Hime Gyaru & Loli Stylez

I was told by a tarot reader that I could become a president one day. President of what I don’t know, but if that day ever comes I will equip myself for the role by dressing like royalty. Because nothing prepares you for running a government/organisation like wearing a tiara. Hime Gyaru is a Japanese trend designed almost exactly for this purpose (I assume). Hime meaning princess and Gyaru being their equivalent of ‘gal’. Behold the awesomeness:






As you can see, the Hime Gyaru are all about the bows, frills and giant hair. A lot of pink and white going on. Their tans are generally lighter than the ‘normal’ Gyaru and they are apparently quite self absorbed and arrogant, I don’t know anything about that though. They have very dramatic looks, but I’ll show you how it translates to the street from the runways and magazines:





Still fairly high maintenance (I’ve heard it takes some of them over 3hrs to get ready!) but more variety and inclusion of blues and greys, and some animal prints. One of them is wearing a denim jacket too, a questionable choice even in our world. Moving on, here are some of the cooler Lolitas who can be found strolling through the Harajuku district. On the interwebs we call them loli’s and they have many different sub categories (gothic, sweet, elegant etc).








That last one is my favourite. Can you see the subtle differences? I haven’t really included a Gothic Lolita in the true sense of the term, but a simple google search will bring up thousands of examples for you to peruse. Loli’s have more of a costumey, olden time and more child-like appearance. I always look at them and wonder what they would talk about.. Would they play a character or just chill, talking bout their weekends like the rest of us? Whatever the content, I’m positive they use those cutesy anime voices.


(I don’t know any gyaru goodbyes.)


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11 Responses to “Hime Gyaru & Loli Stylez”

  1. The Mutant Says:

    Hyperventilate, much? I love that. So ornate, so intricate, so pretty, so classy, so elegant, I want to look just like that. Can you please, please, please, please dress me up like that one day! It’d be super fucking awesome!

    I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a look since androgyny caught my eye!

  2. Oracle Says:

    Beautiful dresses!

  3. LuLi Says:

    Mutant – How awesome are they? Yeah fo sho we have to get you dolled up like this for a photo shoot! I could do an entire post on their decorative nails, everything about them is so detailed.

    Oracle – They’re gorgeous aren’t they 🙂

  4. Sakuradesu Says:

    I love himegyaru style and lolita’s! they’re really kawaii!

  5. LuLi Says:

    Same I want to see people rock it in Melb!

  6. The Mutant Says:

    Luli, if you can make me look like that you’re on! I hereby donate myself to the cause. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to transform me from a rough looking bogan into a genuine princess – and document the whole thing in photos!

  7. Wendy Voltaire Says:

    If you became president and dressed like that, I’m afraid I would have to assassinate you. (Don’t take it personally.)

  8. LuLi Says:

    Mutant – I don’t know if I can.. I’m unsure of my skillz in the hime gyaru especially with the hair. But maybe during the holidays I could pool my resources, maybe make friends with some Japanese-Australian chicas to teach me the princess ways. Its not impossible!

    Wendy – I understand and accept the consequences. However I just love their style and I can’t help it!

  9. Alycia Says:

    I must say I have never seen this style of fashion before until now. It looks crazy but in a way looks stylish and classy!!!! I wish I could dress like that and get away with it. Unfortunately here everyone looks plain or like penguins. If only we all dressed like that and expressed our own originality.

  10. LuLi Says:

    Its insane, but its hot! Harajuku is the place to go for these looks, to see them in real life. I think we should all experiment with fashion more too, its expressive and its fun.

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