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Broken Glass

December 20, 2010

There was so much dust and cobwebs on my dashboard when I logged in! Sorry blog friends. Although the blog world feels a lot emptier lately.. where have we all gone?

I admit to you, I have been feeling apathetic towards politics the past year or two. Powerless, mute, like nothing I did would ever amount to any positive change. It was just going from bad to worse with no hope of improvement. My vote was not for Liberal or for Labor, and either would win, so what’s the point? The left is right. And my left is “radical”.

Wikileaks means something though. Whether it will slip into the vacuum of forgotten topics of the internet or not I do not know. I’m hoping it had a lasting effect. But we’re so easily distracted by the next big thing. We have verified proof that our governments have been lying and deceiving us in the most abhorrent of manners and yet, it’s as if nothing was said. Where is the outrage?

For the first time in a long while I found myself engaging in debate with people. I trolled statuses, posted videos, wrote tongue in cheek commentaries to headline my news links. Something big is happening right now, something we can never go back from. We successfully shattered the mirrored glass they were hiding behind. We found the wizard behind the curtain. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

The question is, will we be held captive to our government masters or will we finally be granted our freedom (of information, speech, religion, to assemble, to privacy..) ?

What do you think?


Error 404: Freedom Not Found

March 30, 2010

A poll today on Internet Censorship currently stands at 96% opposed, 3% in favour and 1% indifferent. At last count there were almost 27 thousand votes on the SMH/The Age poll that accompanied the article ‘Government Goes To War With Google Over Net Censorship’. It covers Conroys recent attack on the giant cyber-corp Google, after Google objected publicly to an Australian internet filter.

The Obama administration has also echoed concerns with the state of freedom of speech and free-flowing information which would be halted with the introduction of the filter. In particular, the filter goes against US foreign policy which seeks to preserve an open internet to spread economic growth and global security.

With such heavyweights in opposing positions one would think that Stephen Conroy, who was never elected but obtained his position after another MP stepped down, would reconsider his draconian plans. Not so. Conroy has shrugged it off and once again did not publish the blacklist he has proposed, of which the last version included materials on abortion, euthanasia and other politically volatile topics, of which discussions are controversial but in no way illegal.

One has to wonder exactly how much blatant opposition does there need to be before the public’s wishes are taken into consideration in regards to the state of democracy in Australia.

A Thousand Curses Upon You CONROY / RUDD / LABOR!!

February 9, 2010

What the fuck is going on around here? I leave the game for a minute and suddenly democracy turns to shit, just when I was starting to believe in the system. How does the government have a free reign to do this shit? Labor seems to be playing up harder than Johnny Howard in his Iraq days! And on the topic, what happened to withdrawing the troops?

What happened to my education? I thought we were gonna give students a break and suddenly I’m hit with a $1k bill for “fees” that I’ve never had to pay in my whole university career. What do they need that for after all this fucking time? I was cut when they were simply proposing a mere (only in comparison to the grand) three hundred bucks! And giving the private schools more funding than the public ones.. Which fuckhead spun the logic on that one?

Internet filter going ahead despite wave after wave of disapproval from the ISP’s, experts and the majority of citizens. Except now they’re going to wait till after the election to implant it, knowing full well that the backlash would definitely affect their vote count. You’re damn right it will! I’ve never once thought that voting Liberal could possibly be better than voting Labor, but I hate this fucking assembly. I want it dismantled! Maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem if the issue wasn’t shrouded in mystery and outright lies from Conroy, “The filter is 100% accurate,” “Its going to block pages not sites,” and other such nonsense ripped apart in this article from Crikey.

In SA bloggers aren’t even allowed to POST POLITICAL COMMENTARY ONLINE ANONYMOUSLY!! You can’t tell me that shit ain’t fucked up, and you know its us next. We’re right next door. If you want to keep talking with all your dissent and “political critiques” you can say hello to the blacklist fellow bloggers!

Is it enough yet? No? That’s cool, I got more.

What about the ban on small boob porn? Or female ejaculation porn? You all know I hate the porn industry and everything it stands for, but when you start banning you can begin with the misogynistic shit that encourages violence against women who moan in pleasure when the guys spit in her face and slap her. Maybe I should be happy they’re banning the porn? No, no I can’t be! Who is the man who gets to decide which of the boobs are big enough? Is a visible female orgasm so offensive that we have to ban it from sight? Where is the logic? Isn’t this crazy talk to anyone yet?!

