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Hime Gyaru & Loli Stylez

July 31, 2009

I was told by a tarot reader that I could become a president one day. President of what I don’t know, but if that day ever comes I will equip myself for the role by dressing like royalty. Because nothing prepares you for running a government/organisation like wearing a tiara. Hime Gyaru is a Japanese trend designed almost exactly for this purpose (I assume). Hime meaning princess and Gyaru being their equivalent of ‘gal’. Behold the awesomeness:






As you can see, the Hime Gyaru are all about the bows, frills and giant hair. A lot of pink and white going on. Their tans are generally lighter than the ‘normal’ Gyaru and they are apparently quite self absorbed and arrogant, I don’t know anything about that though. They have very dramatic looks, but I’ll show you how it translates to the street from the runways and magazines:





Still fairly high maintenance (I’ve heard it takes some of them over 3hrs to get ready!) but more variety and inclusion of blues and greys, and some animal prints. One of them is wearing a denim jacket too, a questionable choice even in our world. Moving on, here are some of the cooler Lolitas who can be found strolling through the Harajuku district. On the interwebs we call them loli’s and they have many different sub categories (gothic, sweet, elegant etc).








That last one is my favourite. Can you see the subtle differences? I haven’t really included a Gothic Lolita in the true sense of the term, but a simple google search will bring up thousands of examples for you to peruse. Loli’s have more of a costumey, olden time and more child-like appearance. I always look at them and wonder what they would talk about.. Would they play a character or just chill, talking bout their weekends like the rest of us? Whatever the content, I’m positive they use those cutesy anime voices.


(I don’t know any gyaru goodbyes.)


Life Lessons

July 27, 2009

This is an amazing award winning documentary called ‘Children Full of Life’, first posted at TokyoMango, about a Japanese school teacher and his unorthodox methods of teaching compassion and encouraging happiness by getting the students to write personal journal entries and read them out to the class. The other children then empathise and share their own related stories. In the first few letters shared, the topic of death is brought up, with most of the kids tearing up throughout the session. Another situation sees the class disrupted by bullies, and it is left to their conscience to confess or not. I was moved to tears by each of the 5-part segments.

Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5

What they learn are the most important lessons anyone can be taught: compassion for the pain of others, courage to speak up when they are afraid to and how to be happy despite disappointments and bad times. Everybody has pain, and sometimes it is easy to forget it, but we all suffer deep down inside. As the Dalai Lama says in ‘The Art of Happiness’ suffering is the one thing that unites us all. We are all human and we all have felt pain, and through this there is always a way to relate to one another.

I know I can sometimes sound like a hippie with all of this free love shit, but it is true. You take what you can out of life and the majority of us spend it in pain because we are too afraid to break ourselves free of the chains. You can be happy at any time if you choose to, you can stop being hurt if you let yourself. You can choose whether to hurt someone or make them feel better. I know with myself, sometimes I get into situations where nothing is going my way and I get really mad, I say sulky things to people I care about and I regret it. It’s hard to always stay positive and be good to others, but I’m trying.

The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler has been a great help and I recommend it to anyone. If you feel like you are suffering, then read it. Nobody ever really teaches us how to be happy anymore, they teach us how to be rich or successful, how to judge and to consume. What we really need is a lesson in empathy and the joy of life. That Japanese classroom is a beacon of hope.

Needs Moar Gyaru

July 23, 2009

This blog has wayyy too little gyaru. I think there might be about three posts all up? Not enough, considering they are my favourite fashion inspiration and all. I’ve been toying with the idea of  maybe being paparazzi to our own Melbournian species of gyaru and posting the pics up here, but they mainly reside in the city streets and I’m going back to uni next week so I won’t get as much exposure. We’ll see how I go. Right now it’s time for some of my favourite sub categories, B-Gyaru & Kogals, who rock the streets of Shibuya.

B-Gyaru are the more urban, hip-hop, street kinda chicas.







The trouble with loving gyaru style is that it doesn’t translate well on anyone who isn’t Japanese (or Asian) in appearance. I’ve tried, trust me, but if the teased hair isn’t making me look like Effie, then the clothes aren’t loud enough, or the accessories are making me look like I’m revisiting my youth. What is kawaii on them always seems to look mismatched on me, but at least I look unique in comparison to the rest of the Melb socialites my age.

Let’s check out some Kogals, I’m a huge fan of this school girl look. Tartan skirts with tiny hemlines paired with cardigans are innocent-cute but still very hot.





Next up, I’ll be posting some of my other favs, the Hime Gyaru (princess gyaru) and some of the Harajuku Lolitas that inspired Gwen Stefani. The loli’s are a little too costumey & gothic for my tastes, but I appreciate their look nonetheless.

CiaoOoOo *^_^*

I Like It, So I Put A Ring On It

July 21, 2009

“I need diamonds and rubies

I’m crazy bout Bentley’s

Gucci dresses and drop top compressors

Wine me and dine me

Bring those platinum rings

Those are a few of my favourite things!”


I always find unexpected bitchiness to be amusing, but this morning’s episode has tickled me more than usual, because not only is it nice and spiteful but it’s also something that’s been on my mind too. 

