino – Sometimes, at 2am on a busy street full of people who have been drinking all night, it does feel like one! I couldn’t believe he punched through the glass either, how scary for the mum. I hate pointless fights too!

    Reuben – We do need more police, but what can they really do when you don’t know the person and they run off on you. They can’t really be caught, unless they were actually spotted by the police when they did the act. Also, loving the subtle dig at my area! Let me guess, you live in the east? 😛

  4. Reuben Says:

    I live in Thornbury. Northern suburbs. I know you live in the outer suburbs, and I would speculate you live within a fifteen minute drive of the airport.

  5. LuLi Says:

    Ahhh north, I can relate to that, well at least the more dingier northern suburbs of Broadmeadows and Glenroy which are kinda similar (also the more western). I am indeed in the outer surburban area and I’ll leave it at that!

  6. Reuben Says:

    I’ll speculate that you live near Keilor.

  7. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Ah violence, the only amazing thing about it given me and my mates’ history with it is how I’ve managed to escape all of it. We started partying at 15. At large parties that are almost entirely adult-free trouble looms. Fights were a regular occurance (bottles get used alot), but for us it was a lot more infrequent, but not rare. Again, I always seem to be absent when it happens. In the past year or so things seem to have stepped up for my friends, a lot more trouble has been brewing, and obviously it always seems to involve the same two or three people. Again, all the bad stuff always seems to happen when I’m not around. Hopefully I’m an influence? I know I’ve managed to calm the guys down many times (come on, stupid looks and slight bumps are no reason to attack someone).

    I don’t know why trouble like that seems to never occur to me. I don’t tend to piss people off on purpose, I’m not one to bump people because they’re walking past in a crowded bar, and I have a pretty long fuse. I can’t even think of any time I’ve exchanged angry words.

    The closest time I got to getting into a fight was last new years eve. Some guy started grabbing a female friend of mine, and her boyfriend told him to fuck off. Then suddenly it turned into a large brawl. It was all on the dancefloor, and I didn’t know what was going on. Then I saw my mate holding his face with blood pouring. I saw my other friend hitting into a guy bent over, so I got a few shots in but wasn’t sure what was happening. Then finally after my friend was kicked out, we were still inside the place, and the guy who started everything was being held by the bouncers at the door. I guess I was a little worked up (understatement) and started yelling out to him that basically he was fucked. Go out, my friends are waiting. Come back in, we’re waiting. Not smart when he’s standing next to three bouncers. I was almost laughing at his predicament. Next thing I know I was being man-handled and was literally thrown out the door. Ahh good times.

    As for Melbourne being more violent? I was starting to think it was getting better, but crazy stuff like that happens. Civilisation as a whole is getting better if you read any history books. But yeah, we need more cops.

  8. LuLi Says:

    Reuben – Speculation killed the cat!

    TDW – Thats pretty good that you get to avoid the fights, you must be a calming influence. I agree that stupid looks and bumping are no reason to fight, but sometimes people get in each others space in such a way that makes it physically agressive and intentionally intimidating, and I think thats sometimes a fair reason to be defensive. I can’t stand when people tower over me, especially being as short as I am, its like the rudest thing ever. I would need to see the city from different angles to get a better idea if Melbourne was better or worse, I think I’m just in a bad area for gangs.

  9. Marty Says:

    Some guy wrote the same thing in The Age today (Monday). You’re always a step ahead LuLi, you’re a visionary!

  10. Reuben Says:

    Fortunately I’m not a cat then…

  11. LuLi Says:

    Marty – Lol, yay a visionary! Its that or he watches the blog world for article ideas, or I’m just writing predictable posts 😛

    Reuben – True, but of all the animals in the world thats the one I’d pick to be.

  12. WendySkeleton Says:

    Oh God, I hate that macho bullshit thingo where they feel they have to resort to violence just so they can show their territory. I also don’t get why people have to get unnecessarily violent, when it could be solved by actually staying calm and using your head for once.

  13. Luli Says:

    Yeah, and they say women are emotional! Guys are the ones who can’t keep their heads in those situations..

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