Ablett Claims His Brownlow


WoOoOoOo! Congrats to Gary Ablett Jr on winning the 2009 Brownlow, after two years of near misses he finally claimed what is rightfully his. He lead in the voting from the beginning till the end and managed to secure the win with 2 rounds to go, ending 8 votes in front of the runner up, Chris Judd.

His girlfriend Lauren burst into tears as soon as he won the points to clear his win and he thanked her for being a positive motivating force within his life, as Aaliyah would say. Let’s hope he can go on to lead the Cats to victory in the Grand Final this Saturday!

P.S. All hail the demi-gods father Gary Sr.



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2 Responses to “Ablett Claims His Brownlow”

  1. Wendy Voltaire Says:

    He looks like Lex Luthor. Don’t congratulate him on his win – he’s just one step closer to world domination!

  2. LuLi Says:

    Lol! Poor guy, along with inheriting his dads talent, he also got his terrible hair follicles 😦

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