For The Haters

“Lonely days, well the only days

I remember the days I would say

I could be a star tomorrow if I really wanted to

I could be a star tomorrow if I just got rid of you

Haters, haters, haters..”


There’s something about me, I don’t know what it is, but there’s this irritating aspect I must have because for some reason I get a lot of haters. Every time I get introduced to a new group of people there will be at least one of them who will automatically be annoyed by my presence or immediately dislike me without having even spoken to me yet. It’s usually girls. I can think of ten off the top of my head and that’s only in three different circles.

I’m pretty happy-go-lucky when it comes to my usual demeanour, I’m not a sooky or bitchy girl (at least not until you take a swipe at me) so it’s not like its because of some rudeness in my personality. I would even go so far as to say that I go out of my way to be jovial, because I know people love to hate me. Some circles are hard to crack, sure, but people shouldn’t have automatic haters like I do. You can even see around my blog, the beginnings of trolls peppering my posts, who I’m sure will one day flock to me in droves.

I actually don’t mind my haters though. I can even get along with them in the right circumstances. Sometimes I try to turn them over to the good side for fun. They never bother me, mostly they just amuse me. To me, its interesting to think that so many people spend so much time thinking about me, burning because I did or said something. It’s even flattering. I just couldn’t care less about them. If anything they inspire me to try harder for success.

“You! What you tryin to prove?

Eyes on me, like I’m in your movie screen

Damn I know I’m fly!

Ain’t got nothin to hide

Want a piece of my pie?

Then you’ve got more problems than I..”


The thing is with haters though, most of them are back biters. They sneak around and whisper shit about you, then suck up to your face. It’s pathetic. You can always tell when you talk to someone if they are being fake nice to you. And you can tell when someone talks shit about you behind your back, there’s no need for a grapevine, its kind of obvious. A, because people tend to feel guilty and over compensate when they speak to you and B, because their nature is insincere. You notice when girls are in groups looking at you and muttering under their breath. You see when they scowl at you as you walk past them, even though your eyes may be pointed elsewhere.

That’s kinda why I love haters, because they are such cowards. They will never turn on you publicly without an army of cowards behind them. And if you are a nice person with a good attitude, which I think I am without meaning to be immodest, then there will never be enough in one circle to match against those that love you. So they just sit in corners and whisper, wasting their time wishing ill against you. God I love it! You’re giving me so much attention for nothing!

I love being a smartass to my haters and cutting them with little comments that they will fume over for ages afterwards. I have a decently quick wit, and its fun to be openly bitchy when they are so scared to be straight forward with their opinions. If you don’t like me, and you treat me as such, don’t expect me to go easy on you. My words can sting and I’m not afraid to use them, unlike you. I’ll fight in the open, fire with fire. I don’t care to burn a bridge I never intended to use.

“So many times I hear you try to knock my crew

Well we got somethin for all the fools

It aint just rhythm and blues

You just quit trying to compete

No telling what you could be

Might even be doper than me, I doubt it..

I know you can come better, can come better than that

Sick and tired of the loose rap, you can keep that..”


The best way to get back at a hater is to be the best you can be. Dress well, try to look better than them, have an edgier style, do what you can to achieve your ambitions, at work or in study, and be a nice and happy person. Let them sit and hurt inside because you’re not complying with their petty games and bullshit. Show them that you will be happy regardless of whether they like you or not. Indifference is always your best weapon. They can’t win if you’re not playing the game with them.

I like to think that a multitude of haters early in your life is a good sign. It means you are grinding against the grain. And anyone who’s anyone in the biz has haters. If I want to be a great journalist, then I must be known and read, even if it’s only by those who want to pull me down. Any publicity is good publicity. Being bitched about means I’m well known, especially in my area, by people I’ve never even heard of. It’s a great start to a media career.

So this post is dedicated to all my haters out there, I love you rats! You sneaky, dirty dogs, too afraid to stab me anywhere but in the back, and only if I had my hands tied. Your constant disapproval and bitter snarkiness only pushes me harder to attain my goals. In a twisted, ironic way some of my success is because of you. Thank you, vile snakes with venomous words and poisonous hearts, thank you for your industrious and persistent hating! I couldn’t have made it here without you. Go fuck yourselves!


“I swear they got some nerve

Spreadin what they heard

I can’t give them no run

I can’t be concerned with all that talk

I won’t be involved – thats my word!

See I’m not the one, they got me confused

They got me messed up

Don’t you think I’ve had enough?”


