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I’m Tweeting!

November 3, 2010

Hey! I made a twitter! I don’t know what I’m doing on it!

Actually I just finished an internship with a broadcast news network (is that what you call them? not sure if I should name them in case they don’t want to be associated with me hahaha) and all the journo’s were tweeting their lives away so I felt it was time to jack their style and do the same. How do I add you guys? Is anyone on there?

Do I say follow me @The_LuLi ? Or is it something different.. mad have no clue.

In other news I finished my degree! aiiiyeeeeeeee!! *arabic zighareit cry*

And am super bored so I want to up my posting perhaps and intertwine it with the tweeting world. Steal some sources and such. Become diabolical on all platforms.

Join me in my inane blabberings! Say things to me and I will say them back and then we will be saying things to each other!