Gyaru Winter Stylez

June 9, 2010

I need some inspiration from out of Melbourne, we just get too structured and dark with our style. I love that we’re classy and sleek, but the girl in me wants bright colors and cute hoodies. Here’s some cold weather looks from the hot gyaru girls in Shibuya, Tokyo’s fiercest fashion district.

This is what ima be channeling for the next three months. Ok then, ciaoOoOoOo (*´▽`*)


19 Activists Killed By Israeli Soldiers On The Freedom Flotilla

June 1, 2010

Israel has illegally killed 19 and injured over 100 unarmed civillians and peace activists aboard the flotilla.

Israel does not own the Gaza sea and has no right to stop aid arriving through there.

Israel attacked the flotilla in International Waters while the ship was flying Turkish flags. That’s an act of war.

Israeli commandos were not armed with crowd control equipment, only guns and knives. Seems like a peaceful cease and desist was out of the question entirely. An interesting strategy considering there were only UNARMED civillians aboard, including a baby.

Killing civillians is a war crime.

Starving an occupied people is a war crime. Just as an aside, its interesting to look at the blacklist of items that are not allowed to be imported into Palestine:  wood, cement, iron, chocolate, potato chips, paper.. They also shut the power and water on and off regularly. They don’t permit importing clothes or fabrics to make new clothes. They are basically strangling the population of all its basic needs until it dies off.

The raid was before dawn, there is footage of Israeli soldiers shooting sleeping passengers before even getting on board.

A white flag was raised after the first death, yet the Israeli army still persisted in their attack.

At some point, the Israeli government ok’d this act, and the killing of innocents in order for the mission to begin.

Perhaps the worst part is that despite the deaths and  injured civillians, nothing will be done, no justice will be given and no international action to stop Israel will be taken. We are frustratingly mute.

Update: Turkey has just warned Israel that more aid ships will be sent to Gaza, accompanied by their Navy! Perhaps I was wrong about international action.

Lupe Fiasco: A Profile

May 6, 2010

Lupe Fiasco is a Chicago native hip hop artist who has earned his self proclaimed title of the Coolest. Growing up beside a crack den in the West Side of the city, Lupe comes from harsher roots than most. His father was an engineer, a Black Panther who listened to NWA. He taught him how to use a gun at four years old, which they then used to scare the dealers next door. He drove Lupe to his karate lessons, helping him to collect the four black belts he has today, two of them in Samurai Swords. His mother was a chef and influenced him to read National Geographic and listen to classical jazz.

Born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, he adopted the name Lupe Fiasco from the combination of the Lu from Wasalu and the song Firm Fiasco by Firm. Wasalu means Warrior in Arabic. Although he has obvious Islamic roots, Lupe insists he won’t be a poster child for Islam, in the characteristically humble Muslim way. He reasons that sometimes he doesn’t fast, and sometimes he misses prayer, so how could he be on a pedestal? The artwork for his album The Cool mimics the calligraphy of an Islamic prayer in Arabic, replacing a verse with his name.

Lupe exploded onto the scene after a featured verse on Kanye West’s Touch The Sky, however he had label trouble since his high school days when his crew were signed to Epic and then quickly disbanded. He was then courted by Arista, Jay-Z and Rocafella Records before settling with Atlantic. He co-founded FNF, a label under Atlantic with business partner Chilly Patton until Patton was convicted of trafficking heroin and sentenced to 44 years. On the album The Cool, Lupe manages to cry “Free Chilly” on every single track. FNF stands for first and fifteenth, a reference to the awaited pay days of every month which come fortnightly by those who are struggling and have to live paycheck to paycheck.

After hearing fellow Muslim Nas’s album It Was Written, Lupe knew his calling was in hip hop. His debut album Food & Liquor was critically acclaimed and was inspired by mans eternal struggle with good and bad. Lupe’s observation of the unique little corner stores in Chicago which were simply called ‘Food & Liquor’ gave him his title. Food was the good, the nutrition we all need and the Liquor was the bad, the addictions and so on. Lupe’s lyrics were unlike any rapper on the mainstream scene at the time, he admits that he is an intellectual nerd rapper, whereas most of the hip hop at the time was dirty beats with lyrics about money and bitches. Lupe was a breath of fresh air to the hip hop world.

