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Hime Gyaru & Loli Stylez

July 31, 2009

I was told by a tarot reader that I could become a president one day. President of what I don’t know, but if that day ever comes I will equip myself for the role by dressing like royalty. Because nothing prepares you for running a government/organisation like wearing a tiara. Hime Gyaru is a Japanese trend designed almost exactly for this purpose (I assume). Hime meaning princess and Gyaru being their equivalent of ‘gal’. Behold the awesomeness:






As you can see, the Hime Gyaru are all about the bows, frills and giant hair. A lot of pink and white going on. Their tans are generally lighter than the ‘normal’ Gyaru and they are apparently quite self absorbed and arrogant, I don’t know anything about that though. They have very dramatic looks, but I’ll show you how it translates to the street from the runways and magazines:





Still fairly high maintenance (I’ve heard it takes some of them over 3hrs to get ready!) but more variety and inclusion of blues and greys, and some animal prints. One of them is wearing a denim jacket too, a questionable choice even in our world. Moving on, here are some of the cooler Lolitas who can be found strolling through the Harajuku district. On the interwebs we call them loli’s and they have many different sub categories (gothic, sweet, elegant etc).








That last one is my favourite. Can you see the subtle differences? I haven’t really included a Gothic Lolita in the true sense of the term, but a simple google search will bring up thousands of examples for you to peruse. Loli’s have more of a costumey, olden time and more child-like appearance. I always look at them and wonder what they would talk about.. Would they play a character or just chill, talking bout their weekends like the rest of us? Whatever the content, I’m positive they use those cutesy anime voices.


(I don’t know any gyaru goodbyes.)


Needs Moar Gyaru

July 23, 2009

This blog has wayyy too little gyaru. I think there might be about three posts all up? Not enough, considering they are my favourite fashion inspiration and all. I’ve been toying with the idea of  maybe being paparazzi to our own Melbournian species of gyaru and posting the pics up here, but they mainly reside in the city streets and I’m going back to uni next week so I won’t get as much exposure. We’ll see how I go. Right now it’s time for some of my favourite sub categories, B-Gyaru & Kogals, who rock the streets of Shibuya.

B-Gyaru are the more urban, hip-hop, street kinda chicas.







The trouble with loving gyaru style is that it doesn’t translate well on anyone who isn’t Japanese (or Asian) in appearance. I’ve tried, trust me, but if the teased hair isn’t making me look like Effie, then the clothes aren’t loud enough, or the accessories are making me look like I’m revisiting my youth. What is kawaii on them always seems to look mismatched on me, but at least I look unique in comparison to the rest of the Melb socialites my age.

Let’s check out some Kogals, I’m a huge fan of this school girl look. Tartan skirts with tiny hemlines paired with cardigans are innocent-cute but still very hot.





Next up, I’ll be posting some of my other favs, the Hime Gyaru (princess gyaru) and some of the Harajuku Lolitas that inspired Gwen Stefani. The loli’s are a little too costumey & gothic for my tastes, but I appreciate their look nonetheless.

CiaoOoOo *^_^*

LuLi Haet Flu!

September 1, 2008

So out of nowhere I got the flu(?)(AIDS?) and although I desperately want to stay home in bed and be fed lemon and honey tea with dry toast by my doting mother, I have a test in Week 7 at uni and I need to be there tomorrow. The tutor didn’t tell us anything about it during the last five weeks so I’m guessing tomorrow will be the the key to unlocking the secrets of the quiz.

But, I don’t want to go! I’m tired and stuffy and my nose is running like a tap. I know this is all really nice imagery but it is relevant. Because its bad etiquette to go out when you might be contagious. I talk to my friend, who’s on the staff, all the time and she’s constantly complaining about us uni students bringing the flus, colds, bubonic plague and our general diseased rat status. I don’t want to be that diseased rat!

Coughing and sneezing during a lecture is probably worse than that old lady who asks all the stupid questions and makes everyone stay late, isn’t it? Maybe I should put on a dust mask and just dope myself up real good? Maybe I should stop whining! I hope this is a 24hour thing, it figures just when I was starting to frolic around outside again that Karma would strike me down. Fuck you, Karma!

(I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean it, its just, you make me so angry sometimes and I have to strike out at something, but I promise I’ll never hurt you again as long as you just do what I say, its your fault for being a fucking bitch, you make me like this)