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A Perfect Day

June 12, 2008

“If this was my last day here on earth

Would you remember me?

Never really thought about it

So carefree

Young and just doing my own thing..”

My last day would begin with me being woken up by my kitten who sleeps on my bed. He would come over to rub his face against mine like he always does and I would give him some hugs then get up and feed him. The shadows would be dancing on my walls and it would be a mostly cloudy day, with warm winds. I love those kind of days.

My sisters and I would go to Starbucks and get a frappe. On the way back we would pick up some Lebanese pizzas and take them to the park for an early lunch. We would sit on the branches of our favourite tree, like we did when we were younger and enjoy the breeze. I would tell them where my diaries are, and how to find this blog, so that they could read them when I was gone.

After that we would meet up with the girls and go shopping for dresses to wear that night. I would find some beautiful jade green party dress for only 20cents, and we’d go get our hair blow dried and teased. We’d get gelati and walk past Luna Park to the beach, and flirt with cute guys while dipping our feet in the ocean. Then we’d go home to have pre-drinks of vodka with cranberry juice, and start getting ready to go out for dinner.

For dinner we’d meet up with the rest of my family and everyones partners, and all my mates. We’d eat creamy garlic prawns with hot chips and get wasted together, shotting Jager bombs. Everyone would be dancing to Beyonce who would sing on stage, right in front of us. We’d play pool and I’d actually be good at it for once, instead of my usual hack ways.

In the end I’d fall onto my bed, exhausted, and have pleasant dreams forever.

“Sure as all that breathe will die

And showers fall from April skies

A heart thats pure won’t be denied

The kind of loving that will rock you

The kind of loving that will keep you

Hold you for a lifetime..

Even in the sad times.”