His entire mantra behind his writing was to forget chasing the radio and the cool, and to pursue his own interests and make them cool. This came from a lecture he heard from Dr Cornell West in which he stated that people had to be “hip to be square,” to shift the focus of the population from the glamorized high life to intellectualism and social justice. His second album, The Cool, embodied this idea. Songs like Streets on Fire, inspired by the George Orwell novel 1984 and Little Weapon reflect his political side. Gold Watch and Superstar combined his street appeal with playful yet intelligent lyrics. Both albums have a completeness to them, each song a chapter leading to the next, which belies the perfectionism in Lupe’s art.

Lupe has often said that he plans to retire after his third album, LupEnd, but as his popularity grows his final project is pushed further on the back burner. Instead he has thrown together some mixtapes, joined  a crew with Pharrell and Kanye and created a rock band. He’s also had a song on the New Moon soundtrack and taken part in charity events.

On stage Lupe is an incredible performer. He manages to engage the crowd and keep the room buzzing from high to high as he raps his way through his hits and cult favourites. Instead of fancy light shows and expensive merchandise, he spends his budget on sound production and perfecting his tracks. His energy is high and he jokes with the crowd, wearing t-shirts with social messages such as “Free Palestine”. Some have hailed him the saviour of hip hop, and all things in consideration, it is not at all hard to understand why.

Collateral Murder

April 6, 2010

Firstly, I’m  deeply sorry to the victims in Collateral Murder, my heart goes out to their families and friends. There’s something very despicable about watching someones life being taken from them, it’s wrong on so many levels. I didn’t want to watch it,  and I found it so distressing that I cried most of the way through, but unfortunately the video is too important to ignore and I can’t write about it without having seen it.

A brief run down for those who don’t want to watch: A helicopter spots a group of  about 15 people walking through the streets, somewhere in Iraq, one of which is carrying something that looks like a rocket launcher. It is in fact a camera, held by one of two journalists for Reuters who are walking with the group. The helicopter requests permission to fire, then does and kills all but a couple who try to crawl away. Both happen to be the journalists. One of them is shot at again until he is dead, the other crawls for a while until a van arrives to try and rescue him. They are also shot and all are killed. In the van are two children who were wounded, the van was completely destroyed. A tank then runs over one of the bodies.

They were acting on orders. They took a look at what was going on and came up with the viable solution that they are trained to find in this situation. They are in a hostile zone, someone looks to be carrying an RPG, others look to hold guns. But this shocking play out of events finds them realising in the last scene that they killed innocent people, even injured children. “Well its their fault for bringing kids into a battle,” says one soldier. “That’s right,” another replies. They have to alleviate themselves from the guilt of the situation or else they can’t do the task at hand. They’re rash, they’re afraid, they’re jumpy.

I can’t completely blame the soldiers who think they are just doing their job, saving the rest of the world. They weren’t the ones who pushed for this fake war where innocent people die for trying to take photos of atrocities they would ultimately become a part of. But I can question their procedures. Why can they kill before they have accurate and verified sightings of weapons? Why do they keep shooting until everyone is dead, instead of just wounding them so that they are out of action? Why can they shoot at any vehicle no matter who may be inside? Why are they allowed to shoot people trying to rescue the wounded? Why are any of these innocent deaths justifiable by the US Army?

Break it down. Why are these 15 people dead? Not because of any real or valid reason I can find. They are dead because the US wanted to invade, to get some oil, to establish a Middle Eastern stronghold, to avoid righting the class imbalance in their own society by allocating funds to the latest “threat” to national security. Iraq had no WMD’s, nor was there the intelligence to suggest there was any. They weren’t connected to 9/11. There were no terrorists. We simply went into a country, tore apart their government and businesses and destroyed the whole lot. We left them with nothing but bombed rubble piles that were once homes and dead family members. Over a hundred thousand civillians have died for this reasonless war.

