19 Activists Killed By Israeli Soldiers On The Freedom Flotilla

Israel has illegally killed 19 and injured over 100 unarmed civillians and peace activists aboard the flotilla.

Israel does not own the Gaza sea and has no right to stop aid arriving through there.

Israel attacked the flotilla in International Waters while the ship was flying Turkish flags. That’s an act of war.

Israeli commandos were not armed with crowd control equipment, only guns and knives. Seems like a peaceful cease and desist was out of the question entirely. An interesting strategy considering there were only UNARMED civillians aboard, including a baby.

Killing civillians is a war crime.

Starving an occupied people is a war crime. Just as an aside, its interesting to look at the blacklist of items that are not allowed to be imported into Palestine:  wood, cement, iron, chocolate, potato chips, paper.. They also shut the power and water on and off regularly. They don’t permit importing clothes or fabrics to make new clothes. They are basically strangling the population of all its basic needs until it dies off.

The raid was before dawn, there is footage of Israeli soldiers shooting sleeping passengers before even getting on board.

A white flag was raised after the first death, yet the Israeli army still persisted in their attack.

At some point, the Israeli government ok’d this act, and the killing of innocents in order for the mission to begin.

Perhaps the worst part is that despite the deaths and  injured civillians, nothing will be done, no justice will be given and no international action to stop Israel will be taken. We are frustratingly mute.

Update: Turkey has just warned Israel that more aid ships will be sent to Gaza, accompanied by their Navy! Perhaps I was wrong about international action.


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2 Responses to “19 Activists Killed By Israeli Soldiers On The Freedom Flotilla”

  1. Epskee Says:

    But America stated they were “deeply saddened” by this event. Surely that fixes it?

    Not atrocity or act of war, or heaven forbid TERRORIST ATTACK, but “event”

    Not sorry, or taking action, or stopping their support, or imposing an embargo, or even having stern words with theri favourite bed-pals, but “saddened”


    While we are at it, didnt you get told to remove your wall off Palestinian land and put it on your own? Whats that? You’re busy stopping children going home from school to their parents? Oh my bad, thats FAR more important. Carry on……

    Look out, Israel! Theres a Palestinian with some Corriander, a fishing rod and 3 sheets of A4 paper! RUN!!!!

    FFS. Do they think they’re all MacGyver over there?

  2. LuLi Says:

    It sounds like more action may be taken, Turkey is getting quite irate about it and Iran is even proposing to send armed guards with their own aid flotillas over there.

    I’m actually surprised at how the media has taken this, and I’m glad that more people can now see how evil Israel has been. Hopefully this will lead to some changes for the better for the Palestinian people.

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