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And The Winner Is.. Veronica!

August 21, 2009


After 70years of haberdashery Archie finally chooses Veronica! In my opinion, she was way better than Betty, who was nice and all of that, but where was the style? The sass? They’re both hot, I mean they practically have the same face with a different wig, but I’d choose a brunette any day.

There have been a lot of complaints, apparently Veronica is too “mean” for Archie, and Betty being the nice girl should win at the end of the day. Well that’s just not realistic, why go for boring but nice Betty when you can have exciting and unpredictable Veronica with Daddy’s trust fund? It would have just been too Hollywood for the good girl to win out.

Betty deserves him, she doesn’t throw money at her problems, she solves them herself. But life was never about getting what you deserve, it’s about clinging onto the best opportunities. I wonder what will happen to Betty now though? Will she find an equally awesome guy or will she die of loneliness? That will be the true testament to the storyline.

If you ask me, this is all just a headline grabbing ploy and Archie will change his mind and pick Betty. But to be honest, its been Veronica’s game all along, Betty was always taking seconds or trying to do all these schemes to win Archie, who was pretty much head over heels for V the entire time. The story isn’t just suddenly making the nice girl lose, the entire plot for fifty thousand years was nice girl loses to selfish, rich girl.

Betty never got to choose to move on, she always just kept pining. I feel sorry for her. Man, I suddenly feel like writing some kind of feminist angled rant about how unfair this is.. Oh! You guys almost got me! Close, but no. Great trolling though.

So who would you pick?


Gen Y to ‘Grey Generation’:

August 8, 2009



Uhhh, let’s do something not fashion or Japan-related for a moment. I’m starting to lose my cred as an intellectual (did I ever have it?), and it’s pretty debatable whether I’m being relevant to the streets of Melbourne in any real way. Today one of my classes gave me some decent left wing inspiration. I’m loving uni right now, all my seemingly boring subjects have cool teachers and there are even some cute guys! I just dropped my cred again, didn’t I? Fuck.

So I don’t believe the Age blogs are to be classified as real blogs. If anything, they’re columns. First of all, they don’t generate their own readership (or if they do, it’s helped immensely by banners and links and having a newspaper such as the Age behind them), secondly there’s no real networking, which I feel is an important characteristic of the blog. We have blogrolls and we follow them to comment on other blogs, develop communities etc. The Age ‘blogs’ barely even reply to their own comments. Thirdly, they’re paid and supported by a news corp which has endless contacts, authority and influence. Who gets paid per blog post in the blogosphere? We get advertising deals at best. Anyway, that’s just my position. They’re not authentic. Samantha Brett sucks ass. There’s a reason for this paragraph, I swear.


It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?!

I read this “blog post” (I’m being mean coz the writer annoyed me, sorry, I’m a biased fool) and it was all la la la ageism sucks, the workforce is hard for old people, so on and so forth. I agree with you. My poor mother is struggling herself, after divorcing my dad she needs some income and its been rough for her. No matter how good she was back in the old days, nobody is willing to give her a go. And that’s fucked up and sad, and it makes me feel extra bad because she wants to be able to prove she can be self-sufficient without my father, and each knock back is affecting her confidence and optimism. She’s losing sight of her credentials and she feels useless. I hate it, I don’t want her to feel so down on herself, especially since she is perfectly capable and would be amazing if she only got a fair go.

It was all fine until this part, obviously the troll paragraph that is designed to make the fish bite, which I found to cheapen his entire argument (James Adonis, if you were wondering):

“This brings us to the imbalance in today’s workplaces, where there’s too much of a focus on Generation Y. Older workers might not use terms like “LOL”, “sweet as”, and “fully sick”, but all generations generally want the same thing. Everyone wants a work/life balance. Everyone wants to use their talents. Everyone wants to have close relationships at work. The only difference is that Gen Ys demand these from their employers, while older generations have become accustomed to putting up with whatever they get.

Gen Ys are as loyal to employers as Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands. Older workers, on the other hand, hang around for as long as Elizabeth Taylor herself. The world needs to move on from Gen Y. It needs to embrace the grey matter of the grey generation. This means seeking older employees’ opinions and suggestions; respecting and harnessing their experience; being patient, especially when skilling them up on new technologies; and being sensitive to their possible discomfort at having a young boss.”

In the words of Gen Y, STFU! You can’t be loyal to your employer anymore, because your employer is not loyal to you. It’s their world, they wanted it this way, corporate mofo’s eating up everything they can just to get a step ahead of each other. Lobbying for the breakdown of workers rights, downsizing staff whenever they could, cutting costs, outsourcing labour, blah blah blah forever!


Gen Y: Adaptable

If we want to break it down, the difference is not that Generation Y demands this or that, it’s that we are adaptable and flexible when it comes to work. We have to be, we don’t have the opportunities that the generations before us had. We definitely do not have the stability of knowing once we get a job we can hang onto it till retirement like the jobs of the past. We will always be paying more in comparison to the living costs of back then. Realistically, unless we have a dual income with a partner, we won’t own our own home. We’re not working one 9-5 job anymore, most of us are under-employed by companies who want to keep their skilled labour (highly educated workers) without having to pay us a decent weekly paycheck. We gotta get ourselves a hustle on the side now too.

Gen Y did not bring in the discriminating values of the corporate world. Howard and the old fashioned, conservative voters did. We didn’t peak in the 80’s like all the other jet-setting, power suits who threw away their ethics chasing the cash money. We didn’t bring in this cruel, capitalist market which was supposed to regulate itself with its invisible hand, that instead collapsed and made things the way they are today. Times are tough for all of us, stop pointing fingers and take a look at the bigger picture. You would be able to retire instead of working if you had of voted for a socially conscious party who would increase your pension.

Alas, you did not.

So as we say in Gen Y.. Fuck you B, we out! Pshhh, haterz.

As an aside, here is the comment monkey fight I am currently waging with the Age ‘blogger’ (after the jump).