And we only find out because in this group of civillians, two journalists died. Reuters fought for the footage via the Freedom of Information Act for three years. This was held back from the public for three years. I first saw the story at 5am this morning on wikileaks, Al Jazeera ran it immediately, The Age took six hours after realising it wasn’t just going to blow over, Fox News took 9 and CNN finally ran it almost 12 hours after the fact. Still, till now, they would prefer to sweep this under the carpet than expose the world to the truth. That is where our media stands. Biased, controlled, ruthless, frustratingly mute on the most important stories. How many more videos are there like this one?

Again, I’m gravely sorry for what has happened to these poor souls. But I am thankful that this has come to the surface, for the sake of democracy and transparency and truth. We need to see our leaders for what they really are, the system for what it is. It is corrupt and it cheats and it lies and it kills. This story is a step on the path of righting the injustice of many at the hands of the rich, elite few. Hopefully soon the trickle will become a flood and there will be nowhere left for them to hide.

Error 404: Freedom Not Found

March 30, 2010

A poll today on Internet Censorship currently stands at 96% opposed, 3% in favour and 1% indifferent. At last count there were almost 27 thousand votes on the SMH/The Age poll that accompanied the article ‘Government Goes To War With Google Over Net Censorship’. It covers Conroys recent attack on the giant cyber-corp Google, after Google objected publicly to an Australian internet filter.

The Obama administration has also echoed concerns with the state of freedom of speech and free-flowing information which would be halted with the introduction of the filter. In particular, the filter goes against US foreign policy which seeks to preserve an open internet to spread economic growth and global security.

With such heavyweights in opposing positions one would think that Stephen Conroy, who was never elected but obtained his position after another MP stepped down, would reconsider his draconian plans. Not so. Conroy has shrugged it off and once again did not publish the blacklist he has proposed, of which the last version included materials on abortion, euthanasia and other politically volatile topics, of which discussions are controversial but in no way illegal.

One has to wonder exactly how much blatant opposition does there need to be before the public’s wishes are taken into consideration in regards to the state of democracy in Australia.

Happy Valentines Day Mofos!

February 14, 2010

“She says that I’ve been waiting for you

And I know you’ve been chasing me too

Since they kidnapped me from a castle

I been thinking of you

I told her fire breathing dragon he bet not harm me

Or he be sorry when he meets my one man army

And thou has come to rescue me

My knight in shining armor yes you be

Woken up by the horn of an SUV

I said see, too beautiful to let you sleep!”

And if you don’t have a valentine, don’t fret, I don’t have one either so you can be mine. *^_^*

A Thousand Curses Upon You CONROY / RUDD / LABOR!!

February 9, 2010

What the fuck is going on around here? I leave the game for a minute and suddenly democracy turns to shit, just when I was starting to believe in the system. How does the government have a free reign to do this shit? Labor seems to be playing up harder than Johnny Howard in his Iraq days! And on the topic, what happened to withdrawing the troops?

What happened to my education? I thought we were gonna give students a break and suddenly I’m hit with a $1k bill for “fees” that I’ve never had to pay in my whole university career. What do they need that for after all this fucking time? I was cut when they were simply proposing a mere (only in comparison to the grand) three hundred bucks! And giving the private schools more funding than the public ones.. Which fuckhead spun the logic on that one?

Internet filter going ahead despite wave after wave of disapproval from the ISP’s, experts and the majority of citizens. Except now they’re going to wait till after the election to implant it, knowing full well that the backlash would definitely affect their vote count. You’re damn right it will! I’ve never once thought that voting Liberal could possibly be better than voting Labor, but I hate this fucking assembly. I want it dismantled! Maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem if the issue wasn’t shrouded in mystery and outright lies from Conroy, “The filter is 100% accurate,” “Its going to block pages not sites,” and other such nonsense ripped apart in this article from Crikey.

In SA bloggers aren’t even allowed to POST POLITICAL COMMENTARY ONLINE ANONYMOUSLY!! You can’t tell me that shit ain’t fucked up, and you know its us next. We’re right next door. If you want to keep talking with all your dissent and “political critiques” you can say hello to the blacklist fellow bloggers!

Is it enough yet? No? That’s cool, I got more.

