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All Paths Lead To Psychos

June 17, 2009

“I live my life in chains, got my hands in chains

And I can’t stick with the cards

That I got with a deal like this

I must insist that a girl’s got more to do

Than be the way you think a woman should

I’m taking it into my own hands

In this mans land I can understand why I’m taking command

Had enough, of stuff, and now its time to think about me..”


So as we know I’m pretty into the whole divination, astrology thing. My mother suggested the other day that we go to this mind body soul festival on the weekend and I was fairly intrigued. I imagined myself strolling along the stalls, forcing gypsies to read my hand and making insightful comments that showed my immense tarotian skills during presentations. And mostly, I pictured the wealth of information that would be at my fingertips. People willing to explore and explain the meaning of their chosen field, perhaps some kind of alchemy table where I could crush wolfsbane and make a potent hand cream, or a philosophical debate of sorts between the wiccans and the scientologists.

Well the only bit I got right was the scientologists. And frankly, what the hell are they doing there, aren’t they illegal yet? Oh there were stalls alright, all selling over priced “magical” crystal jewellery and highly questionable “artifacts”. Not to mention the readers, who all came for the low low price of no discount. Honestly, you’re sitting on a plastic chair with a little velvet table cloth thing, if I gave you a minifridge it would look like your caravan back in the park, do I really need to pay 50bucks for a palm reading?

And the place was almost silent, like a library with no children’s section.. I could hear everything everyone was saying. There was no chance of me subtly asking what I wanted to know without the whole room listening in. And they were trying pretty hard! There was only like 20 other people there besides me and my mum, and we must of looked slightly out of place because everyone was watching us shuffle uncomfortably through the maze of enchanted earrings with curious eyes.


Is this the scene? Really? I’m starting to re-think my ties to this community. I didn’t trust a thing anyone said about anything, nothing was authentic in my eyes. I heard a guy say that a normal looking book on psychic phenomena had “great powers of protection”.. get the fuck outta here! Everything came with a fee. Even the brochure to the tarot guild of Australia, which I very much wanted to join (just to be able to tell my little bro I’d joined a guild.. heh oblivion), directed me to a website which asked for a $165 annual membership fee. I mean come on, they have like 3 stupid meetings every equinox (which you also pay a fee at) and its probably the same idiots I saw in the room, and they’d probably act all elitist on me coz I’m so young and amateur.

Plus they’re sposed to be all enlightened, whats with the materialism? I thought knowledge was supposed to be free, scientology fits in fine among em at least. Goddamn hippies. I just want to meet a group of down to earth people, who can explain to me about what I want to know, without any over the top crazy talk about auras or magical unicorn rides through the Elysian planes. I’m sick of books, they take ages to read and I have to go slow to pick up the concepts, and I don’t know where to begin because there’s so many different directions and topics.

“Far away.. This ship is taking me far away

Far away from the memories

Of the people who care if I live or die

Starlight.. I will be chasing the starlight

Until the end of my life

I don’t know if its worth it anymore..”


There was this guy there though, he was in my class at school but once he became openly gay and wiccan everybody made fun of him and I think he left. I was always nice to him though and I ran into him the other day at Charcoal Chicken (which has dropped the quality of its gravied chips, let me tell you) and we had an awkward but fairly pleasant conversation about what we’d been up to. Except when I saw him at his stall he got embarrassed and looked the other way. Considering his reaction, would it be psycho to chase him up for a lead? I know where he works.

I wouldn’t be a journo if I didn’t do some groundwork ey?