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In Relation To The Zoological Gardens

October 12, 2010


I don’t get it, the zoo is boring and its for kids who don’t know what giraffes look like yet. When I think of stuff to do with my boyfriend its not going to be to stand in front of a shit-filled paddock and try to make out the yaks. We’ll just go get drunk and make out in a paddock wearing yak fur hats. Well, not really but you know what I’m getting at.

Two separate couples zoo photo excursions have popped up in my newsfeed this week alone. It is only Tuesday. Allah knows how many zoo albums I would find if I scoured my friends list. A part of me wants to do it to prove a point. That freak scares me and I won’t let her stalk her way through peoples personal memory jpegs, scoffing at their couple happiness and laughing at their awkward attempts at kissing photos.

Why the zoo? What is it about imprisoned animals displayed for your amusement that gets those love beads jingling? It smells weird, the food is overpriced and you never get to see the lions because they’re always asleep and I for one don’t even believe they’re in there. C’MON I JUST WANT TO KNOW! The monkeys aren’t that amusing.

Also I know I said I was on a break, but it’s always the times I tell myself not to write that I want to the most. And the times when I desperately want to update that I’m overcome with writers block.

So anyway, what do you think? Did you take your boyfriend or girlfriend to the zoo? Did you take pictures of yourselves kissing in front of the butterfly house and upload them to facebook? What is the philosophy behind this phenomena? Where did it originate? Is it part of some secret couples only step by step guide to consolidating a relationship distributed when you file your application for a fb romance?

Step  1. Facebook official.

Step 2. Profile pic couple shot.

Step 3. Zoo excursion (and resulting photoshoot uploaded to your social network).

Step 4. Gooey love heart statuses.

Step 5. ???????

Step 6. Profit!!!


Its Gone Forever

December 12, 2008


I’m devestated. I’m typing through my tears. I went to go get my lappy fixed today and the tech told me I was better off buying a new one. Thats fine, I said, but can you get my hard drive off of there so I can get the documents and stuff? Sure, thats easy, he said, no problem. I was ecstatic, and the guy immediately got a hundred times more attractive in my eyes, even though he was at least 45, but I was just so happy. He sat with me for an hour and let me watch him extract all my stuff and put it on a external hard drive, and then only charged me the price for the drive itself.

But I got home and realised this stuff was from my old ‘My Documents’ that I’d salvaged from my last hard drive meltdown and not the current ‘My Documents’ that all my real shit was stored on. All my pictures are lost. All my writing. And all because I was stupid enough to put a password on my profile. You fucking idiot. I will never do that again. Oh my god I was so happy a few seconds ago, and then when I just realised the stuff I really wanted was inaccessible it shattered me. I had like 4-5 years of my life on there. Msn logs from the time I was 16. Pictures of friends and family. All the anime I’d been collecting my whole life, images I will never see again, never be able to use. Every piece of writing I’d ever written, ALL OF IT!!


If lappy’s were empires, then I’d built Rome. And now its all burnt down to nothing! How can I start again? How will I find all the shit that took me years to come across? How will I remember all the sentimental shit that was on there, all my memories, my whole previous life is gone.. I can picture the files in my head, thats the saddest thing. I can see my documents and remember flicking through the pictures, image by image. I can see where my pics of my ex boyfriends are, and I know I said I was over The Boi, but all my pics of him were from my digital camera, they were jpegs, they were in my docs folder, they’re gone forever! What if I forget his face? The most important man in my life and I don’t even have one freaking photo printed out! I’m not going to run into him, he’s gone back to Syd.

Why has fate wiped my life clean? Doesn’t it understand that I live my life around my memories? I need records because my brain can never remember, thats why I have all the diaries and this blog. I’m never going to see his face again. I was prepared to be over him if I could at least look back and remember the good times. I could handle not speaking to him if I could still read back over the old memories, the times when we were good. Life wants me to forget him. I really have to move forward now, theres no other choice. I have nothing left.

It shatters me.