All I Want For Xmas Is…


Its time for one of my favourite blog activities, the elusive and informative meme, passed on through generations of friends and always showing up at exactly the right moment! TDW both invented and challenged me to this one, and I think we all know that I was taking up the meme whether he formally asked to or not, so its irrelevant if I was specifically propositioned. I don’t need to be, I live this shit yo! Meme’s are my love! (No, he didn’t ask me, of course I took it upon myself, true to Luli form).

Regardless, I do actually want to see what you mofos have been wishing for all year, so consider this your very own invitation. That means you Marty, Gully, Domino, Wendy, Den, J, Insanity540, Kezza (perhaps with a santa hat photoshoot?), Andy if your holiday down here is boring you, Ray, Wah, Bron, Rayedish, Reuben (your very own tram service maybe?) and any other lurkers hiding in the darkness, reading me with hatred and venomous spite!

So my friends, feel free to get me any of these things:


My old laptop back with all the best upgrades money can buy. I had a mouse that was a round little ball thing in the middle of the keyboard and it was the best thing I’ve ever used. I can’t work these fancy touchpad things, they freak me out and the pressure points are all off. Plus I’m a pro with the red ball thing, I can draw the most amazing MS paint cartoons freehand! Also, the keyboard needed a bit of a clean, I coulda done with about 2000 more gig, something to make it work faster, louder speakers, a built in radio modem router thingy, unlimited broadband in the true meaning of the term and some kind of sparkly sticker decor to spice it up a little.

An interesting and hot car that is rare to come across. Preferrably in a crazy bright color, like a hot pink rx7 s6, or a kingfisher blue hotted up old valiant. Something that you would look at and think ‘Thats so crazy, it just might work!’ but be too afraid to drive yourself. I’m no car expert, so feel free to brainstorm and think of something better. Don’t worry, I can drive manual. If it was booked in for a ritual cleaning with a professional, that would be awesome too. Personalised plates are a no thanks, you keep em.


A genuine gyaru girl for my own personal stylist, hair and make up artist. Imagine waking up every day to find Xiaoyu has already laid out several choices of what you might wear today, completely accessorised and correlated to the weather, current (Shibuya) trends and your own personal tastes. Never again would I have to feel the panic of standing before my wardrobe 20mins before my train departs with no idea of what to wear. Plus having someone to fix my mane and apply my mascara for me would be heaven. Ahh celebrities are so lucky.

A long, detailed, private reading with a tarot expert who has honed their intuitive abilities. What can I say, I buy into all of that shit. I take my horoscopes to heart and they come true for me. I get back the karma I put out, I believe in fate and I read for myself. But it would be awesome to have someone profesh actually read for me for once. I would hang on their every word and even though it might be wrong, I’d enjoy every single minute of it. Call me a fool if you will, at least I am a happy one!


My little Indian model sister and my good natured philosophical father home for Christmas dinner. I miss their heads. They are truly independent and free spirited, but I know they are both dealing with upsetting issues right now. Little model is trying to pretend her man didn’t cheat on her only 4weeks after her 6mth mth long departure and Daddy-O has lost his hard earnt job security for the first time in his life due to the financial atmosphere. They left with their lives concrete and certain, and are now on unsure and shaky grounds. And well, you all know my sentimental face. I miss em.

So thats about it, thats all I need. Those things would make me oh so happy, way more than money or fame or silly little emotions like love. Or world peace, pffft! This is the consumerist Luli talking, take your peace loving hippie shit back to your lefty, altruistic, well written blogs! Christmas isn’t about some kind of global goodwill, its about buying apple products for the majestic approval of the first hipster, the bearded, elitist (convert or you out baby!), sandal and kuffiyeh scarf wearing, anti-authoritarian, wine connoisseur and jobless mofo, Jesus Hail Mary himself.

Merry X-Mas everyone!


