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RIP Jesse Lightning

January 31, 2010

15/5/1996 – 9/1/2010

I miss you. =(

I wasn’t gonna write anything, but I want a record of her somewhere, she deserves a place in the world.

She used to eat everything, she was a guts. She had a cane bed that she only fit into a tiny corner of, then when she grew too big for it she ate it. She left deep claw marks in the backdoor from scratching and barking for food at her dinner time. She’d do anything to get inside, she learned how to open the wire and wooden sliding doors.

She could never get enough walks, she loved the bush and running free around our property up there. She would run away all the time and end up coming home a few days later. She loved chasing the wallabies and the chickens at the property across the road.

When we first got her she used to chase us around the yard and bite at our heels playfully. She could never get enough attention or pats. She’d sit with you the whole day if she could, with her head on your lap. She had the softest ears even when the rest of her fur was old and dry.

She was always happy and loving and cheerful. She never growled or bit past the playful puppy stage. We gave her the second name ‘Lightning’ after her white zig zag stripe on her neck, which faded a bit when she got older. I can’t even think of her without tearing up, I think because she was an innocent, good natured child her whole life.

We got her because my little brother was wild, and she calmed him down. He loved her so much he pretended to be a dog for ages, every toy he got was dog related, he even had a dog border on his bedroom walls. We had to put her down because she was just too sick, but it still felt wrong.

I love you Jess.