Gen Y to ‘Grey Generation’:



Uhhh, let’s do something not fashion or Japan-related for a moment. I’m starting to lose my cred as an intellectual (did I ever have it?), and it’s pretty debatable whether I’m being relevant to the streets of Melbourne in any real way. Today one of my classes gave me some decent left wing inspiration. I’m loving uni right now, all my seemingly boring subjects have cool teachers and there are even some cute guys! I just dropped my cred again, didn’t I? Fuck.

So I don’t believe the Age blogs are to be classified as real blogs. If anything, they’re columns. First of all, they don’t generate their own readership (or if they do, it’s helped immensely by banners and links and having a newspaper such as the Age behind them), secondly there’s no real networking, which I feel is an important characteristic of the blog. We have blogrolls and we follow them to comment on other blogs, develop communities etc. The Age ‘blogs’ barely even reply to their own comments. Thirdly, they’re paid and supported by a news corp which has endless contacts, authority and influence. Who gets paid per blog post in the blogosphere? We get advertising deals at best. Anyway, that’s just my position. They’re not authentic. Samantha Brett sucks ass. There’s a reason for this paragraph, I swear.


It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?!

I read this “blog post” (I’m being mean coz the writer annoyed me, sorry, I’m a biased fool) and it was all la la la ageism sucks, the workforce is hard for old people, so on and so forth. I agree with you. My poor mother is struggling herself, after divorcing my dad she needs some income and its been rough for her. No matter how good she was back in the old days, nobody is willing to give her a go. And that’s fucked up and sad, and it makes me feel extra bad because she wants to be able to prove she can be self-sufficient without my father, and each knock back is affecting her confidence and optimism. She’s losing sight of her credentials and she feels useless. I hate it, I don’t want her to feel so down on herself, especially since she is perfectly capable and would be amazing if she only got a fair go.

It was all fine until this part, obviously the troll paragraph that is designed to make the fish bite, which I found to cheapen his entire argument (James Adonis, if you were wondering):

“This brings us to the imbalance in today’s workplaces, where there’s too much of a focus on Generation Y. Older workers might not use terms like “LOL”, “sweet as”, and “fully sick”, but all generations generally want the same thing. Everyone wants a work/life balance. Everyone wants to use their talents. Everyone wants to have close relationships at work. The only difference is that Gen Ys demand these from their employers, while older generations have become accustomed to putting up with whatever they get.

Gen Ys are as loyal to employers as Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands. Older workers, on the other hand, hang around for as long as Elizabeth Taylor herself. The world needs to move on from Gen Y. It needs to embrace the grey matter of the grey generation. This means seeking older employees’ opinions and suggestions; respecting and harnessing their experience; being patient, especially when skilling them up on new technologies; and being sensitive to their possible discomfort at having a young boss.”

In the words of Gen Y, STFU! You can’t be loyal to your employer anymore, because your employer is not loyal to you. It’s their world, they wanted it this way, corporate mofo’s eating up everything they can just to get a step ahead of each other. Lobbying for the breakdown of workers rights, downsizing staff whenever they could, cutting costs, outsourcing labour, blah blah blah forever!


Gen Y: Adaptable

If we want to break it down, the difference is not that Generation Y demands this or that, it’s that we are adaptable and flexible when it comes to work. We have to be, we don’t have the opportunities that the generations before us had. We definitely do not have the stability of knowing once we get a job we can hang onto it till retirement like the jobs of the past. We will always be paying more in comparison to the living costs of back then. Realistically, unless we have a dual income with a partner, we won’t own our own home. We’re not working one 9-5 job anymore, most of us are under-employed by companies who want to keep their skilled labour (highly educated workers) without having to pay us a decent weekly paycheck. We gotta get ourselves a hustle on the side now too.

Gen Y did not bring in the discriminating values of the corporate world. Howard and the old fashioned, conservative voters did. We didn’t peak in the 80’s like all the other jet-setting, power suits who threw away their ethics chasing the cash money. We didn’t bring in this cruel, capitalist market which was supposed to regulate itself with its invisible hand, that instead collapsed and made things the way they are today. Times are tough for all of us, stop pointing fingers and take a look at the bigger picture. You would be able to retire instead of working if you had of voted for a socially conscious party who would increase your pension.