Now Conroy (the man I hate so very dearly, dearly, dearly!) is giving $240mil of tax payers money to tv networks for doing no more than meeting the content requirements they were already meeting? Take from the poor, give to the rich, its genius! Why didn’t we think of it before? Oh wait.. They wasted $30mil with Telstra when they scrapped their broadband revamp, replacing the $4.7bil plan with a $43mil one. Think of what that kind of money can do and it went to nothing.

Thats fucking it! I’m gonna do something. Join something. March or rile up a mob or something. Storm city hall. Australia is a fucked up place to live. It’s definitely not the worst, you know, it’s no Sudan or Zimbabwe, but its full on fucked up right now and more people should be screaming about it. I’m enraged by this bullshit.. Contact me if you need more soldiers for the revolution, I’m down for life!

Fuck you CONROY! Block me! I dare you!!

Ablett Claims His Brownlow

September 21, 2009


WoOoOoOo! Congrats to Gary Ablett Jr on winning the 2009 Brownlow, after two years of near misses he finally claimed what is rightfully his. He lead in the voting from the beginning till the end and managed to secure the win with 2 rounds to go, ending 8 votes in front of the runner up, Chris Judd.

His girlfriend Lauren burst into tears as soon as he won the points to clear his win and he thanked her for being a positive motivating force within his life, as Aaliyah would say. Let’s hope he can go on to lead the Cats to victory in the Grand Final this Saturday!

P.S. All hail the demi-gods father Gary Sr.


Gen Y to ‘Grey Generation’:

August 8, 2009



Uhhh, let’s do something not fashion or Japan-related for a moment. I’m starting to lose my cred as an intellectual (did I ever have it?), and it’s pretty debatable whether I’m being relevant to the streets of Melbourne in any real way. Today one of my classes gave me some decent left wing inspiration. I’m loving uni right now, all my seemingly boring subjects have cool teachers and there are even some cute guys! I just dropped my cred again, didn’t I? Fuck.

So I don’t believe the Age blogs are to be classified as real blogs. If anything, they’re columns. First of all, they don’t generate their own readership (or if they do, it’s helped immensely by banners and links and having a newspaper such as the Age behind them), secondly there’s no real networking, which I feel is an important characteristic of the blog. We have blogrolls and we follow them to comment on other blogs, develop communities etc. The Age ‘blogs’ barely even reply to their own comments. Thirdly, they’re paid and supported by a news corp which has endless contacts, authority and influence. Who gets paid per blog post in the blogosphere? We get advertising deals at best. Anyway, that’s just my position. They’re not authentic. Samantha Brett sucks ass. There’s a reason for this paragraph, I swear.


It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?!

I read this “blog post” (I’m being mean coz the writer annoyed me, sorry, I’m a biased fool) and it was all la la la ageism sucks, the workforce is hard for old people, so on and so forth. I agree with you. My poor mother is struggling herself, after divorcing my dad she needs some income and its been rough for her. No matter how good she was back in the old days, nobody is willing to give her a go. And that’s fucked up and sad, and it makes me feel extra bad because she wants to be able to prove she can be self-sufficient without my father, and each knock back is affecting her confidence and optimism. She’s losing sight of her credentials and she feels useless. I hate it, I don’t want her to feel so down on herself, especially since she is perfectly capable and would be amazing if she only got a fair go.

It was all fine until this part, obviously the troll paragraph that is designed to make the fish bite, which I found to cheapen his entire argument (James Adonis, if you were wondering):

“This brings us to the imbalance in today’s workplaces, where there’s too much of a focus on Generation Y. Older workers might not use terms like “LOL”, “sweet as”, and “fully sick”, but all generations generally want the same thing. Everyone wants a work/life balance. Everyone wants to use their talents. Everyone wants to have close relationships at work. The only difference is that Gen Ys demand these from their employers, while older generations have become accustomed to putting up with whatever they get.

Gen Ys are as loyal to employers as Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands. Older workers, on the other hand, hang around for as long as Elizabeth Taylor herself. The world needs to move on from Gen Y. It needs to embrace the grey matter of the grey generation. This means seeking older employees’ opinions and suggestions; respecting and harnessing their experience; being patient, especially when skilling them up on new technologies; and being sensitive to their possible discomfort at having a young boss.”

