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19 Activists Killed By Israeli Soldiers On The Freedom Flotilla

June 1, 2010

Israel has illegally killed 19 and injured over 100 unarmed civillians and peace activists aboard the flotilla.

Israel does not own the Gaza sea and has no right to stop aid arriving through there.

Israel attacked the flotilla in International Waters while the ship was flying Turkish flags. That’s an act of war.

Israeli commandos were not armed with crowd control equipment, only guns and knives. Seems like a peaceful cease and desist was out of the question entirely. An interesting strategy considering there were only UNARMED civillians aboard, including a baby.

Killing civillians is a war crime.

Starving an occupied people is a war crime. Just as an aside, its interesting to look at the blacklist of items that are not allowed to be imported into Palestine:  wood, cement, iron, chocolate, potato chips, paper.. They also shut the power and water on and off regularly. They don’t permit importing clothes or fabrics to make new clothes. They are basically strangling the population of all its basic needs until it dies off.

The raid was before dawn, there is footage of Israeli soldiers shooting sleeping passengers before even getting on board.

A white flag was raised after the first death, yet the Israeli army still persisted in their attack.

At some point, the Israeli government ok’d this act, and the killing of innocents in order for the mission to begin.

Perhaps the worst part is that despite the deaths and  injured civillians, nothing will be done, no justice will be given and no international action to stop Israel will be taken. We are frustratingly mute.

Update: Turkey has just warned Israel that more aid ships will be sent to Gaza, accompanied by their Navy! Perhaps I was wrong about international action.


Collateral Murder

April 6, 2010

Firstly, I’m  deeply sorry to the victims in Collateral Murder, my heart goes out to their families and friends. There’s something very despicable about watching someones life being taken from them, it’s wrong on so many levels. I didn’t want to watch it,  and I found it so distressing that I cried most of the way through, but unfortunately the video is too important to ignore and I can’t write about it without having seen it.

A brief run down for those who don’t want to watch: A helicopter spots a group of  about 15 people walking through the streets, somewhere in Iraq, one of which is carrying something that looks like a rocket launcher. It is in fact a camera, held by one of two journalists for Reuters who are walking with the group. The helicopter requests permission to fire, then does and kills all but a couple who try to crawl away. Both happen to be the journalists. One of them is shot at again until he is dead, the other crawls for a while until a van arrives to try and rescue him. They are also shot and all are killed. In the van are two children who were wounded, the van was completely destroyed. A tank then runs over one of the bodies.

They were acting on orders. They took a look at what was going on and came up with the viable solution that they are trained to find in this situation. They are in a hostile zone, someone looks to be carrying an RPG, others look to hold guns. But this shocking play out of events finds them realising in the last scene that they killed innocent people, even injured children. “Well its their fault for bringing kids into a battle,” says one soldier. “That’s right,” another replies. They have to alleviate themselves from the guilt of the situation or else they can’t do the task at hand. They’re rash, they’re afraid, they’re jumpy.

I can’t completely blame the soldiers who think they are just doing their job, saving the rest of the world. They weren’t the ones who pushed for this fake war where innocent people die for trying to take photos of atrocities they would ultimately become a part of. But I can question their procedures. Why can they kill before they have accurate and verified sightings of weapons? Why do they keep shooting until everyone is dead, instead of just wounding them so that they are out of action? Why can they shoot at any vehicle no matter who may be inside? Why are they allowed to shoot people trying to rescue the wounded? Why are any of these innocent deaths justifiable by the US Army?

Break it down. Why are these 15 people dead? Not because of any real or valid reason I can find. They are dead because the US wanted to invade, to get some oil, to establish a Middle Eastern stronghold, to avoid righting the class imbalance in their own society by allocating funds to the latest “threat” to national security. Iraq had no WMD’s, nor was there the intelligence to suggest there was any. They weren’t connected to 9/11. There were no terrorists. We simply went into a country, tore apart their government and businesses and destroyed the whole lot. We left them with nothing but bombed rubble piles that were once homes and dead family members. Over a hundred thousand civillians have died for this reasonless war.

And we only find out because in this group of civillians, two journalists died. Reuters fought for the footage via the Freedom of Information Act for three years. This was held back from the public for three years. I first saw the story at 5am this morning on wikileaks, Al Jazeera ran it immediately, The Age took six hours after realising it wasn’t just going to blow over, Fox News took 9 and CNN finally ran it almost 12 hours after the fact. Still, till now, they would prefer to sweep this under the carpet than expose the world to the truth. That is where our media stands. Biased, controlled, ruthless, frustratingly mute on the most important stories. How many more videos are there like this one?

Again, I’m gravely sorry for what has happened to these poor souls. But I am thankful that this has come to the surface, for the sake of democracy and transparency and truth. We need to see our leaders for what they really are, the system for what it is. It is corrupt and it cheats and it lies and it kills. This story is a step on the path of righting the injustice of many at the hands of the rich, elite few. Hopefully soon the trickle will become a flood and there will be nowhere left for them to hide.

Phosphorus & Uranium Used On Palestinians

January 20, 2009


For those who were in doubt of the vile and disgusting behaviour of the Israeli army, have no fear that I was mislead in my reaction to the invasion for thankfully some of the recent atrocities have been uncovered and Amnesty International has been amongst the first to recognise the war crimes. These include using weapons with depleted uranium, as Israel has always done because it makes the bombs harder and more effective. Traces of uranium have been found in Palestinian victims.

Even more disgusting, Israel was using white phosphorus indiscriminately on civillians. For those who are unfamiliar with white phosphorus, it is a chemical used for a smoke screen which has the vicious side effect of burning the shit out of anything it touches. I wouldn’t recommend googling for the effects, because the pictures that may turn up in the results will be quite horrific. Even after the cease fire on the 23rd day phosphorus bombs were still being dropped.

About 1200 have died from this attack, and over 5300 wounded. Last week I started up a monthly donation with Amnesty International who are working very hard to do all they can for the Palestinians suffering from this ongoing crisis. If you are willing and able, you could do the same or just check out the site here for more information on other worthy causes.