Alas, you did not.

So as we say in Gen Y.. Fuck you B, we out! Pshhh, haterz.

As an aside, here is the comment monkey fight I am currently waging with the Age ‘blogger’ (after the jump).


On behalf of gen y, seeing as we are all generalising and lumping people into categories, I have to say that when our employers start giving us loyalty, then we in turn will give the same back.

Anybody who does not is being naive and allowing themselves to be used up and spat out by the corporate machine. If loyalty and integrity were part of the working world, all our manufacturing would not be outsourced, our companies not downsized and the phenomena of underemployment would not be an issue.

Don’t blame gen y for being adaptable, flexible and competent. Blame the employer for not seeing your skills as conducive to their organisation. Or blame yourselves for embracing capitalism when it was embracing you, but not adapting and moving with the marketplace like the rest of us.

Its the older generations who have turned the market into the monster machine it is today, the howard voters who allowed the corporations to cut the rights of the workers, the go-getting jet setters of the 80’s with their power suits and dog-eat-dog mentalities who set the scene for the future generations to deal with. You made this bed, so lie in it.

* Your comment on the Howard government is a desperate and feeble attack. The lack of loyalty that Gen Ys have towards their employers is a phenomenon prevalent not just in Australia, but in almost every developed and developing country, many of which have had left-wing governments in place, such as in the UK. The Gen Y disloyalty syndrome is there because many Gen Ys have seen their parents retrenched from jobs that they held for decades with little care and love. So now they’re really just getting revenge. – JA

Now I start getting feisty lol!


Desperate and feeble? Hardly! THEY are the government that cut your workers rights, but instead you choose to harp at Gen Y for being ‘revenge’ mongering ungratefuls? Please!

We have a ‘left’ government ourselves (although how left is it really?) but it does not change the fact that the entire world is run on a set of ‘principles’ (I use quotations because their ethic value is questionable) that encourages the triumph of the corp over the faceless small guy. A set of principles that saw itself established when Gen Y were infants.

But you answered your own question anyway, of course after seeing the employers disloyalty to our parents, how could we ever feel that we would miraculously be taken care of instead? Have we slipped into a wonderland where suddenly our skilled labourers are not being sucked up and spat out at the whim of the corporations?

* Yes, blame the government for the state you’re in. It’s much easier that way. It’s certainly easier than taking personal responsibility. – JA

I cbf even replying, I don’t even really get his point.. Surely the economy is more in the government’s hands than mine? Or maybe I need to take my responsibility for the way I’ve lead companies down the route of fucking over their workers to get ahead? I should probably just concede that yes, he is right, the current predicament of older applicants not being employed is the fault of the younger Gen Y applicants, not the people who pick and choose between them. I can see why he is paid for his insightful blog now! 😛

<comwalk> Remember, here in the U.S.A, we have reached a new age.
<comwalk> NOBODY is responsible for their own actions.
<comwalk> Remember that.
<comwalk> Holy shit! I killed somebody! Bob made me do it!
<comwalk> Bob: Joe made me do it!
<comwalk> Joe: I blame the media!
<comwalk> Media: Videogames.
<comwalk> Videogames: Personal responsibility?
<comwalk> Personal Responsibility: <AFK>


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11 Responses to “Gen Y to ‘Grey Generation’:”

  1. Marty Says:

    Ooh this one was good, a return to form. I used to read the one bloke on the Age columns/’blogs’, Sam the All men are liars guy. He was readable for a little while but then it became a bit obvious he was starting to phone in his columns, started including plugs for products etc. so I started looking a bit more underground. In my opinion though there’s not a whole lot of quality writing in the blogworld. That or I’m not trying hard enough.

  2. Marty Says:

    (as in I’m not looking hard enough)*

  3. LuLi Says:

    Cheers Marty 🙂 I read Sam for a while as well, but little by little I started feeling he was a bit sexist? I can’t remember exactly why but his posts were beginning to infuriate me. There’s quality writing but I think sometimes in the blogosphere the focus is more on the story rather than the craft.

  4. Insanity540 Says:

    Of course, putting any reference to Simpsons will attract me like a moth to a flame.

    You raise a good point, working nowadays isn’t the same as when our parents worked. There is no such thing as job security, just ask all the people who were retrenched when the recession hit home. I consider myself lucky I still have a job, but that is due to the fact that I work hard, and I’m flexible with my companies needs.