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31 Responses to “All I Want For Xmas Is…”

  1. Marty Says:

    Hey ya, I gotta tell you about this dream I had this morning that your name was in! In the dream I looked at my blog page site and it had some cartoon supporting the Liberal Party at the top, and all the posts had been edited to get rid of the swearing. Naturally I was utterly pissed that someone had fucked with my page, but then “Luli’s Mum” appeared. She was some sort of editor and said, “But you have a better chance of us making it into a book if it’s like this,” and I was like, “Oh, well then if it will become a book…” What a whore my dream-self is.

  2. Marty Says:

    By the way, your last paragraph cracks me up.

  3. Ray Dixon (Bright) Says:

    My Christmas wish-list is real boring compared to yours, LuLi. I’m almost embarassed to say what it is I want, er, am getting … an edge trimmer!

    It’s the male equivalent of giving your lady a new iron (or frying pan).

  4. WendySkeleton Says:

    Did you do all that MS painting on that laptop there? That is some awesome skill!

  5. This Devil's Workday Says:

    I dunno about consumerist… you want your OLD laptop back, obviously for sentimental reasons (surely that little red dot can’t have that much more importance over everything else you needed), tarot reading isn’t consumerist, it’s spiritual (for you – obviously I find the whole thing bizarre), and your family home! If anything you weren’t consumer enough, Luli! But I won’t hold a grudge. The car would probably be worth more on its own than all my stuff put together. Perhaps you should consider an old 8 series BMW, V12, maybe chuck a twin turbo on it (I assume there’d be room) and paint it some ridiculous anime style graphic all over it? I understand if you don’t like 8 series BMW’s (look em up). I’m yet to really met anyone else who admires them the way I do.

  6. This Devil's Workday Says:

    You should change your header to better reflect that feel you were trying to describe in the “Streets on Fire” blog post.

  7. Kezza Says:

    Every time I get asked about what I want for Christmas I can’t help but remember an ond Garfield comic where Jon asks Garfield what he’d like for breakfast, to which he replies: “Coffee… and some blueberry pancakes… and a pony and a Farrari and a villa in the South of France!” I’m a bit like that, start with something small then get waaaaaay carried away!

    Anyway I will give this one a shot Luli, I need to go and think about what I’d like first, oh and keep it on the down low, but I’m planning on doing a bit of shopping this weekend for a Christmas photo-shoot which I hope to debut closer to the day! You have been warned!

  8. Luli Says:

    Marty – How annoying is my mum yea? She’s always interfering like that, thinking she knows best. She likes to dictate everything, where I go, what I do, who I date! At least she transfers to dreams true to self. And what she doesn’t know, she investigates and finds out through snooping and intrusive questioning.. sigh. Thanks, glad to have made you laugh!

    Ray – At least you’re easy to buy for, you know exactly what you want. This is the wishes coming true list though, you gotta search deep down for the answers. Maybe being Mayor of Bright!

    Wendy – I did indeed do that writing on MS paint, and cheers!

    TDW – I can’t help that the things I want can’t be bought in conventional shops! But yea, I think the car would probably be quite expensive. I like those BMW’s, they’re not bad at all, although I resent my anime being called ridiculous. In my country, we’d give you 50 lashes for such insolence. Also, Tarot readings are fun and very true. You should get one done before you judge, you might enjoy it. In regards to the banner, I still like it and to me it still correlates, but I am keeping an eye out in case I come across something that may be better.

    Kezza – Sounds like a good list so far, except for the pony. I’m just not a horse riding farm type of girl. I should have known you’d have a kinky Santa’s helper type of shoot in the making.. I can’t wait!

  9. This Devil's Workday Says:

    I didn’t mean anime was ridiculous, I mean it should be covered with anime, that should also be ridiculous. I reckon any over-the-top graphic on cars is ridiculous.

  10. LuLi Says:

    Ohhh.. I agree with you. But maybe the right picture could make it anime fabulous! As long as it wasn’t too over the top.

  11. LuLi Says:

    You’re still getting the lashes.

  12. Reuben Says:

    I can get you the tarot reader; just speak to my friend Nat. I don’t really understand your desire for a ostentatious car. I’ve never really wanted a car, let alone an ostentatious one.
    I’ll probably be doing a post about Christmas gifts that I want…even though I’m an atheist and a non-consumerist.