What about the ban on small boob porn? Or female ejaculation porn? You all know I hate the porn industry and everything it stands for, but when you start banning you can begin with the misogynistic shit that encourages violence against women who moan in pleasure when the guys spit in her face and slap her. Maybe I should be happy they’re banning the porn? No, no I can’t be! Who is the man who gets to decide which of the boobs are big enough? Is a visible female orgasm so offensive that we have to ban it from sight? Where is the logic? Isn’t this crazy talk to anyone yet?!

Now Conroy (the man I hate so very dearly, dearly, dearly!) is giving $240mil of tax payers money to tv networks for doing no more than meeting the content requirements they were already meeting? Take from the poor, give to the rich, its genius! Why didn’t we think of it before? Oh wait.. They wasted $30mil with Telstra when they scrapped their broadband revamp, replacing the $4.7bil plan with a $43mil one. Think of what that kind of money can do and it went to nothing.

Thats fucking it! I’m gonna do something. Join something. March or rile up a mob or something. Storm city hall. Australia is a fucked up place to live. It’s definitely not the worst, you know, it’s no Sudan or Zimbabwe, but its full on fucked up right now and more people should be screaming about it. I’m enraged by this bullshit.. Contact me if you need more soldiers for the revolution, I’m down for life!

Fuck you CONROY! Block me! I dare you!!

RIP Jesse Lightning

January 31, 2010

15/5/1996 – 9/1/2010

I miss you. =(

I wasn’t gonna write anything, but I want a record of her somewhere, she deserves a place in the world.

She used to eat everything, she was a guts. She had a cane bed that she only fit into a tiny corner of, then when she grew too big for it she ate it. She left deep claw marks in the backdoor from scratching and barking for food at her dinner time. She’d do anything to get inside, she learned how to open the wire and wooden sliding doors.

She could never get enough walks, she loved the bush and running free around our property up there. She would run away all the time and end up coming home a few days later. She loved chasing the wallabies and the chickens at the property across the road.

When we first got her she used to chase us around the yard and bite at our heels playfully. She could never get enough attention or pats. She’d sit with you the whole day if she could, with her head on your lap. She had the softest ears even when the rest of her fur was old and dry.

She was always happy and loving and cheerful. She never growled or bit past the playful puppy stage. We gave her the second name ‘Lightning’ after her white zig zag stripe on her neck, which faded a bit when she got older. I can’t even think of her without tearing up, I think because she was an innocent, good natured child her whole life.

We got her because my little brother was wild, and she calmed him down. He loved her so much he pretended to be a dog for ages, every toy he got was dog related, he even had a dog border on his bedroom walls. We had to put her down because she was just too sick, but it still felt wrong.

I love you Jess.

You Ain’t Never Seen A Fire Like The One Ima Cause!

December 28, 2009

“I know she was attractive, but I was here first

Been riding with you for six years

Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you?

I know you’re probably thinking

What’s up with B?

I been crying for too long, what did you do to me?

I used to be so strong..”

Wow, I’ve gotten some really lovely comments in the past few days. I’m going to reply to all of them, as is my usual protocol, but I’d like to say thanks to those individuals first up! A couple weeks ago I had a few hater replies that I moved straight to the trash and it really put me off the blog. I’m not usually that sensitive, especially with haters, but you know how these things are. If you’re not expecting it, you don’t react well.

On Christmas Eve I found out the guy I’ve been seeing for the last two months has been hitting up and seeing his ex girlfriend on the sly. I can’t even express to you the rage I’m feeling towards him at the moment. I don’t want to put up some crazy facebook status, but on the other hand I want him to know that I think he’s a dog and for everyone else to know too! I won’t because I keep my dating life away from there, but goddammit, I’m just that pissed I might do something irrational. Argh!

I’m pretty sure he knows that I know, and the chicken shit is laying low to avoid the wrath. I know that its all like, don’t worry he doesn’t deserve me if he’s a lowie like that, blah blah, but I’m seething. How many times does this situation have to occur to me? And what kills me is that there were so many signs I ignored naively, thinking he would never have some drowned rat waiting in the wings. The worst part is the feeling of inadequacy that comes along with it, something I’d already worked through before, I’d gotten past it. But now it’s here again in the back of my mind, gnawing away.

