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Happy Valentines Day Mofos!

February 14, 2010

“She says that I’ve been waiting for you

And I know you’ve been chasing me too

Since they kidnapped me from a castle

I been thinking of you

I told her fire breathing dragon he bet not harm me

Or he be sorry when he meets my one man army

And thou has come to rescue me

My knight in shining armor yes you be

Woken up by the horn of an SUV

I said see, too beautiful to let you sleep!”

And if you don’t have a valentine, don’t fret, I don’t have one either so you can be mine. *^_^*


A Thousand Curses Upon You CONROY / RUDD / LABOR!!

February 9, 2010

What the fuck is going on around here? I leave the game for a minute and suddenly democracy turns to shit, just when I was starting to believe in the system. How does the government have a free reign to do this shit? Labor seems to be playing up harder than Johnny Howard in his Iraq days! And on the topic, what happened to withdrawing the troops?

What happened to my education? I thought we were gonna give students a break and suddenly I’m hit with a $1k bill for “fees” that I’ve never had to pay in my whole university career. What do they need that for after all this fucking time? I was cut when they were simply proposing a mere (only in comparison to the grand) three hundred bucks! And giving the private schools more funding than the public ones.. Which fuckhead spun the logic on that one?

Internet filter going ahead despite wave after wave of disapproval from the ISP’s, experts and the majority of citizens. Except now they’re going to wait till after the election to implant it, knowing full well that the backlash would definitely affect their vote count. You’re damn right it will! I’ve never once thought that voting Liberal could possibly be better than voting Labor, but I hate this fucking assembly. I want it dismantled! Maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem if the issue wasn’t shrouded in mystery and outright lies from Conroy, “The filter is 100% accurate,” “Its going to block pages not sites,” and other such nonsense ripped apart in this article from Crikey.

In SA bloggers aren’t even allowed to POST POLITICAL COMMENTARY ONLINE ANONYMOUSLY!! You can’t tell me that shit ain’t fucked up, and you know its us next. We’re right next door. If you want to keep talking with all your dissent and “political critiques” you can say hello to the blacklist fellow bloggers!

Is it enough yet? No? That’s cool, I got more.

What about the ban on small boob porn? Or female ejaculation porn? You all know I hate the porn industry and everything it stands for, but when you start banning you can begin with the misogynistic shit that encourages violence against women who moan in pleasure when the guys spit in her face and slap her. Maybe I should be happy they’re banning the porn? No, no I can’t be! Who is the man who gets to decide which of the boobs are big enough? Is a visible female orgasm so offensive that we have to ban it from sight? Where is the logic? Isn’t this crazy talk to anyone yet?!

Now Conroy (the man I hate so very dearly, dearly, dearly!) is giving $240mil of tax payers money to tv networks for doing no more than meeting the content requirements they were already meeting? Take from the poor, give to the rich, its genius! Why didn’t we think of it before? Oh wait.. They wasted $30mil with Telstra when they scrapped their broadband revamp, replacing the $4.7bil plan with a $43mil one. Think of what that kind of money can do and it went to nothing.

Thats fucking it! I’m gonna do something. Join something. March or rile up a mob or something. Storm city hall. Australia is a fucked up place to live. It’s definitely not the worst, you know, it’s no Sudan or Zimbabwe, but its full on fucked up right now and more people should be screaming about it. I’m enraged by this bullshit.. Contact me if you need more soldiers for the revolution, I’m down for life!

Fuck you CONROY! Block me! I dare you!!