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30 Responses to “For The Haters”

  1. Bjorn Tabanera Says:

    woah.. tough. how do you handle the amount of crap haters unload on you? hmm..

  2. Reuben Says:

    That was an excellent rant, Luli. Your finest yet.

    Not being female, I can’t really relate to the ‘nigglingly whispery’ reactions others have of me. To my knowledge, boys don’t do that (at least they don’t do that here in Darebin…I’m not sure about neighboring Banyule). My female friends often report how intense it really is – but even when I’m surrounded by women who (for whatever reason) just met and are analysing each other’s personalities, it takes my closest friends to remark (later) how much she hates the person she was talking to amiably just four minutes ago.

    Maybe it’s just because I’m socially-blind. I’m terrific at sizing up someone’s socio-economic status, marital status and political leanings on public transport (just by looking at them…like Sherlock Holmes), but once you interaction verbally, it can get a bit more nebulous. I think perhaps visual information of a person is more defined and less open to interpretation. Auditory information (conversation) is very much less so.

  3. TDW Says:

    “I like to think that a multitude of haters early in your life is a good sign. It means you are grinding against the grain. And anyone who’s anyone in the biz has haters.”

    I think I need to up the ante a bit. I don’t have haters in real life 😦

  4. WendySkeleton Says:

    OMG, I hate those kind of people that just bitch and still act all friendly to the people they’re bitching about. Like, fucking hell, just get it out on the table and get it over with.

    It used to constantly happen with this group in my Tafe class. They were actually good friends. In less than a six month period, they knew each other pretty well, even outside of Tafe where everybody else were still acquaintances. But near the end of the semester, they started bitching about each other.

    It’s so much better to say something to someone’s face, because for me, that way I know that at least they respect me enough to tell me, while talking about it behind someone’s back is just weak.

  5. John Surname Says:

    Rueben’s comment, edited for clarification:

    “ZOMG you hot”

  6. Reuben Says:

    I think Leon has an explanation for that Freudian slip, John.

  7. Scott Says:

    Horseshoe theory?

  8. LuLi Says:

    Bjorn – It doesn’t really bother me what they think..

    Reuben – I can tell nothing about people by their looks, other than what style they’re into? If you were a chick you would definitely understand the bitchy whisper thing, just like I’m sure if I was a guy I’d get the macho sizing each other up, who is more dominant thing.

    TDW – Well, count your blessings, haters aren’t that much fun. I’m just making the best of a bad sitcho!

    Wendy – I agree, anyone who wants to say something bitchy should have the guts to say it to your face and give you a chance to counter it. Otherwise its just a dogs act. TAFE and uni should never be bitchy. You’re there to learn, not win popularity contests or join cliques.

    John – Aw no, thats just what you think right? You’re so sweet 😛

    Scott – Possibly..

  9. Reuben Says:

    Scott has the right idea. We should be adapting Leon’s intellect and extrapolating it into our corner of the intertubes. See how it fares then…

    I don’t know what sort of guys you hang around with, but the macho sizing up doesn’t tend to occur around me (probably because I don’t live in rural Queensland).

  10. John Surname Says:

    “Aw no, thats just what you think right? You’re so sweet”

    How presumptuous! The fact that I find you highly attractive isn’t what the comment was about at all. I was merely paying out Rueben.

  11. LuLi Says:

    Reuben – A lot of my friends are tradies so they often feel that the stronger the better.

    Surname – I was just playin man! Sheesh!

  12. Rayedish Says:

    The haters are just jealous of whatever it is that you represent to them.

  13. Reuben Says:

    Your statements raise more questions than they answer, John.

    Tradies? I don’t have any friends who are tradies…so perhaps that’s why. However I knew someone who would probably become a tradie and who gloats about his muscles and thighs all the time. I don’t understand it.

  14. Marty Says:

    I read once: “First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win.” You must be moving up the pole LuLi.

  15. TDW Says:

    All my friends are tradies. I don’t see the attraction. Dirty fingernails, pot bellies, foul mouths, bad pay, what’s the attraction?

  16. John Surname Says:

    “I was just playin man! Sheesh!”

    As was I! Sheesh!

    Rueben – Not really. I’m just saying what you’ve been meaning to say, but for some reason you keep pressing all the wrong keys.

  17. Den Relojo Says:

    “Indifference is always your best weapon. They can’t win if you’re not playing the game with them.”

    I certainly agree on this. Understand that it’s in a haters blood to hate. It’s not that they hate you, but rather they hate themselves or hate others who have something which they do not possess. The distaste a hater has for you will only accumulate over time. We have to continue to suceed, so push forward. The most elementary way to deal with a hater is not to deal with them at all. They seem to always possess a negative aura around them and it may rub off on you if you’re around them too long, so let a hater do their job, drink haterade!