In the words of Gen Y, STFU! You can’t be loyal to your employer anymore, because your employer is not loyal to you. It’s their world, they wanted it this way, corporate mofo’s eating up everything they can just to get a step ahead of each other. Lobbying for the breakdown of workers rights, downsizing staff whenever they could, cutting costs, outsourcing labour, blah blah blah forever!


Gen Y: Adaptable

If we want to break it down, the difference is not that Generation Y demands this or that, it’s that we are adaptable and flexible when it comes to work. We have to be, we don’t have the opportunities that the generations before us had. We definitely do not have the stability of knowing once we get a job we can hang onto it till retirement like the jobs of the past. We will always be paying more in comparison to the living costs of back then. Realistically, unless we have a dual income with a partner, we won’t own our own home. We’re not working one 9-5 job anymore, most of us are under-employed by companies who want to keep their skilled labour (highly educated workers) without having to pay us a decent weekly paycheck. We gotta get ourselves a hustle on the side now too.

Gen Y did not bring in the discriminating values of the corporate world. Howard and the old fashioned, conservative voters did. We didn’t peak in the 80’s like all the other jet-setting, power suits who threw away their ethics chasing the cash money. We didn’t bring in this cruel, capitalist market which was supposed to regulate itself with its invisible hand, that instead collapsed and made things the way they are today. Times are tough for all of us, stop pointing fingers and take a look at the bigger picture. You would be able to retire instead of working if you had of voted for a socially conscious party who would increase your pension.

Alas, you did not.

So as we say in Gen Y.. Fuck you B, we out! Pshhh, haterz.

As an aside, here is the comment monkey fight I am currently waging with the Age ‘blogger’ (after the jump).


Consent Of Inaction

May 10, 2009

Yoshinaga-san chi no Gargoyle 10

Connex are goddamn bastards. This isn’t a transport rant, but I felt it was an appropriate opening in any case. I read this article at the start of the week and it made me realise how tolerant I’d been, when really I should have been screaming from the rooftops like the rest of the transport-minded crazies (ie Reuben :P).

The ticket inspectors are horrible, drunk on power, violent and abusive assholes! The worst thing is that I’ve seen this first hand and I just went along with it. Every morning at Melbourne Central they’re lined up at the gates ready and waiting to harass anyone who dares use a concession ticket (although they were notably missing after that story was published, oh just decided to take a day off out of nowhere huh? Tails between your legs like dogs!). I would take pleasure in haughtily waving it in their face while I was still using my concession card until it was revoked a couple months ago, not because I’m a super-bitch (that’s still up for debate yea?) but because of how rude they were when asking/forcing people to show it. And even though I knew it was fucked up enough for me to be bitchy about it, I didn’t register just how bad it was.


We pay them good money! I spend 50bux a week on stupid train tickets, and for that I get squashed into a tiny overcrowded space, cancelled or late trains and on top of that harassed by the inspectors! Fucking bullshit. I’ve seen them walking casually through, plainclothes, acting like passengers then suddenly someone’s like ‘Now!’ and they rip out their badges, jump over seats and start chasing some punk kids like they were catching the crown jewel thieves or some shit. Its insane, its over-kill, its just wack.

So anyway (after that ridiculously long intro), this is what I’m feeling so bad about. A couple of weeks ago I was walking through Melb Cent with my full fare ticket, and I see about 5 inspectors have this lady up against the wall, and she’s crying and begging them to give her back her license, and they’re waving it above her, screaming at her and pushing her backwards. They were threatening her and mocking her, and the poor woman was hysterical. It was fucked up. And I looked at that and thought, ‘Yeop she probs forgot her concession card,’ and felt relieved that I had my full fare ticket so they couldn’t stop me at the gate anymore.


I can’t believe I walked past that and did nothing! I’m an enabler. I just let them do that to her and walk on relieved I didn’t have to deal with them. Like it was perfectly fine that a group of men should gang up on a woman, make her cry and hold her up against the wall like she did anything worse than maybe not pay $5 on top of her existing ticket. Why oh why didn’t I go up to them and tell them to calm the fuck down? To stop pushing her and making her cry? I was too afraid they’d turn their wrath on me. That’s just weak, that’s not good enough.

There was a house on the corner of a couple of busy streets in my area that a family of Muslims moved into. And everyone saw them on their front lawn or packing their stuff into the house, the whole neighbourhood knew we had a new Muslim family. Anyway one day we drove past to see someone had spray painted on the front of their white house “Fuck you Muslims” or something equally as evil.

