A Thousand Curses Upon You CONROY / RUDD / LABOR!!

What the fuck is going on around here? I leave the game for a minute and suddenly democracy turns to shit, just when I was starting to believe in the system. How does the government have a free reign to do this shit? Labor seems to be playing up harder than Johnny Howard in his Iraq days! And on the topic, what happened to withdrawing the troops?

What happened to my education? I thought we were gonna give students a break and suddenly I’m hit with a $1k bill for “fees” that I’ve never had to pay in my whole university career. What do they need that for after all this fucking time? I was cut when they were simply proposing a mere (only in comparison to the grand) three hundred bucks! And giving the private schools more funding than the public ones.. Which fuckhead spun the logic on that one?

Internet filter going ahead despite wave after wave of disapproval from the ISP’s, experts and the majority of citizens. Except now they’re going to wait till after the election to implant it, knowing full well that the backlash would definitely affect their vote count. You’re damn right it will! I’ve never once thought that voting Liberal could possibly be better than voting Labor, but I hate this fucking assembly. I want it dismantled! Maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem if the issue wasn’t shrouded in mystery and outright lies from Conroy, “The filter is 100% accurate,” “Its going to block pages not sites,” and other such nonsense ripped apart in this article from Crikey.

In SA bloggers aren’t even allowed to POST POLITICAL COMMENTARY ONLINE ANONYMOUSLY!! You can’t tell me that shit ain’t fucked up, and you know its us next. We’re right next door. If you want to keep talking with all your dissent and “political critiques” you can say hello to the blacklist fellow bloggers!

Is it enough yet? No? That’s cool, I got more.

What about the ban on small boob porn? Or female ejaculation porn? You all know I hate the porn industry and everything it stands for, but when you start banning you can begin with the misogynistic shit that encourages violence against women who moan in pleasure when the guys spit in her face and slap her. Maybe I should be happy they’re banning the porn? No, no I can’t be! Who is the man who gets to decide which of the boobs are big enough? Is a visible female orgasm so offensive that we have to ban it from sight? Where is the logic? Isn’t this crazy talk to anyone yet?!

Now Conroy (the man I hate so very dearly, dearly, dearly!) is giving $240mil of tax payers money to tv networks for doing no more than meeting the content requirements they were already meeting? Take from the poor, give to the rich, its genius! Why didn’t we think of it before? Oh wait.. They wasted $30mil with Telstra when they scrapped their broadband revamp, replacing the $4.7bil plan with a $43mil one. Think of what that kind of money can do and it went to nothing.

Thats fucking it! I’m gonna do something. Join something. March or rile up a mob or something. Storm city hall. Australia is a fucked up place to live. It’s definitely not the worst, you know, it’s no Sudan or Zimbabwe, but its full on fucked up right now and more people should be screaming about it. I’m enraged by this bullshit.. Contact me if you need more soldiers for the revolution, I’m down for life!

Fuck you CONROY! Block me! I dare you!!


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13 Responses to “A Thousand Curses Upon You CONROY / RUDD / LABOR!!”

  1. Lil Says:

    *Sigh* Rudd’s at it again? I went to that site and it’s pretty damn tame. What’s he on about?
    So the pron that they don’t like gets banned but teh rest is ok? dOOd! Wait… What???
    *Scratches head* These peeps need a psych eval STAT. (I’m a licensed medical professional don’t try using this terminology at home! XD)
    I used to be disgusted, Then I was just amused, Now I’m disgusted all over again. I wish that there was an underground clearing house to bypass these c*nts filters!
    Sorry hon, If I can help let me know.

  2. Lil Says:

    *Snaps fingers!* If Twitter can scare Ahmedinajad, It should scare Rudd too. Tweet it! Tweet it loud and repeatedly. Use a hash tag and turn it into a trending topic! GO! GO! GO!
    BTW, Let me know so I can follow, and retweet!

  3. Epskee Says:

    *spontaneously combusts*

    I can’t even form a coherant sentence in response. Too. Blerrie. MAD.