  13. This Devil's Workday Says:

    This is the closest thing I can find:

    Maybe if a woman was standing there, but to be honest it lacks the heat you were talking about. In fact the more I look at it it just totally doesn’t make sense to what you described.

    Maybe this:


    Fuck I need a job, aye.

    The annoying thing is I have this image in my brain (I assume it’s similar to yours). IF I COULD ONLY DRAW.

  14. LuLi Says:

    Reuben – Thanks for the tarot friend offer! It doesn’t have to be oestentatious it just has to be different and cool and appealing to me. I’m also an atheist I suppose, but to me its X-mas not Christmas, and its about family and friends and how much you love them.

    TDW – You are so on the right track and I can see what you’re getting at. The first one is the perfect ‘The Streets’ and the second link is the ‘Fire’. I wish you could draw coz you’ve got it! Man, I wish I could draw it even. If I knew how to use photoshop and proper graphic programs I would be okay. I could definitely make something, but I’d be afraid I didn’t capture it properly.

  15. WendySkeleton Says:

    Oh, and seeing as you’re changing your blog name, I have the perfect theme song: Paris Is Burning by Ladyhawke.

  16. LuLi Says:

    Nice! Thanks Wendy 🙂

  17. Reuben Says:


    I agree with that…but I love my family on all times of the year; I need not be reminded by a certain date.

  18. This Devil's Workday Says:

    You really need to watch Blade Runner then. That’s where the second pic is from. Remember, the FINAL cut. Not the original or the director’s or any of the other 15 or whatever versions there are.

  19. LuLi Says:

    Reuben – Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean it to come across like that, I have no doubt you would be very loving to your fam all year round =)

    TDW – Ok final cut. I’ll try to remember. I went to my bookshop today and actually asked for zen, the chick even looked it up on the pc but they didn’t have it. Its a small Angus &Robertson but I though may as well try! I’ll just go on my next lunchbreak at work to get it.

  20. Domino Says:

    good list. Why would you want your old laptop back?!? lol, move on.

  21. This Devil's Workday Says:

    Catch the tram to Borders at Melbourne Central. Honestly there’s no point in shopping anywhere for books other than Borders.

  22. LuLi Says:

    Domino – I want all my stuff thats on there! I’m not ready to let go..

    TDW – I work across the road from melb central. That Borders scares me with its hugeness.

  23. Marty Says:

    Some chick read my tarot yesterday. It was pretty accurate-sounding except for one card relating to materialistic aims which I utterly disclaim. But ’twas fun, that’s what matters.

  24. LuLi Says:

    They’re fun huh? I can’t wait to get mine done.

  25. This Devil's Workday Says:

    You must work in the same building as my crazy aunt/mums cousin person or what is the former building of my friends’ dad’s old architecture company-until-they-went-broke place.

    Don’t be afraid. Once you go Borders you’ll never go anywhere else.

  26. LuLi Says:

    Yeah I think I met them, they’re busking on the corner now right? I gave her some change the other day. Hehe.

  27. Insanity540 Says:

    Well now I have to do a post on my xmas wishlist. I had to kill some time today so I went around and took photos of stuff I want. Watch my blog, it will have a post dedicated as a reply soon.

    Problem is I don’t really know what I want….

  28. LuLi Says:

    Insanity – I will be there to check it out when you post. I didn’t think I wanted much either, aside from clothes which I’m always buying anyway. But once I began to list them it started to flow.

  29. rayedish Says:

    Hey LuLi. Merry Christmas! I’ve just tagged you for another meme at my place (and TDW seems to like the look of it to) so that may be something to take your mind off the unfortunately demise of lappy. I’ll put up my xmas wish list this week too.

  30. LuLi Says:

    Thank you, Merry Christmas! How did you know I would want a meme? I will post it up here ASAP.

  31. Wishes (Or, my fantasy Christmas List) « The Radical Radish Says:

    […] password protection on his blog so I can’t link to it at the moment –  but you can check out LuLi’s and WendySkeleton’s wish […]

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