I felt so bad, every day it was still up I wanted to knock on their door with a welcome basket and ask them if I could help them repaint the wall, to show that they were actually welcome. And I kept thinking, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it the next day, until finally it was too late and they had repainted it themselves. I always regret that I let it go, I did nothing, and by doing nothing and keeping myself out of their business I had added to the problem. Silence is consent. Their house is up for sale and I don’t blame them for leaving. What a shitty neighbourhood.


I vow to myself, never again will I let myself sit back and watch something terrible happen without lending a hand to stop it. I will not let people be treated like they have no rights, I have to find the courage to stand up for what’s right no matter what the cost is! I’m so disappointed in myself.

I Don’t Smoke Either, But Damn That’s Some Funny Shit!

April 29, 2009



A lady was punched in the face at Parliament Station yesterday for telling another woman to stop smoking. In the words of my sister India, and as a reformed smoker myself, I have to say: “Lol, lol, lol, lol!”

Smokers all over the world are nodding their heads in unison. This is the most annoying thing about being a smoker, the constant disapproval and people telling you what *they* think you should do with your life, and how stupid and irresponsible you are, how its killing you blah, blah, blah forever! Walking past you and hissing a snide remark or waving their hand at you to clear the smoke. Just some examples of the social persecution a smoker must go through daily.

Firstly, nobody told you to start smoking, so don’t go around telling people to quit. Its the equivalent of those Christians who door knock, or try to pretend that their religious ideology has some kind of relevance in mainstream society or politics, or even the atheists who feel its their duty to burst the bubbles of those who have a faith. Sell your shit somewhere else, because I’m not buying & if I want your opinion I would ask for it. Ohhh, you’re doing it in the name of my health? Because you know whats good for me? Get over it, you’re no saint healing the world, I’m sure Bush thought he knew what was good for Iraq too, but 90,000 dead Iraqi civillians says otherwise. Over-reaching with that comparison, but it gets the point across. Pretty much, this paragraph can be summed up by saying: Mind Your Own Damn Business.


Secondly, smokers have the right to stand somewhere and smoke, just as you a non-smoker have the right to stand somewhere and NOT smoke. They are not second class citizens just because the social opinion of today is against smoking. Twenty years ago, it was the opposite, but you didn’t see smokers with that on their side walking around pressuring people to live like them, did you? Got the whole world on your side so you can go around pushing people huh? You bullies!

Thirdly, how rude are you to ask someone not to smoke?! Smokers are not lepers, and they can do what they want. Their choice is not affecting you. If you walk up to someone and tell them how to live, then you sound like an asshole who deserves a punch in the face, if you ask me. I would never go up to someone on the street and criticise them, even if they were a cracked out junkie-whore making a scene on the corner. And partially that is because, a junkie is unpredictable, like most strangers, they could potentially take what you said offensively and decide to crack you in the nose. Goddamn self righteous fools, watch who you’re messing with, especially at a train station. You’re lucky you didn’t get stabbed!

I don’t condone the violence, and clearly it was out of line for the woman to use brutal force on someone who merely spoke to them asking them something, but you non-smokers can be so rude and interfering and outspoken that after a while, the constant hostility could easily make someone snap. The chick *should* have just told the woman to go fuck herself, that would have been appropriate, but oh well. Next time.



Its simple, if you don’t like smoke in your vicinity, then stand somewhere else! Are you an idiot? You’re the only one forcing yourself to stand in that position, near that smoker, so stop waving your arms around like a retarded traffic cop and move your annoying face somewhere else. And I don’t give a shit if it was under cover or inside or against the law or prohibited or whatever, you goddamn snitch, tattletale, goody-goody, teachers pet! Its a cigarette, get over it.

I realise my blogroll is made up of 90% non-smokers & this isn’t aimed at any of you. I welcome your differing opinions though, and feel free to be as blunt and ranty as I’ve been, it makes it fun! Cheers.

When Melbourne Punches You In The Face

November 30, 2008

Is it just me, or is it getting a whole lot more violent around here lately? I could just be living on the wrong side of the tracks, but my violent encounters seem to have gone up three fold, resulting in at least one incident every weekend. Thats pretty dangerous. I’ve started going home early to avoid trouble. And I can’t believe I ever used to walk home alone from my local at 3am, what the fuck? When I’m drunk I think I’m invincible or some shit. There’s no way I could do that now.