    *mumbles under her breath for next 30 mins (minimum) about girl cum and all the things NOT wrong with it*

  4. Marty Says:

    Censorship, gender equality and environmental concerns are going to shit… I think the world-at-large finally caught up to this little island in the sun.

  5. LuLi Says:

    Lil – Ohhh I don’t have a twitter.. I never got into it. The blog is my public hissy fit arena lol! I just can’t understand the logic behind their actions, or how it in anyway represents the people who elected them.

    Epskee – Tell me about it, sexist fascist pigs that they are!!

    Marty – They’re not even being discreet about tearing down our rights and lobbying their conservative agenda, its the blatant in-your-face-you-cant-do-anything attitude that pisses me off the most.

  6. insanity540 Says:

    Yup, the whole situation is bullshit. I don’t know which one is the biggest douchebag: Conroy or Atkinson. Both need to be removed from office as they obviously do not understand they were elected to be the “voice of the people” not telling the Australian people what is good for them.

    But its ok! according to their surveys and data, 60% of men aged 18-29 have NEVER seen internet porn! Link: http://j.mp/cFjiak
    wow… talk about inaccurate and bullshit statements. You know that old saying “9 out of 10 guys will admit to masturbating… and one is a liar”. Shit Internet porn was a joke on American Dad in the last season!

    You know what I love though, not everyone is falling for this bullshit. Google have basically said a big FUCK YOU to Conroy (http://j.mp/dxCRQ7). Good on them.

    I love that we are being compared to China in levels of retarded government policy.

    I occasionally post these kinda things on my twitter (see my blog).

  7. SS Says:

    Normally I hate violence, but ALL THE GREEDY PIGS DESERVE TO DIE!
    small boobs banned? Do they want everyone attracted to fake implants?

    The schools in my town have been remodeled lately, and they look.. literally like prisons. Lots of playgrounds have been remodeled too, but they don’t look like they’re meant for kids to play on… more like break their necks. And here I thought California was broke too yet they can waste money in all the wrong places.
    It’s perfectly ok to be angry about all the bullshit because its WRONG
    I don’t need their manipulated economy, or any of that fake stuff.
    One day ill live off the land in a bartering community

  8. LuLi Says:

    Ben – I know I was wrapt when Google released that statement. Because so far no one seems to be getting heard on the issue. No matter how much we say end it, it keeps going forward and getting worse. There is no democracy without freedom of speech & the filter is useless anyway because you can’t block p2p sharing which is where half the CP comes from.

    SS – Those schools sound horrible, what kind of image do you think that instills in children about society? Thats not the kind of environment you want for encouraging free thinking and creativity. And you’re spot on with the breast implant thing, basically we’re saying that unless you have a curvy big boobed body then you don’t qualify as a woman, but as a child. ugh!!

  9. Wendy Voltaire Says:

    Late comment (I was going to comment but totally forgot about it. Sorry!)

    Your image of the kangaroos is so true. I really feel like the left kangaroo at the moment. I have not come across such a page like you, but they did put up such a filter in school. It was frustrating. Awesome resources like YouTube were blocked. You would go to said URL and find something like “Please contact your administrator…” etc.

    Also, that Atkinson is a douche. Like mentioned before, he’s the same guy that won’t allow the R18+ rating for video games. I find it hilarious that we live in a democracy yet we have this one guy who is controlling what we see in video games! Jeez, dictatorship much?

  10. “A Thousand Curses Upon You CONROY / RUDD / LABOR!!” « Thoughts In My Pants Says:

    […] at LuLi’s is a post about Internet censorship, and the plans that the government will develop a huge list of websites […]

  11. Robert Brodie Says:

    Petition @KevinRuddPM Abandon your plan to censor internet: #nocleanfeed  #openinternet #GetUp http://act.ly/t retweet to sign 

  12. Lil Says:

    We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. United as one. Divided by zero. Expect us

  13. Lil Says:


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