Gyaru Winter Stylez

I need some inspiration from out of Melbourne, we just get too structured and dark with our style. I love that we’re classy and sleek, but the girl in me wants bright colors and cute hoodies. Here’s some cold weather looks from the hot gyaru girls in Shibuya, Tokyo’s fiercest fashion district.

This is what ima be channeling for the next three months. Ok then, ciaoOoOoOo (*´▽`*)


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3 Responses to “Gyaru Winter Stylez”

  1. The Mutant Says:

    I have like, one jacket and one very ratty old pair of jeans to see me through the winter. What I need is, well, EVERYTHING, in multiples of if possible.

    Take me shopping with you. I’m so sick of dull ol’ Melbourne and its grey-on-balck winter uniform, is it okay if I draw my inspiration from this years Eurovision calssics? Yeah… you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

  2. LuLi Says:

    I know Melb styles are too boring in winter! I would defs take you shopping although I don’t know much about boy clothes, but a girl has to learn somewhere 🙂 Eurovision is an excellent muse choice!

  3. kely Says:

    Love gyaru style – gyaru gals dancing para para!

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