Last weekend I had a quiet Saturday night. We decided to pretend we were out to everyone who called, and just stay at home and watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 297hrs in, when it was just about to get good on the last one (the beacons had just been lit to call to the aid of Rohan, and Arwen had just found out there was a child in her future) we get a phone call. Hu’s mother had been punched in the face by some rogues, and so Hu’s brother was lighting the beacon and calling for Hu’s aid in the fight.

The whole story turned out that his sister was defending a gay guy, she got bashed and so did he, then her brother came and bashed everyone, then his mum came to pick them up and a guy jumped on the hood of her car, punched through the windscreen and then got off and punched the mum through her open side window. Then he realised she was a mum and ran off, but not before Hu’s brother could kick the shit out of him to the point where he was ‘bleeding from everywhere’.

That sickens me, and makes me think ghetto, ghetto, ghetto! And not in the good way, in the Jerry Springer way. Not only for the disgusting acts of violence against the gay guy, Hu’s sister and his mum, but of how him and his brother ran through it afterwards, bashing and savagely hurting even more people. What exactly does that solve? I understand you know, people are going to be angry, and in the heat of the moment its all about punishing those who hurt you, but if you cared about someone wouldn’t that time be better spent consoling them instead of pursuing their attackers?


Its like we don’t know how to solve conflicts without turning to violence anymore. I went to the pub last night and was planning to have a good one, but once my friend lost his wallet and started punching walls and breaking glasses from anger, I was like ‘fuck you kids, I’m out.’ I’m not gonna stick around while people act aggressively towards others by towering over them and smashing glasses. You might be looking for a fight, but I’m not, and the fact that you’re doing that shit pisses me off because A. you’re putting me in danger and B. the tough ‘I punch walls’ act is an unattractive quality in a friend. Its just too violent and I’m not going to hang around someone who takes out their issues by attacking things. Like what if you were angry at me? Would you punch a wall I was standing near in frustration? Would you grab me and shake me, wishing you could hit me? I can tolerate anger, but theres a difference between anger and being physically and violently intimidating.

It all sounds worse on paper, but how many of us can relate and say they’ve been in a similar situation, just as bloodthirsty? I bet you can all think of at least one or two incidents of fights around you, or brutal violence against someone. Maybe you’ve even been involved. I’ve been punched by a guy before, so has my sister, so has Hu’s sister, Hu’s mum, Hu and most of my mates. Is it just a matter of time before Melbourne punches everybody in the face? What does this kind of behaviour lead to emotionally and socially?

I know in my case and my sisters that it was unprovoked and unchallenged, in times when we were alone for whatever reason and came across the wrong guy without anyone to protect us. And its not so much the physical hit that hurts you, its the feeling of being alone with no-one to save you. Something my sister said after it happened to her really struck me, “There was a point where he had me against the wall and I opened my mouth to scream for help, but I realised there was nobody to scream to.” Its that feeling of helplessness, when you realise you are just a girl and people can hurt you without you being able to do anything about it. It makes you feel so vulnerable and scared, and never want to leave the house again. I wish I could have been there for her, but I wasn’t in the area.


What are we doing to ourselves? I can’t understand how people can be so savage to each other, and want to punch people’s faces in and break their bones. And it all seems to be accepted, like if you go out and punch someone its just another night out, nothing out of the ordinary. The worst part is, men feel like they have to do it, and they have to reciprocate in order to be ‘manly’ or to have worth. You have to protect your flock from the wolves. There are even girl fighters out there now, looking for trouble, daring you to bump into them accidently or say the wrong thing. And these aren’t just the normal fiesty, mouthy club girls like you find all over Melbourne, these are seasoned profesh girl fighters, who have been bashing people all through their teen years and are now well into their twenties and thirties. They have missing teeth and click their jaws like junkies. That scares the shit out of me.

Has Melbourne become more violent?

No Clean Feed – Protests

November 18, 2008


Well my friends I’ve finally come across the details of some upcoming protests against the internet filter! Thank god because I was worried that the mainstream public didn’t really care about it, and thats never a good sign for change. Educate, agitate, organise – thats the way to get things done!

