Error 404: Freedom Not Found

A poll today on Internet Censorship currently stands at 96% opposed, 3% in favour and 1% indifferent. At last count there were almost 27 thousand votes on the SMH/The Age poll that accompanied the article ‘Government Goes To War With Google Over Net Censorship’. It covers Conroys recent attack on the giant cyber-corp Google, after Google objected publicly to an Australian internet filter.

The Obama administration has also echoed concerns with the state of freedom of speech and free-flowing information which would be halted with the introduction of the filter. In particular, the filter goes against US foreign policy which seeks to preserve an open internet to spread economic growth and global security.

With such heavyweights in opposing positions one would think that Stephen Conroy, who was never elected but obtained his position after another MP stepped down, would reconsider his draconian plans. Not so. Conroy has shrugged it off and once again did not publish the blacklist he has proposed, of which the last version included materials on abortion, euthanasia and other politically volatile topics, of which discussions are controversial but in no way illegal.

One has to wonder exactly how much blatant opposition does there need to be before the public’s wishes are taken into consideration in regards to the state of democracy in Australia.


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10 Responses to “Error 404: Freedom Not Found”

  1. Wendy Voltaire Says:


    He’s just put his fingers in his ears… or maybe it’s just a case of too much earwax… or earwax as brains. This is just silly.

    You’d think that once the US stepped it it would be better. I for once was grateful that the US stepped in and spoke up about how wrong this Internet filter is.

  2. LuLi Says:

    True Wendy, I was wrapt the US spoke up, they’re nuts about their 5th amendment freedom of speech stuff. And for good reason.. The thing that pisses me off so much is he didn’t een win a chair – he was appointed one!!

  3. j.. Says:

    “cleanfeed” is more than just reprehensible..

    .. unbelieavable in a developed country..

    .. yet, these are soft days, people will no longer rebel..

    .. and (in most ways) that’s not a bad thing.

  4. Epskee Says:

    Yet another reason why I firmly believe politicians should either commit to a full term, or not run. I’m sick of voting for someone semi-acceptable, and ending up with douche’s like Conroy.

    As much as I hate America poking its big nose into shit that really is none of it’s business, for once it got it right. And since Australia follows whatever the yanks do, maybe it will help.

    In the mean time we are being dragged kicking and screaming back inot the dark ages. Just dont even start me on what they are supposedly going to be blocking…… I may never stop the steam shooting out my ears!

  5. LuLi Says:

    j – correct, it is unacceptable for what is supposed to be a first world country, a moral leader of sorts.. I’m all for rebelling but we need some momentum.

    Epskee – It makes me fume that Conroy should be calling shots, and for the party itself which is supposed to be at least slightly to the left to put forward this kind of Howard type shit.. I can’t believe it. Makes me sick.

  6. Marty Says:

    “One has to wonder exactly how much blatant opposition does there need to be before the public’s wishes are taken into consideration in regards to the state of democracy in Australia.”

    That paragraph sums up the state of affairs very well, not just over the internet thing but about Iraq, Workchoices etc.

  7. Epskee Says:

    Oooh, someone just HAD to mention Workchoices!

    *spontaneously combusts*

  8. LuLi Says:

    Marty – We need to be given more say in how we are governed, not just get to pick who.

    Epskee – It got Howard kicked out, just like this will get Rudd kicked out 😉

  9. Domino Says:

    With so much opposition and the Government’s insistence on continuing with a project that will literally do nothing to make the internet ‘safer’, the only other source of inspiration left is a hidden agenda.

    Do you reckon it will affect Rudd at the election? The opposition haven’t conclusively announced if they’ll oppose the legislation yet have they?

  10. LuLi Says:

    Quite right Domz, it suggests underhandedness and something more sinister.

    I think it will depend on when they implement it. If they put it in before the election, they will definitely lose. If not, its still looking grim. They’ve lost a lot of popularity points. The opposition is split in half.. on one hand this is exactly the kind of thing they’d want legislated, on the other they can see how vehemently we oppose it so they could win votes by being anti.

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