RIP Jesse Lightning

15/5/1996 – 9/1/2010

I miss you. =(

I wasn’t gonna write anything, but I want a record of her somewhere, she deserves a place in the world.

She used to eat everything, she was a guts. She had a cane bed that she only fit into a tiny corner of, then when she grew too big for it she ate it. She left deep claw marks in the backdoor from scratching and barking for food at her dinner time. She’d do anything to get inside, she learned how to open the wire and wooden sliding doors.

She could never get enough walks, she loved the bush and running free around our property up there. She would run away all the time and end up coming home a few days later. She loved chasing the wallabies and the chickens at the property across the road.

When we first got her she used to chase us around the yard and bite at our heels playfully. She could never get enough attention or pats. She’d sit with you the whole day if she could, with her head on your lap. She had the softest ears even when the rest of her fur was old and dry.

She was always happy and loving and cheerful. She never growled or bit past the playful puppy stage. We gave her the second name ‘Lightning’ after her white zig zag stripe on her neck, which faded a bit when she got older. I can’t even think of her without tearing up, I think because she was an innocent, good natured child her whole life.

We got her because my little brother was wild, and she calmed him down. He loved her so much he pretended to be a dog for ages, every toy he got was dog related, he even had a dog border on his bedroom walls. We had to put her down because she was just too sick, but it still felt wrong.

I love you Jess.


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10 Responses to “RIP Jesse Lightning”

  1. Lil Says:

    Awwww. Fourteen years is a good long time for a dog. You know that you gave Jesse a good life. It hurts to lose a furry child. Have you found her successor yet? Note that I said successor and NOT replacement, That never happens.
    I hope that you will find another to give a good life to. *Hugz*

  2. LuLi Says:

    Thanks Lil, no successor yet, its still a bit soon for me. Its hard to believe she’s gone, every time I hear paws on the concrete or a dog howl I think its her. *hugz back*

  3. Andy Says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news, Luli. I’ve been in the same position, and I know just how heartbreaking it can be.

    Take care of yourself over there.

  4. LuLi Says:

    Thanks so much Andy, its pretty shattering.

    Its good to hear from you anyways, how have you been?? Hows little Lauren?

    • Andy Says:

      We’ve all been excellent.

      Lauren is growing amazingly quickly. She’s nearly 18 months old now. My little business is starting to pick up- I’ve been shooting weddings and portrait sittings and whatnot, and my reputation in town is starting to grow. It’s nice to make a little money from your fun.

      Best of all, by September this year Lauren is going to have a little brother or sister to play with.

      So yeah, things are going pretty well. How about you?

      • LuLi Says:

        Congratulations!!!! WOW! Are you hoping for a boy to mold into your image? Teach to be a sarcastic manly chef and all of that? And well done with the business, its awesome to hear you guys are so prosperous. Are you planning to stay in ur town for good or move closer to civilisation?

        My things are up and down as life tends to be, but I think mostly good. Working and studying still, living alone now though. I take up residence at my dads place while he gallivants around the world, which is really liberating and enjoyable.

        I’m glad you’re well šŸ˜€

  5. Andy Says:

    Nah, we’re definitely not staying up here for good. Our current plan has us staying up here for another three years, at which point we’ll be heading south. I don’t know about “prosperous”, though- having a kid and being prosperous seem to be mutually exclusive…

    I’ve given it some thought, but I honest can’t say that I’m hoping for one gender over another. I used to think it would be awesome to have a son (and I suppose I still do to an extent) but the reality is that nothing would really be different. I’ll still be teaching my daughters the same stuff I’d teach my sons anyway. They’ll know how to swing a spanner, that’s for sure.

  6. LuLi Says:

    Aww thats cool my dad was the same with me. I was like his first son until my lil bro came along 6 yrs later. Also probably why I swear like a sailor šŸ™‚

  7. cosmicjester Says:

    Awwwwwwww, so sad when they go. My current dog is my first, so it is never something I have had to deal with. She looks like a sweety too.

    Ah dogs, such gentle souls.

  8. LuLi Says:

    I hope you never have to deal with it CJ! Probs one of the worst days of my life. Maybe we’ll have the cure to death by then?

    Your puppy is so cute!

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