So if you disagree that you should be forced to have mandatory filtering of your internet, on both legal and illegal materials defined by no clear reasoning or organisation, of questionable accuracy, that slows your internet on average by 30% and is presumed to block 1 in 100 sites accidently (that could be your own blog!) then the way to speak up about it is to visit No Clean Feed or to attend one of these protests:

Melbourne – 13th Dec, 1pm-5pm, State Library

Sydney – 13th Dec, 11am-4pm, Town Hall

Brisbane – 13th Dec, 11am-3pm, Brisbane Square

Hobart – 13th Dec, 11am-1.30pm, Parliament Lawns

Adelaide – 13th Dec, 12pm-4pm, Parliament

Darwin and Perth have not been organised yet. Its a Saturday so you don’t have to worry about getting time off work, and if you live in Melbourne like me and rock up and its looking kinda feeble, you can always chant a couple of lines then skip across the road to Melbourne Central for some shopping love. And you will be right near one of the last remaining Starbucks shops in Vic so you can get a frappe! I’ve been craving one for months.

Anyway this is all about anti-censorship and free speech. I hope that just because I’ve discussed things like porn, strip clubs, drugs and disliking Kevin Rudd my page won’t be blocked (plus you might not have noticed this, but I sometimes say the f word!), but seeing as they are blocking content unsuitable for children the chances for staying open for business are slim. Stephen Conroy has actually been blasted in Parliament for being misleading with his campaign, in particular for saying that there were similar filters in the US, the UK and Canada, which is a complete fabrication, so thats a bit of good news. Someone is checking facts at least.

Its about time they got to see exactly what they’re up against. The internet is serious business.

Whose Australia Is This?

October 27, 2008

SBS plans to show a documentary on the deaths of 20 refugees who were killed by the Taliban after being turned away by the Australian government after spending time in the camps. They were told they had to either leave, or remain in the camps forever. The documentary will be aired on November 19.

Living in an area with a lot of resettled Sudanese families, I often encounter a lot of racism and prejudice from my friends and people I run into, angry that they should be allowed to ‘just come in here’. My sister’s boyfriend’s father is from Nigeria, and went through the struggle of migrating to Australia back in the seventies, when racism was much more open, and even he ignores his fathers obviously similar story and thinks that they should be sent home and not allowed in. I know the population is largely uneducated when it comes to refugees and the war torn countries they are escaping, but I am seriously sickened by the lack of compassion in regards to them.

When a refugee is coming to be resettled in an environment where they don’t know the language, or understand the culture, it can often be quite daunting and overwhelming. Add in that the majority of the population doesn’t want you there and treats you like a criminal. On top of this, they are coming from countries where one or more of their immediate family may have been killed, a lot of the time in front of them, or they have been tortured, or their houses destroyed and communities disbanded. They have spent time in an Australian refugee camp, which is often just as bad as the country they came from, with bashings and rape and shitty living conditions. A lot of them are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

I know this is a play on your own emotions by trying to personalise their stories, but if that doesn’t hit you in the guts and make you feel sick, then fuck. What kind of person are you that color of someones skin affects whether or not you feel empathy? Even after I explained these factors into possibly a reason why the Sudanese act strangely (aside from the fact they have an entirely different culture) my friends were still unfeeling in regards to their pain. The refugees are not criminals trying to ‘jump the queue’. They are survivors of war and genocide, running from a country that would have killed them if they stayed.

Who owns this country anyway? How much do we have to pay to make it okay to migrate? Last I heard, moving countries was free, apart from visa fees and air tickets. What makes a second generation Australian, like my sisters boyfriend, any more of an Australian than the new migrants? What gives him more of a right to be here, keeping in mind that if the new migrant had a child they would be the same status as himself? We are not a white colony that allows other races to come and pay their way to enjoy our resources and work our coal mines. We are a multicultural country, where 20% of the population is born overseas. We all migrated at some stage and we have been shaped by the contributions of each and every minority to our developing nation. The White Australia policy was overturned decades ago for good reason.

Its also interesting to note that some 41% of illegal immigrants in Australia are white anglo visa over stayers from the UK or New Zealand, and not in fact Sudanese refugees or Asians as the media would have us believe. You see they make us fear the different, and the unknown. They keep us in a state of anxiety because we make stupider and more illogical decisions that way, and are more likely to be swept up in the media frenzy and get behind the populist, racist, prejudiced and discriminatory policies. The current anti terrorism campaign and the propaganda from during the World Wars were made for the same reason and serve the same purpose, to make you fear your neighbour, especially if he looks different to you.

We might be refugees too one day, especially seeing as global warming is creating a more volatile mother nature, with her tsunamis and hurricanes. Wouldn’t you want someone to be sympathetic to your plight?