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What Really Goes On At A Bucks?

September 9, 2008

“I know you wanna get laid tonight

But I’m trying to get paid tonight

We ain’t even gotta fuss and fight

Just hit me right, its on all night

I know you wanna get in bed with me

But you’ve gotta come correctly

Nothing in life is free, especially not me..”

The alleged rape of the best man by the stripper at a bucks party is currently headlining on The Age website. As far as I can tell, it’s his word against hers and it’s pretty doubtful that we’re ever going to get the full story. She alleges he pushed back into her while she was playing around with a sex toy, and that it was an accident. She also says the men were using speed and cocaine and were offering it to her.

The best man apparently punched her in the back of the head but he denies it and all the guys at the party back up his story. Which is to be expected. They say the rape went on for about one second. I’m not sure why this is important, one second of rape is obviously going to be just as traumatic as sixty.

I’m not really going to comment on it, it seems fucked up all around, which is fitting for a bucks party. I thought strippers didn’t touch guys? But then, that makes me think of the other secret I’ve been told, about the secret men’s rule of bucks parties.

Apparently ladies, all men cheat on their buck’s night, and there is a secret code of honour amongst men not to tell anyone about it, so that on their own bucks night nobody tells on them either. The men who told me about this were adamant that it was true, that even my dear brother would have done the dirty before he married my sister in law last year. And of course any guy I have spoken to after has denied it as false, which just seems to fit perfectly with their code.

Everybody knows that a bucks night is a way for all the friends of the buck to have their final chance at stopping the wedding, and preventing their friend being lost to them through marriage. Back in the day, the end result of a bucks was to leave the buck tied up somewhere, miles away from where the wedding would take place, possibly covered in fish oil and shaving cream.

These days it seems to have taken more of a sexual deviant road, a stripper is mandatory, as with crazy drunkenness. And at my older brothers own bucks night, my little brother had some kind of crazy experience with the stripper, that no one will comment on that’s driving me mad! I really want to know what went on, especially considering he was only sixteen.. But this goddamn code of men’s buck night silence shit is seemingly impenetrable (nice choice of words eh?) and quite frankly I’m also kinda scared to know. I do want to be able to look him in the face without blushing.

“I’m in love with a stripper

She poppin, she rollin, she rollin

She climbin that pole and

I’m in love with a stripper

She trippin, she playin, she playin

I’m not goin nowhere girl I’m stayin..”

Do strippers, in your experience, ever cross the line with the no touching rule? Or the no sexual favours rule? Or whatever rules they have, have you witnessed anything you thought to be a little bit crazy at a private viewing in a home, or at a party? I was under the impression that there was no touching apart from a little bit of caressing and so forth, although I do remember as a young girl when a stripper came to a party next door, and the kids were locked up inside, that one man came out with some lipstick on the crotch of his jeans.

So, I want to know.. What secret stuff goes on at a bucks night? Does the buck always or *ever* have sex with another woman, as I was told? I don’t want reassurance here, I want brutal honesty! Comment under an alias or be anonymous if you wish, this is your one chance to break the code without fear of reprisal.


Over The Sexism

June 23, 2008

In the past I never really noticed this, but the global attitude towards women is bullshit. I’m getting more and more offended by the stupid things people say without even knowing the mindset they’re perpetuating. It becomes extremely frustrating when it comes from the mouths of women and this is where my post is derived from.

I was visiting a friend and his mates girlfriend was sitting with us, we were watching neighbours or home and away and the topic turned to rape from one of the storylines. The girlfriend goes, “She was a dicktease though, its her own fault.” Me and my friend exchanged looks and I tried my best not to be angry while I explained that this notion of hers was a tactic used in victim blaming.

My fucking god. If this girl herself had been raped, would she feel the same way? I know this is a common idea amongst people and it shouldn’t piss me off so much, but the fact that it came from a female just killed my life. We’ve been so brainwashed by the media and the bullshit that our women are taking part in the female bashing without even realising they are doing it.

Despite how crap the Sex And The City movie was, I hate hearing men say they hate the show because the women are sluts. I’ve heard it from that many guys that I’m starting to wonder if there is any other valid reason. How can they call them sluts, you all know where I’m going with this.. If it was a guy there would be no issue.

Go fuck yourself with your whore vs virgin mentality, mainstream media. You pull down any girl who dares to exercise her sexuality, and those who try to preserve it, you insist on pulling down and throwing their names through the mud. Women are allowed to party. This does not mean we are whores. I’m sick of seeing footage of Lindsay Lohan leaving hotel rooms in the morning. You gave her a freakin mental breakdown, isn’t that enough?

I hate the player blogs, that aim at targeting womens insecurities and flaws to make them feel inadequate and want to impress the guy, which turns to that guy getting what he wants. I understand some guys have confidence problems but theres a difference between using body language and smart conversation to find a relationship compared to getting sex for the night. I hate that the tone of these blogs are bitter and seem to be getting revenge against all the ‘hot girls’ who ever turned them down in their lives. You are sad, pathetic little men and one day you will realise that notches mean nothing and you based your lives on shallow, hateful bullshit.

Well, I’m leaving it at that. Right now I’m not educated enough on the topic to pull the world apart, but I’ll be revisiting this. Ciao.