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Broken Glass

December 20, 2010

There was so much dust and cobwebs on my dashboard when I logged in! Sorry blog friends. Although the blog world feels a lot emptier lately.. where have we all gone?

I admit to you, I have been feeling apathetic towards politics the past year or two. Powerless, mute, like nothing I did would ever amount to any positive change. It was just going from bad to worse with no hope of improvement. My vote was not for Liberal or for Labor, and either would win, so what’s the point? The left is right. And my left is “radical”.

Wikileaks means something though. Whether it will slip into the vacuum of forgotten topics of the internet or not I do not know. I’m hoping it had a lasting effect. But we’re so easily distracted by the next big thing. We have verified proof that our governments have been lying and deceiving us in the most abhorrent of manners and yet, it’s as if nothing was said. Where is the outrage?

For the first time in a long while I found myself engaging in debate with people. I trolled statuses, posted videos, wrote tongue in cheek commentaries to headline my news links. Something big is happening right now, something we can never go back from. We successfully shattered the mirrored glass they were hiding behind. We found the wizard behind the curtain. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

The question is, will we be held captive to our government masters or will we finally be granted our freedom (of information, speech, religion, to assemble, to privacy..) ?

What do you think?


It’s Only Cool When We Nuke You

July 7, 2009


Vice President Joe Biden has taken it upon himself to approve the go ahead of an Israeli nuclear strike on Iran, stating “If the Netanyahu Government decides to take a course of action different than the one being pursued now, that is their sovereign right to do that.” He went on to add that the US would not stand in their way. Of course, Israeli officials have welcomed these comments.

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this? Nuke Iran for having nukes. Why can’t Israel nuke itself for having nukes? Why Iran and not North Korea? They’ve been actually using theirs aggressively, obviously in some sort of warning or threat to the Western nations they oppose.

How can a nuclear strike ever be a solution to this problem? Yes, Iran is in a volatile state of unrest, civillians revolting against a corrupt government who believe they are acting on the behalf of the Islamic world and lashing out against foreign interference. But nuking Iran would not change the way things are run, or who is in charge. It would kill thousands of innocent people and exacerbate the feeling of hatred against the US & Israel, possibly extended to the rest of the Western world.


As former chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Biden must know this. ‘Relations’ implies relationship, no? A diplomatic dialogue. The only dialogue here is once again between Israel and the US on behalf of the world, without consulting anyone! I can see how Israel would love to see a war against Iran (which would surely be the outcome once the dust has settled), they are their most fierce opponent at present.

If they want a war so badly, why not invade Zimbabwe or do something about Darfur? Or even China? It seems horribly unfair to allow Israel to nuke Iran, when Israel won’t even agree to Obama (and the rest of the world’s) request that a two party state be established for the people of Palestine. I mean, aren’t they committing the same crime? Oppression of the people and so forth.

This is an unacceptable and inappropriate attitude to have as a Vice President, especially with the current political climate. I can’t get past the idea of nukes being fine in Israel or the US, but when it comes to anyone else, its all over. Blah!