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You’re Holding Up Traffic, Green Means Go!

June 24, 2009

“I wish I had a dime for every

Time they warned me about you

I wish I could erase the very

Thought of what you put me through

And you try and make it all seem

Like I should lay down while you’re walkin on me..”

sad 2

I just remembered this and had to share it. I once dated a guy for a few weeks, he used to come chill at my place all the time, and he was one of those funny ‘charming’ guys who flirt with your mother and talk to your family like he’s known them for years. I used to find it amusing, especially when he finally met my dad, who saw right through the act and gave him the hard ass routine which was uncomfortable at the time but now makes me snicker. Anyway this guy was like ‘I want to be in with your mum’, within a few days of meeting her and all I could think was ‘Umm, but you’re not ‘in’ with me yet?’

So my mums friend is over and it turns out both he and my mums friends daughter are applying for a job with the same company, except he’s been through the whole process and she’s just beginning it. So for like three hours I sit there, bored out of my mind, while he walks the mum through the applications and what to do in the interviews, and they make plans to meet up again for him to help, whatever. I ONLY just remembered this, I block shit out you see, but sometimes it comes floating back.

He went over to her house and SLEPT WITH her daughter, and I never found out until later, but it was shortly after this application help thing. We kinda faded out at that stage anyway, but I didn’t know why at the time. I wasn’t that offended, I didn’t like him enough yet, but still.. What a fuckhead. And the daughter, I used to be friends with her when we were young, we still say hello on the street. It never even crossed my mind that she slept with a guy I was dating! I still see her till now and of course this is why she acts weird. I didn’t put two and two together.

“Ain’t no problem you can go

I will find somebody else

So why not move along?

You got the green light so you can go!

I gave all I could give

My love, my heart

Now we’re facing the end for what you did

From the start, my love..”


Another boyfriend went ‘missing’ for a month and then calls me back after like nothing had happened. I was like ‘Are you serious? I’m seeing someone else now.’ But I should have seen it coming, he was always very selfish. Once I went to his house, and this may sound stupid, but to me it defines his character. Anyway so he makes me a cup of tea and himself a coffee, and he’s in the kitchen so he comes back out to the lounge carrying a cup and I automatically reach for it. But he’s like ‘No, thats mine,’ takes a sip and puts it down in front of where he was sitting.

WHO DOES THAT? Brings out his own first! Common courtesy and proper manners is that you bring your guests cup to them, then you go get your own. Not only that, but it makes more sense, because your guest can sip from theirs while they are sitting waiting for you to get the other cup. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I make a lot of tea and coffee, and I love having guests over, and there will never be a day that I hand myself anything before I have made sure my guest has had theirs first. Especially on a date! Man, for the rest of the relationship I couldn’t stop thinking about it, that one silly gesture. I didn’t let it sour anything, coz I knew he really liked me, but it just irked me that it happened.

Another boyfriend, before we first got together, told me he liked me and then told me he was confused because he thought he sort of liked his ex as well. I was fuming, partially because he divulged this right after he’d confirmed that I liked him too, and partially because I hate when girls compete for men and he was trying to make me do it! I can’t stand it, every time I find out there is another chick in the picture, I bail. So I told him that I was taking it back, I didn’t like him, he could go be with that girl and we would be friends, nothing more.

“So what I’m trying to say

I know whats happening

Your body’s here with me

But your heart and your mind is still with her

Go back to what you know

Go back to where you know your heart is boy

Just be honest, this is impossible

This is impossible! We’ll never work coz you don’t want it

You belong with her so go back to what you know..”


Well, I never saw someone change his mind so fast. He called me back and apologised, but by then I was too cut. I wasn’t going to get with a guy who five minutes ago wasn’t even sure if he liked me more than his ex! (Please excuse the politics, I was a teenager so you could imagine the dramas involved) We sorted it out eventually, he called her and told her whatever and it was going good for a while. Then I lost my phone for about 5 days. He doesn’t call the house phone and he went to a dif school so I couldn’t contact him. I get my phone back or buy a new one or something, and call him and he tells me he’s back with his ex-gf! Blah. I think that was my first heartbreak.. I was about 16.

I have a million stories like this, I think I may be extra awesome at finding assholes to date.. What a talent. At least I can laugh at them now. Anyone else have any bad dating stories they’d like to share?