    In many ways, the current generation is jipped by their employeers. My company has been forced to review its annual leave and sick leave policies because they were doing dodgey things with it. Imagine working back in the day when your company gave you a corporate car, first class flights to attend meetings/conferences.

    I feel or your mother, sounds like its tough and I know how frustrating the rejection can be. I hope she hangs in there and something works out. At the same time, everyone everywhere is struggling to find work. Unemployment is high, and competition for jobs is fierce.

    …better get back to work 😛

  5. LuLi Says:

    Heh, when I saw the monkey pic I had to include its true caption! I think anybody who still has their job and feels slightly stable within it is very lucky under today’s circumstances. My father, who has been in his job for decades and was once thought of in the highest value as far as techies go, is now looking into freelancing & overseas temporary contracts.

    We will never see a first class ticket! Thanks about my mum, she’s doing alright. We’re all struggling so what can you do?

  6. Wendy Voltaire Says:

    Wow, LuLi, I want to have your babies! Pleeeeaaaase.

    What a fucking arsehole.

    Though on the topic of your mother having a fair go, I feel I’m in the same position. While I only started working at the age of 18 (which I guess in Gen Y terms is pretty late) and have been working in retail for about a year now, I obviously don’t really stand a chance against somebody who has been working in retail for three years. I hate that I get turned down, because they’re obviously looking for the quick-fix; they just want somebody who can just do the job with the smallest amount of pay, just so the employer can get their steady paycheck. Nobody wants to help each other out anymore. It really shits me.

    As another example, back in the last semester of Tafe, I was doing Music Business as my course, and my teacher who taught copyright told the whole class that another Tafe campus had over-ordered these music business books that were not for the course I was currently doing, but for the Diploma Music Business course. I put my hand up, because it was obviously a good deal – Tafe was practically giving them away for $5, the RRP is around $65, not to mention the amount of useful information it would have for a budding musician.

    So the next day, she brings in the books, but there’s not enough for the whole class. Lo and behold, I miss my chance to grab a copy of of the book. One classmate of mine, who managed to get the book, says to me, “You snooze, you lose.” That infuriated me so much. I hate how everybody is so selfish and just so cut-throat. I hate how it’s become this dog-eat-dog world. I wish that classmate of mine would fucking get a sense of ethics, because the only reason why he bought was because it was dirt-cheap, not because he actually wanted to get something useful out of the book. Now that shit really pisses me off.

    Anywho, rant over!

  7. LuLi Says:

    Well you can have my babies, but for a price. Or maybe if you swapped me for some kittens, that could be cool. I’d rather kittens than babies.

    I find it heaps annoying when students jump over each other like that, I’m the type of person who will send someone my old assignments to copy when I find out they’re doing a subject I’ve already done. So when people are all competitive and selfish it shits me. I guess its what you have to do to get ahead, but I’m over selling my soul, there’s enough of that around.

  8. gullybogan Says:

    “So I don’t believe the Age blogs are to be classified as real blogs. If anything, they’re columns.”

    Hear Hear.

    I can’t think of anything anywhere in the entire intertubes even a bazillionth as pathetic as newspaper columnists calling themselves bloggers.

    If “newspaper blogger” Andrew Bolt would just go to Argentina and screw Hitler’s corpse and get it over and done with, i think the world would be a better place.

  9. LuLi Says:

    I know right? It makes me so angry to think they could even lump themselves into our category like they were the super elite of us all, without the excruciating climb up the steep interweb walls the rest of us had to endure just to pull a small audience! God dammit, now I’m all rassled up before bed.

    I’m with you on the Bolt thing also, as terrible it was to imagine.

  10. Domino Says:

    I hate it when the old people get all “back in my day” on Gen Y. Times change, grow up! Get the fuck over it!

    Also, as if we are all just getting revenge. We’re all so self-centred and yet we’re concerned about going out of our way to avenge our parent’s misfortune at the cost of our jobs or careers.

    That person’s got nothing.

  11. LuLi Says:

    Yeah his twisted logic really made no sense, just seemed like a feeble attempt at pandering to older readers to gain popularity or something. Some ‘bloggers’ are so transparent!

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