I Don’t Smoke Either, But Damn That’s Some Funny Shit!



A lady was punched in the face at Parliament Station yesterday for telling another woman to stop smoking. In the words of my sister India, and as a reformed smoker myself, I have to say: “Lol, lol, lol, lol!”

Smokers all over the world are nodding their heads in unison. This is the most annoying thing about being a smoker, the constant disapproval and people telling you what *they* think you should do with your life, and how stupid and irresponsible you are, how its killing you blah, blah, blah forever! Walking past you and hissing a snide remark or waving their hand at you to clear the smoke. Just some examples of the social persecution a smoker must go through daily.

Firstly, nobody told you to start smoking, so don’t go around telling people to quit. Its the equivalent of those Christians who door knock, or try to pretend that their religious ideology has some kind of relevance in mainstream society or politics, or even the atheists who feel its their duty to burst the bubbles of those who have a faith. Sell your shit somewhere else, because I’m not buying & if I want your opinion I would ask for it. Ohhh, you’re doing it in the name of my health? Because you know whats good for me? Get over it, you’re no saint healing the world, I’m sure Bush thought he knew what was good for Iraq too, but 90,000 dead Iraqi civillians says otherwise. Over-reaching with that comparison, but it gets the point across. Pretty much, this paragraph can be summed up by saying: Mind Your Own Damn Business.


Secondly, smokers have the right to stand somewhere and smoke, just as you a non-smoker have the right to stand somewhere and NOT smoke. They are not second class citizens just because the social opinion of today is against smoking. Twenty years ago, it was the opposite, but you didn’t see smokers with that on their side walking around pressuring people to live like them, did you? Got the whole world on your side so you can go around pushing people huh? You bullies!

Thirdly, how rude are you to ask someone not to smoke?! Smokers are not lepers, and they can do what they want. Their choice is not affecting you. If you walk up to someone and tell them how to live, then you sound like an asshole who deserves a punch in the face, if you ask me. I would never go up to someone on the street and criticise them, even if they were a cracked out junkie-whore making a scene on the corner. And partially that is because, a junkie is unpredictable, like most strangers, they could potentially take what you said offensively and decide to crack you in the nose. Goddamn self righteous fools, watch who you’re messing with, especially at a train station. You’re lucky you didn’t get stabbed!

I don’t condone the violence, and clearly it was out of line for the woman to use brutal force on someone who merely spoke to them asking them something, but you non-smokers can be so rude and interfering and outspoken that after a while, the constant hostility could easily make someone snap. The chick *should* have just told the woman to go fuck herself, that would have been appropriate, but oh well. Next time.



Its simple, if you don’t like smoke in your vicinity, then stand somewhere else! Are you an idiot? You’re the only one forcing yourself to stand in that position, near that smoker, so stop waving your arms around like a retarded traffic cop and move your annoying face somewhere else. And I don’t give a shit if it was under cover or inside or against the law or prohibited or whatever, you goddamn snitch, tattletale, goody-goody, teachers pet! Its a cigarette, get over it.

I realise my blogroll is made up of 90% non-smokers & this isn’t aimed at any of you. I welcome your differing opinions though, and feel free to be as blunt and ranty as I’ve been, it makes it fun! Cheers.


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11 Responses to “I Don’t Smoke Either, But Damn That’s Some Funny Shit!”

  1. Marty Says:

    Blunt and ranty eh? This is bullshit. The article says that the woman, age 53 by the way, asked once and then started walking away anyway, and for that got her nose busted, and we’re blaming HER for some don’t-tell-me-how-to-live-my-life crusade? You yourself once wrote about how fucked up unwarranted violence is.

    Second class citizens. Maybe, but in my old job it worked in reverse: the only ones who got any real breaks were the smokers. “I’m just going outside to, um, stand around for a minute” doesn’t have the same ring to it, lol.

  2. LuLi Says:

    I already said I don’t condone the violence & that she shoulda just told her to fuck off. My argument is that non-smokers should ‘butt out’ (see what I did there?) of it & let smokers be.