So I sat on the train with my sister and a guy from my bros band and we were chatting about stupid things as is our nature, all the while completely unaware of being picked apart by the girls sitting horizontally adjacent to us. I’m always oblivious to this kind of thing, I’m too self absorbed and I don’t see anyone until they are directly in my line of view (this annoys my friends all the time, I unintentionally snob everyone). But the band guy told me what they were saying.

“There’s no way she’s married.. Is she?” *points to my obscenely fake costume jewellery ring on my ‘marriage finger’*

“As if.. I think some girls just wear a ring there, they don’t seem to care.”

*eyebrow raise and pointed look of disdain in my direction*

I like the insinuation that I’m too *something* to be married and MUST be single (unattractive? skanky? young? annoying? curly?!), but mostly I’m amused by their annoyance at my apparent lack of respect for marriage and its sacred traditions. Not only did my ring wearing warrant comment and subsequent dismissal of my ‘fake’ taken status, but it also produced displeased facial expressions in my general direction. Win. My trolling has escalated to a level that even transcends speech (Although to be honest, our inane conversations about gang signs and putting ooze on the big broken ferris wheel thingy so it comes to life and rolls down Swanston street ala Ghostbusters2 could have provoked the mockery [and I couldn’t blame em really, ps. what song would you use to ‘awaken’ it?])!

I think I just won the award for worst use of punctuation in one sentence. Bear with me, I plan to make sense soon. Also, yes the ring looked very fake but why was it that I’m clearly single and not its insane hugeness that broke the deal? Kudos for the extra snarkiness in that reasoning!

This isn’t the first time someone has commented on my wearing of a ring on that finger. Last time it was the same finger, opposite hand because that means you’re engaged, right? I don’t even know, the whole thing confuses me. To make things worse, my mum’s side of the fam once bought me what I found out later was a Russian Wedding Band, which is one of my favourites to wear because it’s so unusual (3 thick yellow gold bands criss crossed) and must sweeten the fake marriage deal even more.


“Coz you’re my diamond girl

You’re the one I put the rock on

You’re my diamond girl

You’re the reason I quit the game for

Can’t explain just how much you shine

Give me your heart, I’ll give you mine..”

I am clearly a superstitious woman, I read horoscopes obsessively and have lucky underwear, but I do not for a minute believe the notion that wearing a ring on those fingers will mean I have bad luck in love for life (please ignore my track record). That’s just ridiculous. For one, karma owes me big time and I’m expecting a massive payout in that department, but also, why should something like that override my actual good deeds and what not? Is my tangible influence on karmic retribution confined to my accessory related faux pas? I think not.

Those fingers are by far my favourite to adorn, because rings look the best there. That’s why they picked them in the first place. I’m not waiting till I’m engaged because if I did that then I’d probably never get to wear em! And some of my fav rings only fit those two fingers. I also don’t believe a guy would be dissuaded in approaching me because of it. If he really thought I was cool he would at least ask, right?

Or am I completely wrong and somehow sending married/engaged vibes to eligible suitors? Would you talk to someone who wore a ring there? And If I put ooze on the ring and played Mariah Carey to it do you think it would resuscitate my love life? Answers nao plz!!


“I remember once upon a time when I

Would never ever do anything to hurt you

But tonight I’m gonna..

Ima take this ring off, take this ring off my finger

Take this ring off, take this ring off my left hand

Get my thing on, get my thing on the way I do

Thats what ima do, thats what ima do, thats what ima do..

Don’t tell nobody!”

It’s Only Cool When We Nuke You

July 7, 2009


Vice President Joe Biden has taken it upon himself to approve the go ahead of an Israeli nuclear strike on Iran, stating “If the Netanyahu Government decides to take a course of action different than the one being pursued now, that is their sovereign right to do that.” He went on to add that the US would not stand in their way. Of course, Israeli officials have welcomed these comments.

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this? Nuke Iran for having nukes. Why can’t Israel nuke itself for having nukes? Why Iran and not North Korea? They’ve been actually using theirs aggressively, obviously in some sort of warning or threat to the Western nations they oppose.

How can a nuclear strike ever be a solution to this problem? Yes, Iran is in a volatile state of unrest, civillians revolting against a corrupt government who believe they are acting on the behalf of the Islamic world and lashing out against foreign interference. But nuking Iran would not change the way things are run, or who is in charge. It would kill thousands of innocent people and exacerbate the feeling of hatred against the US & Israel, possibly extended to the rest of the Western world.


As former chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Biden must know this. ‘Relations’ implies relationship, no? A diplomatic dialogue. The only dialogue here is once again between Israel and the US on behalf of the world, without consulting anyone! I can see how Israel would love to see a war against Iran (which would surely be the outcome once the dust has settled), they are their most fierce opponent at present.

If they want a war so badly, why not invade Zimbabwe or do something about Darfur? Or even China? It seems horribly unfair to allow Israel to nuke Iran, when Israel won’t even agree to Obama (and the rest of the world’s) request that a two party state be established for the people of Palestine. I mean, aren’t they committing the same crime? Oppression of the people and so forth.

This is an unacceptable and inappropriate attitude to have as a Vice President, especially with the current political climate. I can’t get past the idea of nukes being fine in Israel or the US, but when it comes to anyone else, its all over. Blah!