“I tried and I tried to forget this

I’m much too full of resentment

I’ll always remember feeling

Like I was no good

Like I couldn’t do it for you

Like your mistress could

And it’s all because you lied!”

There’s a part of me that wants to scream and rage and cause a massive scene, but the other part is saying ‘don’t stoop to that level, be above it, pretend you are unaffected..’ But then, it’s like he’s getting away with it. Except he won’t, because I know he’s going to come crawling back and that’s when I can be cold. This is really a kick in the teeth to my ego, you know? It’s all about the ego in the end. How dare HE do this to ME? Doesn’t he know who I AM?? I have to stop thinking in those terms, because it only breeds unhappiness. It’s as simple as: he fucked up, I go. That’s all it has to come down to.

It was only two months together, it’s not like we were meant to be. I can’t even hate him for it. I feel a bit possessive, thinking of her touching him or them laughing together, but I guess she had the prior claim being the ex, right? Fucking bitch.. Sigh, I’m sorry. But I can understand exactly why so many girls want to blast the chick even when they may not have known he was taken. It’s half jealousy, half intimidation. In the end though it was his choice, his betrayal. I know that. I’ll leave her out of this.

I should have known the moment he started getting possessive and suspicious of me. Cheaters always think their partner is as susceptible to that behaviour as they are. They accuse you first, they get jealous and delusional. Match that with the little hints his mates girlfriends were throwing at me and his sudden need to hide where he was or what he was doing and you pretty much have the conclusion staring you in the face. But I was too blind to see it.

“Tell me how should I feel

When I know what I know

And my female intuition tellin me you a dog

People told me bout the flames

I couldn’t see through the smoke

When I need answers – accusations!

What you mean you gon’ choke?

Oh you can’t stay you gotta go

Ain’t no other chick spendin your dough!

Ima put in a call, tell them ring the alarm

Coz you ain’t never seen a fire like the one ima cause!”

I’m cool, yo. Forget about it. Just another story for the archives ey? I’m going to be fine in like a week or something. For revenge I can go out on New Years and pick up whoever I want. It will be good rehab for the battered ego I’m nursing. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have even been that affected if I hadn’t found out and then immediately had to spend a major holiday with happy couples and families. That’s just asking for the sads. Karma, this shit is stacking up hard.. You owe me big time!

Ciao, my pretties. Happy New Years if I don’t post before then! 😀

Ren Rou Sou Suo

November 30, 2009

Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with the Ren Rou Sou Suo, or in English, the ‘human flesh search engine’, netizens from all over China who uncover the identities of Internet villains.

In Communist China, citizens often find themselves frustrated and enraged at the lack of social justice they encounter on a daily basis. When they are provoked, the highly digital-literate population take to the internet and put the power back into their own hands.

This video is showing a young Chinese girl in a restaurant, who stops to give a man directions and escapes as he attempts to pull her into the bathroom with him. She retrieves her parents, who confront the man, an official government minister, before the police come and let him go citing a ‘lack of evidence’ despite the girls testimony, witnesses and the official himself shouting “I did it, so what? How much money do you want, give me a price. I will pay it!” to the girls father.

The news was posted on the internet, and the Ren Rou Suo Sou quickly discovered the official and identified him as Lin Jiaxiang, a party secretary of Shenzhen Maritime Administration. Lin Jiaxiang was dismissed from his government position in the Ministry of Transport on November 4th 2008. However once again, the Chinese police deemed there to be ‘not enough evidence’ to issue an assault charge, and this footage mysteriously vanished from the internet at the time.

Another case of Ren Rou Sou Suo saw a woman publicly named and shamed for stomping on the head of a kitten with her high heel, killing it. The woman was quickly identified as Wang Jue from her location and the online purchase of the shoes, and her details were posted online for thousands of netizens to use. She was mercilessly harassed, lost her job, and was forced to post a video apology online where she acknowledged her actions and asked for forgiveness.

You see a lot of this lately, notably with the recent case of the puppy killers. Its interesting how the internet has given power to the masses, a new and effective route for vigilantism..