    In my work smokers & non-smokers can both go for breaks, but the non-smokers call them ‘eye breaks’..

  3. Ray Dixon (Bright) Says:

    I hope she broke her jaw, LuLi. The stupid woman’s handout cheque was probably paid for by the taxes the smoking woman pays on her cigarettes.

    My view on smoking? Well, if you’re gunna tax smokers, what, $6, $7, $8 per packet, you’re giving them the right to do it in any public place. OK, not indoors but if it’s outside, the non-smokers should indeed go fuck themselves.

    Btw, welcome back to blogging.

  4. rayedish Says:

    As a non-smoker myself (Alright except for that brief flirtation in my late teens, but hey didn’t everybody?) I agree with you. My nearest and dearest can get really righteous when people smoke and I get quite pissed off by his attitude. “Live and let Live” I say. Why do we have to be so intolerant?

  5. Reuben Says:

    Their choice is not affecting you.

    As a taxpayer and someone who shares the same flow of air as the smoker, it does. Heard of passive smoking? That stuff’s bad.

    Its simple, if you don’t like smoke in your vicinity, then stand somewhere else! Are you an idiot?

    Next time I’m in Parliament station and someone is smoking, I’ll get my drilling machine out and drill myself an extra space in the wall…because we all know how confined spaces *reduce* passive smoking.

  6. LuLi Says:

    Ray – Thanks, good to be back! You’re right about the taxes, they pay enough to have the right to smoke. Its not fair to be so rude to them.

    Rayedish – Yeah I’m of the same opinion, we should just chill and let people do their thing.

    Reubs – lol @ drilling a space. You probably could just move down a bit, I doubt there would be smokers in every section.

  7. Domino Says:

    Yeah I’m not too caring of smokers…I usually just move away…but it pisses me off when smokers smoke in a non-smoking area. you tell us to get another area. it’s our area in the first place!!

  8. The Mutant Says:

    So, I have to say – that was awesome! I kinda figured you’d get some comments of an unfavourable nature, but I thought your readers were smarter than they’ve appeared here.

    Be warned I’m about to ruffle feathers because I’ve got my grump on:

    PASSIVE SMOKING: If a non-smoker is standing in the smoke stream of a smoker for lets say, one minute and that happens to them once a week on average, how much damage do you really think thats doing?

    SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING: True, smokers shouldn’t be in non-smoking areas, I agree and if they are I don’t see a problem with them being asked to move, but non-smokers, show some common fucking sense, if you’re walking into a designated smoking area (a lot of companies have them now) don’t bitch and moan about it, just fuck off back to your non-smoking area.

    WORK BREAKS: Check your employment contract, regardless of if you smoke or not you’re entitled to the same breaks, if you fail to take them or are too chickenshit to stand up for your rights, don’t cry about it – fix the situation.

    CLARIFICATION: Yes I smoke. No I’m not always an angry little man.
    Stop being so fucking stupid. My cigarette smoke from three metres away isn’t killing you. If you breath the air in any capital city its probably far worse for you, but I don’t see you wrapping on the doors and windows of every person who drives a car or uses coal-fuelled electricity.

    Fuck me, if you people want to be seen as an intellectual crowd then bring your fucking intellect.

    If this causes a shit-fit Luli, I’m sorry – but its getting the message across, one mental-dwarf at a time, right?

  9. LuLi Says:

    Domino – Yea smokers should respect your space, that’s true, but I just don’t see it as something extremely important if someone was mistakenly smoking there.

    Kezza – Thanks for the support! I know as a former smoker that we all felt like this, its ridiculous to expect that never in your life will you come across some polluted air. I’m inviting the shit-fits because I figure we all get pretty pissy about this so why not just be real with it. Great comment 😉

  10. Anon Says:

    I totally agree! Same with drinking, smoking should be a personal choice. If I wanna beer at MY kid’s recital, it shouldn’t be the damn principal’s decision whether or not I get to stay! I pay HER salary! Stupid people shouldn’t get to tell me where I get to do ANYTHING!

  11. LuLi Says:

    exactly! plus drinkin makes everything better 😉

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