  18. JSP Says:

    Big L, I bow down to your magic! Now you managed to put guys discussing girl things in a girlish manner! 🙂

    About the virtues of indifference towards haters, I disagree. To hate and to be hated are things everyone really should learn to enjoy… they belong to our own nature…

    Or are we going to listen to Jes.. Jes…? hehe 😛

    … & always remember that «it is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you are not»…

    Ah, pretty nails, huh?

  19. LuLi Says:

    Rayedish – Maybe jealousy, or maybe they just find me intensely unlikable.

    Reuben – They truly do value their strength a lot, because they’re always lifting and carrying and other such activities. And the more muscles they have, the more they can beat you in their area of expertise (ie. strength/trades) as opposed to the intellectual area, where they may not be as good.. Not trying to make assumptions tho, some are very smart!

    Marty – I’m not anywhere yet, but I could be in time and after some hard work.

    TDW – Some have great pay, but that should never be a motivator. Plus they have heaps of muscles from all that hard work. The pot belly comes later when they drink too much beer and are managing, and so delegating their work. I think they’re nice, down to earth, you know?

    John – Ok, I’ll call it even then.

    Den – Yeah, I think its a good idea to just ignore them. Too much negative energy, and too much effort to try and turn them around. If they want to be evil like that, good for them, but I want to have a clean conscience and be healthy and positive with my emotions.

    J – I think guys are usually curious about girl things the way I’m curious about guy things and opinions. Theres nothing wrong with girls or anything girlish 😛 I don’t think its healthy to be hateful, I think it eats you up and makes you bitter. I do agree that its better to be hated for who you are though.. Thanks about the nails 🙂

  20. Reuben Says:

    John, it’s good to see Horseshoe/Oeidipus Day theories living up to their expectations…

  21. JSP Says:


    «it eats you up and makes you bitter»

    /me ears down
    /me (silently) walks away

  22. TDW Says:

    Maybe it’s just my friends that are particularly… animal. lol.

  23. gullybogan Says:

    I agree with your sentiments about back-stabbing haters entirely, but i will say that it is easier to recover from being stabbed in the back than from being stabbed in the front.

    When someone stabs you in the back, you can stick your finger up and tell them – in their absence – to go to hell. It’s the ones who stab you in the front, right to your face, with all your other friends present, who are a little harder to overcome.


  24. LuLi Says:

    JSP – Not you though, you’re not bitter! 🙂

    TDW – Well, the ones I know do turn a bit animal on big nights..

    Gully – Front stabbings are harder, I agree. Back stabbing can at least be ignored, but front stabbing is out in the open, for everyone to see and comment on. Not fun.

  25. Ray Dixon (Bright) Says:

    I agree, LuLi. The more haters you have the more it means you must be doing something right. I’d tell them to “go fuck themselves” too only it’d be pointless – they wouldn’t know how.

    Btw, love the LuLi photo.

  26. LuLi Says:

    Yeah, your haters would just try and use it against you Ray. Plus they’re not the brightest of sparks are they! Thanks about d pic 🙂

  27. Ray Dixon (Bright) Says:

    Well, I have told a few of them a few home truths, Luli, in very colourful language, but only by private email. I’d love to publish the retorts I’ve privately made but it’d give the ‘haters’ too much satisfaction. In public, I find the best way is to just ridicule them for the fools that they are. It’s not hard!

  28. Domino Says:

    There aren’t really haters in high school…there’s mostly just people who think they’re better than you. which is kinda the same thing but not quite. I’m not quite as immune to them as you seem to be however, but I live.

    either way I agree, they can go fuck themselves.

  29. TDW Says:

    Don’t worry Domino you’ll find those people tend to have the least friends by the end of high school – they enclose themselves off to a small group while the rest of the year level is good friends. Either that or they realise that is happening and become really nice by the end.

    The strangest thing though is how different people are AFTER high school. Suddenly everyone is friends.

  30. LuLi Says:

    Ray – True that, they do half the job themselves!

    Domino – It took me time to get this zen about it lol. In high school its harder because you’re confronted with them every day and they roam in packs there. Out of high school they will suck up, as TDW says.

    TDW – I hate it how everyone wants to suck up and cling to you since high school finished. I see half my yr level atthe train station every morning and I purposefully wear head phones and read a book so that they don’t try to re-befriend me.

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